With summer almost upon us it’s time for everyone to think about keeping themselves hydrated. The wonderful people at SodaStream kindly provided us with a SodaStream Spirit to test out in the LUXlife office.

First Impressions 

The SodaStream Spirit is a sleek-looking gadget, perfect for any kitchen countertop. Alongside the core module, you get a carbonating cylinder, and water bottle. All in all, the unpacking process is very easy, designed for convenience above all else, with no need to plug the maker into any sockets.

This convenience extends to creating the sparkling water, which couldn’t be easier.

  1. Unwrap the Carbonating Cylinder
  2. Attach it to the back end of the SodaStream
  3. Lift up the front flap of the SodaStream
  4. Fill water bottle up to the level indicated 
Note* Be careful not to overfull the bottle as this will create a mess when adding the fizz.
       5. Insert the bottle into the maker and press forward
       6. Press the button on the top.

Ultimately, the amount of fizz is dictated by the number of times you press the button. When we tried out the product, we preferred less fizz with drinks that were pre-flavoured – accentuating the flavour without overpowering it. On a related note, SodaStream are going to sell their own flavour drops soon, so keep an eye out for those.

If your Carbonating cylinders run out of gas, there are two ways to refill them.

Individual Gas Refill

You have the option to buy new carbonating cylinders on the SodaStream website. They will send you brand new cylinders with a delivery box. You then place your old cylinders in the box and drop the box at a Collect+ location, keeping the receipt. SodaStream will refund you the deposit within 7 business days. Find out more here.

Sparkle Saver’s Plan

For one annual cost, SodaStream offer a plan that provides 12 gas cylinders, extended warranty, recipe book, and two ½ litre bottles – alongside discounts site-wide. The payments can be spread over three instalments. Find out more here.

Perhaps crucial to SodaStream’s appeal is their dedication to the environment. Their new advertising campaign, featuring a few recognisable faces from the Game of Thrones cast, focuses on “saying goodbye to single-use plastics.”

Saying Goodbye to Single Use Plastic

You can read more about the campaign here.

Overall, the LUXlife office was incredibly impressed with the SodaStream Spirit, and we believe it is an utterly essential ‘must-have’ this summer: perfect to add the edge to your H20 needs and keep you hydrated. Remember to keep up to data with everything LUXlife by subscribing to our magazine here.

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