Mum’s Baklava - Australia

Best Specialty Dessert Company 2022 - Australia
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<p>The business was formed in 2015. Working as PE teacher for many years often bringing in mums home made treats, Mum’s Baklava became a must have at staff events.  Once falling pregnant and on the last day of work Michelle presented the staff with another batch of mums baklava.  It was then that teachers joked that this should be a full time business.  Mum’s love and passion for food really resonated through her food and love for this particular sweet.  After speaking to my older brother we thought it would be a good idea to explore this idea further by perhaps supplying some of mum&#8217;s sweets to local cafes.  We came up with a name that suited the product to a tee ‘Mum’s Baklava’. From then we started supplying local cafes and hospital cafes around Victoria.  We then opened up an online channel and started exploring the market scene.</p> <p>Markets have been a wonderful building block for our business because people wide and far have become extremely familiar with Mum’s Baklava.  Mums Baklava often get invited to do events in the CBD at locations such as the Rialto towers, Collins place, Medicare and NAB buildings.</p> <p>Mum’s Baklava is unique in that it’s all individually hand rolled.  We use Australian sourced Pistachio and cashew nuts.  We clarify the butter by extracting all the nasties and purifying it, which in itself is an extremely lengthy process.  Mum’s Baklava is crunchy and moreish and not swimming in sugar syrup.  Crunchy top and sweet base bakes with a dark roasted Cashew.</p> <p>We started this venture for fun to sell Mum’s baklava locally and generate a small consistent income.  Now that Mum’s baklava has become extremely popular and well known especially in the Victorian market scene we have a vision to expand and allow Mum’s Baklava to be present and available Australia wide.</p>