Art Tech Start up Meural Reinvents Your Wall

Meural combines the best of art, technology and design to create products that make us feel something. They believe that the best products come from a humanistic design approach. Meural incorporates culture, craft and circuitry in order to foster physical and emotional well-being.

Meural is a next generation connected device and discovery platform that fundamentally changes how people personalize their most intimate surroundings. Unlike existing wall décor offerings, the Meural ‘digital canvas’ makes your wall both personal and responsive, providing a means for custom space design on a day to day basis. Meural’s activated display and mobile application offer unprecedented access to all forms of art and visual culture, from classic to contemporary art, plus stunning photography and design to curate your walls. Meural’s chic and modern design along with a meticulously engineered matte LCD display encased by a beautifully handcrafted maple wooden frame is the perfect blend of top notch industrial design and cutting edge technology. The result is an entirely new type of home furnishing product that is as beautiful as it is purposeful!

Meural is a dramatically new way for enjoying, discovering and sharing visual culture. “We unreservedly respect the established means of art collection and curation,” said Meural CEO Vladimir Vukicevic. “Meural is working closely with museums, galleries and artists to create an innovative new layer in visual culture by increasing the opportunity for exploration and accessibility.”

By empowering people to take control of their personal space, Meural sees its potential as something beyond that of a tool used for creative exploration and expression. One year old Meural has its sights set on disrupting the personal home decoration space at large. “For the vast majority of people, personalizing and decorating one’s space is difficult. From setting aside the time and personal bandwidth to the cost factor and physical space limitations, especially in a city like New York, it can be very frustrating,” said Vukicevic. “With the Meural ‘digital canvas,’ we address all of these issues in a single crafted product, a product that just so happens to be powered intelligent technology.”

Founded in New York City in 2014, Meural promises an entirely new medium for visual expression and home decoration that is both unique and affordable. “You get access to the full spectrum of fine art, a beautiful statement piece for your home and the latest in consumer technology. What more could you ask for?” said Meural Director of Business Development Simonne Hurse. “And beyond the obvious material advantages, with Meural, we connect people through a shared visual experience. The power of creative communities inspired us to build a product that unlocks the world of art.”