Launched in 2009, award-winning LiteracyPlanet was founded on the principles of providing quality educational tools for use by teachers and students. It is an online learning platform that strives to be a complementary partner to teachers, delivering a blended learning experience to students, over 2 million of whom have now benefitted from the programme.

The Australian company LiteracyPlanet offers a fun online English Literacy learning platform, used in thousands of schools across 80 countries. It recognises that within classrooms it will always be the teacher that is the key driver of learning, but it hopes to be able to stand alongside with its research and evidence aligned literacy programme. It wants to be able to allow educators to discover the joy of teaching within a world of wonder and engaging storytelling. Through a combination of reading science, telling great stories, and utilising the psychology of gamification, it has created a learning experience beloved by both educators and students alike.

LiteracyPlanet seeks to create personalised learning pathways, providing educators with the tools needed to scaffold the literacy development of every student regardless of age or ability. The programme is also designed to target literacy across all subject areas, and maximise teaching time. This is because with LiteracyPlanet at their side, teachers are able to spend less time assigning tasks, personalising learning, and running reports. Age-appropriate content is available for learners from primary and secondary education levels (from prep through to year10), with curriculum aligned content encompassing the key literacy strands of phonics, sight words, spelling, reading, comprehension, and grammar. There are over 75 curriculums worldwide from which to choose, all assured of building students’ literacy skills from foundational to advanced.   

LiteracyPlanet believes that literacy is a right to all, and sees its mission as being one that inspires a lifetime of learning and improving literacy education across the world. It believes that by giving students a safe and engaging place to learn and build their literacy skills, it is responsible for helping to create confident communicators. Every child deserves the opportunity to study the English language, and gain the ability to understand, assess, and act on information. This is how we all become more productive members of society. With enabling student success at the heart of everything it does, LiteracyPlanet strives to create a world of wonder that fires the imagination, fosters curiosity, and inspires creative expression.

Just as the world’s most popular films and games are driven by compelling narratives, LiteracyPlanet’s Storyverse immerses readers in a captivating world of fun, fantasy, and wonder. This is where learning becomes meaningful and memorable, inspiring children to connect with their own writing in imaginative and creative ways.”

LiteracyPlanet uses the psychology of gameplay to encourage, motivate, and reward children as they progress from one curriculum to another. This acts as an enabler, building confidence and determination within a safe and nurturing environment. LiteracyPlanet recently identified a need for a proficiency tool in the market, and so it launched the LiteracyPlanet Literacy Check tool. This is a free and easily customised device used to understand students’ proficiency across all the literacy strands. Teachers can run theses checks as often as required, and within 30 minutes complete a full check for the entire class.

True to its focus of inspiring a lifetime of learning, LiteracyPlanet’s coming year will be filled with product enhancements and new features that will help engage even more students, and continue to make teachers’ lives just that little bit easier. LiteracyPlanet membership provides teachers with the ability to set up their class and access all the wonderful educational content – for free!

LiteracyPlanet’s incredible dedication to improving literacy education the world over makes it obvious to see why it’s been awarded Most Engaging Online Literacy Platform 2023 – Australia. With tremendous feedback from a plethora of delighted teachers, the progress LiteracyPlanet is helping students to achieve is nothing short of magical, and it is richly deserving of all the kudos coming its way.

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