Glitz, Glamour & Gigabytes: The World’s Most Expensive Mobiles

When the majority of customers enter the market for a smartphone, their first action is to compare the available handsets and hunt down the most affordable deals.

However, in instances where money is no object you are likely to have different priorities as a consumer. Instead of searching for the most affordable deal, you are more inclined to seek out high-end products with additional features that boast a genuine ‘wow’ factor.

The Top 3 Most Expensive Phones in the World

If you are armed with an unlimited budget, you would do well to consider the wide range of luxury smartphones on the market. Here are three of the most unique and expensive in the world:

Goldgenie’s iPhone 6 – Diamond Ecstasy


The diamond Ecstasy iPhone 6 by Goldgenie comes in as one of the most expensive phones in the world at a cool £2.3 million. With the ability to uniquely tailor this 24 karat gold phone exactly the way you like it, this is definitely a phone for those with cash to burn. The phone typically comes with traditional white diamonds but can be changed to their colourful counterparts in an instant if wished as they encourage all customers to be involved in the design process. Prices of this phone start around the £10k region but increase with every fine jewel that is encrusted on the handset.


Alexander Amosu’s Diamond Studded iPhone 6  


 The next phone on the list worth an obscene amount of money is designer Alexander Amosu’s 24 karat gold iPhone 6. This handset is studded with around 6000VVS1 small diamonds and one incredibly large diamond (51.29 karat to be precise) cut painstakingly to the shape of the Apple logo. Just to make this phone a little more tantalisingly out of reach, each and every diamond is studded on a solid 18 karat gold handset. All this could be yours for the small sum of £1.7 million and this would definitely be one smartphone that you wouldn’t misplace.

The iPhone 5 – Black Diamond


Stuart Hughes is responsible for the single most expensive mobile handset in the world, which unsurprising is an iPhone model. The Black Diamond iPhone 5 would set you back a staggering £10 million, but before you baulk at this price it is important to note that the handset has been studded with a grand total of 53 beautiful diamonds. This smartphone is not just a smartphone, it’s a masterpiece. It boasts of 135g of 24 karat gold and a glass sapphire screen. You’ll be able to find similar models for slightly cheaper, as this particular model was commissioned by a Chinese business man, but if you’re willing to part with a small fortune, you too can be the owner of a very similar work of art.