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Best Online Greek F&B Marketing Platform 2020
The higher the quality and nutritional value of products produced in Greece, the greater degree of difficulty for the products to find their way and establish their place in International and domestic markets. The problem is obvious and stems from the lack of a suitable mix of services which will position these products in their rightful place, inform markets and broaden the commercial horizons. ManaGi's mission is precisely this: To bring together and give prominence to top quality Greek products whilst enabling each consumer to order it directly from the producer irrespective of end-to-end distance and borders or nations. Through a combination of services, ManaGi raises awareness around Greek culinary traditions and culture whilst promoting the many Greek producers and manufacturers who are driven by professionalism, persistence to high quality and good team spirit and thus creating innovative conditions for the marketing of their products. ManaGi bridges the Greek primary sector with the world markets through the aim of quality and modern systems and services in one domain, www.managi.eu.