Primal Life GmbH - Germany

Kombucha Brewery of the Year 2020 - Germany
<p>fairment is rooted in Berlin. As of 2015, we are growing as organically as our products.</p> <p>We brew raw kombucha and liven things up in kitchens all over Europe. Our products are ready to consume, or delivered as living cultures and DIY kits.</p> <p>We pioneer and re-introduce fermentation to households and retail. Without additives and compromises.</p> <p>Our philosophy is fair play. Towards the environment, customers, suppliers and our fairmily. From the very beginning we have cooperated with with the Delphinwerstätten: A working facility for people with disabilities.</p> <p>Also, fairment stands for edutainment. Yearly, we host the world’s biggest fermentation events.</p> <p>www.fairment.de</p> <p>@fairment</p>