Elevating the Swim Spa Experience!

Introducing the Aquatic Training Vessels, or ATVs from Marquis. ATVs elevate the swim spa experience and are personal workout and health products for daily life.

“For the first time, Marquis is expanding beyond traditional hot tubs by offering our unique version of a swim spa,” says Marquis’ President John Schrenk. “However, Marquis’ ATV™ is much more than a traditional swim spa, it is a true action vessel for the whole family to enjoy all year round.”

In an ATV, swim strokes, leg kicks, resistance movements, and low impact range of motion exercises are all options for active efforts and a healthy life. ATVs can also just be a place to kick back and float away stress or laugh and play with the kids.

An ATV is also built to last. The vessel is made of high tech polymers for the most durable product. A standard 50 amp (16/32 amp) electrical service powers three independent 160 GPM (606 LPM), two speed pumps to deliver a full spectrum of water flow options. Three pairs of turbo jets of 80 GPM (303 LPM) each, deliver a water flow that can be customized for optimized aquatic workouts. All of that built into fresh innovate design lines makes Marquis’ ATV outperform the swim spa competition.

Standard features for the ATV include a swim tether, or optional resistance and rowing kit attachments. Crank up the audio option to work out to your favourite music. Add sub waterline LED lighting to bring additional sparkle to the water. Or choose the fountains 12 point water feature option for beautiful arcing streams of water along the vessel walls.

The interior steps are built to ANSI/APSP/ICC-6 safety stairs specifications for safe and secure footing and transitions in and out of the vessel. The stairs and the vessel floor have a smooth yet tactile surface treatment to allow for optimal water aerobics footing and non-slip navigation of the stairs, unlike slippery acrylic surfaces that can prevent stable footing. LED lighting is standard along the steps for better visibility as well.