Trendy dorm room with a desk, large window, and colourful desk accessories

A new step in life

Every student experiences this exciting moment – moving from home to a college dormitory. Many are looking forward to it, some are sad when they say goodbye to their parents, but most experience stress to a varying degree.

Freshman year can be especially hard. Youth are eager to start their student life and break free from parental control, but at the same time, they have more responsibility. Now they are left to their own devices and must learn to properly allocate their resources and time.

With an increased workload, you have to look for ways to complete assignments and projects. Experienced students will recommend you google write my research paper for me on WritePaper rather than pull an all-nighter. This helps to save time studying and spend it on something that is more interesting.

All the changes that come with becoming an adult can make a fresher’s life overwhelming. Since one will have to make a new life for themselves in a dorm room, it’s best to make this place as welcoming as possible.


How to turn your dorm room into a home

As a rule, dorm rooms are equally simple and boring. They make you want to add warmth and comfort. To do that, change your room up to your liking and mood. However, you should first make sure to find out your college’s rules. Then, make all the changes you need. Below you’ll find some ideas.


1. Mirrors

Dorm rooms are usually not as large as we would like. With the help of a mirror, you can visually expand the space. You can find a large selection of inexpensive floor mirrors. They should be placed in front of a window or a lamp. This will help reflect the light, making the room brighter and more comfortable.


2. Wall Art

Dorm walls are usually dull and gray. You can remedy this situation with your favorite pictures, posters or photos that remind you of your home. They can be of any size and material. In order to hang some kind of image and not damage the wall, you can use double-sided tape or a pushpin.


3. Rugs

A cozy rug never hurts. A rug selected in your favorite style and color will create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. It’s nice to step on something warm and soft in the morning.


4. Shelving

Don’t clutter up your desktop space. If you want to decorate the room with cute things from home, and free up your desk at the same time, make use of the wall space. If shelves are not installed in the room, you can do it by yourself. But first, you will need to get the dormitory manager’s approval.


5. Add lights

In the evening, string lights will help create an atmosphere of warmth. They can be hung over a bed, closet, or around the perimeter of the room. A soft yellow light will bring calmness and warmth, and colorful lights will create a cheerful mood.


6. Bookcase

Favorite books should not lie in a pile. A small and inexpensive bookcase will perfectly fit into any interior and bring order to the room.


7. Bedding Tips

Not all dorms have comfortable beds. In order to sleep comfortably, it is worth investing in a good mattress. This is necessary for a good rest after studying, as well as for your back health. Your future self will be grateful. And good bed sheets in your favorite color will improve the effect.


8. Plants and aquariums

To liven up the room, get a friend in the form of a potted plant. It can be the most unpretentious ficus or even a cactus. Plants will add brightness and air purification will be a bonus.

If the rules of the dormitory allow, you can get a small fish tank. But you need to be prepared for the fact that taking care of an animal, even a small one like a fish, will take a lot of time and attention.


9. Garbage cans

You may also need small trash cans. In order not to litter everywhere and keep the room clean, such a thing will definitely come in handy. It can be chosen in a color scheme for your room and placed near or under the desk.


10. Blankets and pillows

Lie on the bed, wrap yourself in a warm blanket, lean on a soft pillow, take your favorite book from a bookcase – isn’t it an ideal evening after classes? At the end of the day, you just want a calm and cozy rest.


11. Favorite cups

Each of us has a favorite cup. Bring your favorite mug from home and let it remind you about it when you’re feeling down.


12. Bluetooth speaker

When you are in a good mood, you just want to sing your favorite songs. And when you’re sad, you want to play music to lift your spirits. A Bluetooth speaker will fit perfectly into any room and take up little space. You can carry it with you to listen to your favorite music on the go, or to a meeting with friends.


13. Organizer boxes

These boxes are never empty. They can be filled with absolutely anything. Use them to store clothes, notebooks and other stationery or items that you rarely use. A wide variety of color and material choices will allow you to choose organizers for the style of your room.



Moving to a dormitory is a very exciting step in every freshman’s life. New acquaintances, parties or cozy evenings watching a movie or playing games – all this is so exciting.

A dorm room is a personal space for each student, where they can create their own special atmosphere. Choose any style, color scheme and interior elements. Use your imagination to the fullest to create a room perfect for relaxing, studying and meeting friends.