The Blue House - Lebanon

Best for Rare & Organic Tea 2017 & Recognised Purveyors of Artisanal Tea


The Blue House Tea is a new concept in the world of tea, focusing on rare and organic teas that are uncommercial and of the highest grade.

Here at the Blue House Tea, it is our mission to provide highly prized tea grades and the most unique tea blends in the world fresh from the farmers’ fields to your cup. Our team constitutes of international master blenders, along with senior food critiques that work with gastronomic food awards across the globe.

Alongside our dedication to quality we always produce tea the fair trade way, operating our own tea fields that are exclusive for our tea blends and we have our unique tea-aging process in China and Japan. We respect tea traditions and work to revive them and to take the tea world in the right direction. Gone are the days where people drank artificially scented teas. We believe a good tea should be cherished and treated with care to make the best experience.

These beautiful, flavourful teas are provided to clients across the globe who are connoisseurs of food, art and culture that appreciates a noble range of teas that are prepared with intricate delicacy.