Little dog at the wedding

Your wedding day is a big celebration, and this means everyone you want should be there – including your pets. We have all embraced pets into our homes and hearts, with many people wanting these fur babies to celebrate our special moments with us. 

With 57% of British households owning a pet, we can expect plenty of four-legged friends to join our wedding ceremonies. But how do you incorporate your animals?

Sarah Bryning, wedding coordinator at Briery Wood Country House says: “From intimate weddings to big bashes, there’s room for everyone’s furry friends on their big day. It is no surprise that so many people are starting to incorporate animals into their weddings when they already make up such a big part of our daily lives. And with more animal-accessible locations appearing all the time, it is no surprise our pets are joining us on more adventures than ever before!” 

1. Start with the engagement

Your animals are there for every moment of your day-to-day lives, so it only makes sense for them to be a big part of these special moments too. Including your pet on this journey doesn’t just have to start with the wedding. 

Try incorporating your pet into your engagement too. You can practice ring bearing by making your dog or cat bring the engagement ring or even include some anecdotes about your pets in your heart-warming speech. 

2. Pet-friendly venues

You’ll want to make sure you’ve got a pet-friendly venue which can accommodate your cats and dogs. Everything from the right to have your pet there to snacks should be sorted for you, so you can relax and enjoy the day knowing your pet is enjoying the day just as much as you. 

Locations such as wedding venues in Cumbria or other rural areas make for the perfect pet spot. You’ll want to ensure there’s plenty of walking space for your dog to enjoy the outdoors as much as the indoors. Make sure to discuss bringing your pets with your wedding organisers and venue, they might even be able to help with a pet sitter!

3. Party with a pet sitter

Don’t forget to hire a pet sitter for the party. You don’t want to be worrying about where your pet is when you’re saying your vows. A designated pet sitter can ensure your pet has everything it needs from drinks and snacks to toilet opportunities. This way, you can have the joy of having your pets attend without the stress of the situation. 

4. Ring bearer

It is no surprise that many people opt to include their pets as ring bearers in their wedding ceremonies. Every animal from cats and dogs to your tortoise can be steered down the aisle and be a great fun and heartwarming addition – although you might be waiting a while!

Our pets are loyal and can bring a lot of excitement to a wedding. Your dog will certainly be happy to see you down the end of the aisle and can help bring even more laughter and joy to what can sometimes be a serious moment. 

And if you’re nervous walking down the aisle, whether from the having everyone watch you or from the pressure of this big moment, taking your pet down the aisle with you can be calming and make the moment a bit easier. 

5. Paw party

Don’t simply have your pets at the party. Make sure you invite your guests to bring along their own furry friends so that the animals can also enjoy the party. Your dog doesn’t want to sit through your wedding speeches alone so make sure they’ve got some company for the day. 

This can also make a great photo opportunity with each pet adorned with their own boy ties and hats for the special occasion. 

6. Sewn into your clothing

If your pet can’t attend, or you simply want them a bit closer to your heart, then why not incorporate some sewing into your clothing? This could be your pet’s name, a picture of them, or even a laced outline of their nose or paw print for an extra special touch. This can also be a great keepsake for the years to come. 

7. Paw-print sign-off

Start off your wedding in the right way by making sure your invites fit the theme. When sending out your save-the-dates, make sure you’re including something special to your pet. This can include a custom paw-print sign-off from your cat or dog. After all, it is their approval that matters most after all!

8. Name a drink after them

Your drink station is likely to be a popular place at your wedding, whether to add to the celebration or to cool off after some much-deserved dancing. Why not name a drink after yourself, your partner, and your pet? This can be a small touch to your wedding which adds your animals to the party even if they cannot attend. 

9. Cake topper

Your cake topper is a representation of you and your partner at the start of this journey – and nothing completes the little family more than your furry friend. Add a cake topper designed to look like your cat, dog, or other pets for something extra special. 

Why not also have a smaller, separate cake made specifically for your dog? Add an animal-friendly tier to your cake so that every pet can enjoy their own slice while you sit down to eat your own. Bringing your pet into your cake-cutting ceremony can make for some memorable moments and great photos – especially if you and your partner feed them some cake too. 

10. Ditch the daisies for dogs

Looking for a memorable photo opportunity that is a bit unique? Why not ditch the flowers for your furry friends and take your wedding photographs with your pets? Everyone can have their own pet in their arms instead of the traditional bouquet or empty hands. And who knows, the mischief of pets might bring out some memorable moments!