Montemar Eco Luxury Villas, Galapagos - Ecuador

Best Luxury Sustainable Private Accommodation - El Carmen
Montemar is the perfect option for the post-pandemic traveller looking for meaningful and sustainable trips, connection with nature and local communities, exclusivity and privacy: our 43-acre private reserve in the Galapagos Islands offers a safe bubble for a maximum of 12 guests, accommodated in two luxurious villas – this is the land of the iconic Galapagos Giant Tortoises. Montemar’s owners, Reyna and Roberto, are Ecuadorian experts in the islands and fully committed conservationists who aim to offer the lowest environmental impact in Galapagos. Let Reyna and Roberto look personally after your bucket-list trip in Galapagos in the most sustainable way. Website: www.montemar.ec Email: ventas@montemar.ec