Valdonica Winery & Vineyard Residence - Italy

Winery of the Year 2018 - Tuscany In the hills of Maremma, in Southern Tuscany Grapes and hearts are spoilt by the magic view across rolling hills, the fertile flatlands and the blue sparkling Mediterranean Sea. This is where we planted 15 hectares/30 acres of vineyards in virginal soil – all organic. We focus on making world-leading wines from re-cultivated, forgotten grapes, home in Tuscany. All our wines mature in barrique and stainless steal – in our newly built Cantina. Guest-rooms are built into the CANTINA – the building we also make our wines in -, into CAPO PAGIANO – the historic Manor House from the 13th century -, as well as into our VILLA – nestled into our vineyards. Some materials are historic, some are organic – and we follow the latest sustainable energy concepts. Small details and precious materials add to the quality of Valdonica. Guests discover here their own Valdonica spirit – and they return to flourish it!