Redefining Relaxation

Hilton has reimagined its luxury spa chain, eforea spa, providing mindful guests with a fulfilling and relaxing experience.

The 22 spa resorts are being rejuvenated with refreshed interior design standards and a new marketing strategy and logo which emphasises the firm’s knowledge and adoption of the latest global fitness and wellbeing trends in combination with their use of ancient healing methods.

‘Our guests seek balance more than ever before and turn to us for the latest wellness solutions and methods. With our re-inspired eforea spa concept, we take our team members and guests to an even deeper level of understanding of how wellness has the power to leave people feeling healthy and brighter’ Ryan Crabbe, the Senior Director of Global Wellness for Hilton Worldwide commented on the changes.

These new improvements will be supplemented by a new range of treatments available at the retreats, with the new menu encompassing 25-minute mini-treatments created by master therapist Sean Jordan, in collaboration with Hilton’s wellness team and many eforea spa team members, to spotlight regions of the body with condensed areas of nerve endings and tension.

These new treatments are unique and innovative additions to the spa’s Journey Enhancements range. The first Journey Enhancement is focused on feet, while the second concentrates on the head, face and shoulder, and the third is centred on the neck and scalp.

Hilton Worldwide also plans to expand the newly reinvigorated eforea spa range, with a further 42 of the resorts planned to afford spiritual clients more opportunity to relax and unwind.