Make Your Mark with Luxury Innovation in Writing Apparatus

Inspired by the graceful lines of 1930’s Art Deco design, the Townsend Collection has always embodied classic elegance and finesse for those who value individuality and impeccable style.

This autumn, the iconic Cross Townsend collection, with its distinctive finishes, precious metals and the signature double band, receives a 21st century makeover with the introduction of the Stylus Collection, Fine Tip eStylus Collection and new wider barrel design for the existing Cross Townsend Ballpoint.

Designed with the iconic Townsend silhouette, this is the first luxury collection of dual functioning writing instruments created by Cross, each boasting a stylus top for digital navigation.

In an exquisite blend of history and modern technology, the Cross Townsend collection offers tech-savvy writers a choice of two precious metal finishes, with a ball point or fountain pen located at one end and a premium stylus at the other.

With the introduction of the stylus – a conductive soft 8mm silicone rubber that conveys an electrical signal to a touch screen device – the Townsend Stylus Collection offers writing technology for paper and digital touch screen surfaces, encapsulated in one elegant writing instrument.

Refinement at its best, the collection is available in elegant Brushed 23CT Gold Plate and Brushed Platinum plate finishes with complementary appointments, and in a choice of pen technologies: Ballpoint or Fountain Pen.

For the discerning, tech savvy professional, Cross introduces the new Townsend® Fine Tip eStylus, a luxury digital writing instrument designed to navigate your smartphone or tablet with ease. For use on digital surfaces only, this elegant accessory, with precious metal plated finishes, is the ideal tool for precision sketching, note-taking and navigation. 

Featuring Fine Tip eStylus technology, this luxurious digital writing instrument showcases a precise 2.6mm firm conductive polymer tip for enhanced touch accuracy. The conductive polymer nib glides smoothly and silently, offering the finest digital writing and navigation experience.

Expertly constructed, the Cross Townsend Fine Tip eStylus can be used in conjunction with note-taking apps, for example, INKredible and ZoomNotes. This smart stylus is available in Brushed 23CT Gold Plate and Brushed Platinum plate finishes

Additionally, this autumn also sees the re-launch of the classic Townsend Ballpoint pen silhouette, now with a wider barrel to provide a more customised writing experience. The update will create design consistency across all technologies within the Townsend Collection.

The wider barrelled Townsend is available in seven stylish finishes with complementary appointments.

Each writing instrument from the Cross Townsend Collection is the quintessential statement of style and confidence, allowing you to make your mark through a lifetime of smooth, effortless writing.