Top Tech Toys for Christmas

A new range of exciting flying toys set to dominate wish lists for little and big kids alike.

Flying Gadgets X Voice
Flying Gadgets packs the latest cutting edge voice recognition technology into this quadcopter, the world’s first voice-controlled drone. Understanding different accents and 16 languages, the Flying Gadgets X Voice responds to commands – such as “autopilot”, “flip forward”, “dance” and “take off” – spoken through an included headset and microphone. Friends and family might react with wariness as they see you talking to your tech, but give anyone a go and watch those grins! You can of course switch to regular RC mode and enjoy full control to distances of up to 150 metres with the 2.4 Ghz remote control, flight times are up to ten minutes. Suitable for ages 14+.

Flying Gadgets X Drone
An ideal entry point for new quadcopter pilots arrives in the form of the Flying Gadgets X Drone, packing in drone technology from higher end models to bring a reliable flyer to the masses. This lightweight flyer is durable enough to withstand a couple of early pilot errors and the rechargeable battery offers flight times of up to eight exhilarating minutes. A 2.4GHz remote control gives you flight paths of 100 metres from your self-created cockpit to enjoy the array of aerobatics you can achieve with this four-channel machine. Suitable for ages 14+.

Broon T8 Car 
A ride-on brimming over with innovation, the technology inside puts some real life saloons to shame! The Broon T8 is the latest vehicle to use the brand’s innovative touchscreen Android-powered tablet display, offering all manner of stats for the rider to watch – such as speed and battery life – and enabling interaction with the car. The on-board entertainment system is fully controlled by the tablet, and riders can also use it for gaming, enhancing play with the car’s foot pedals. Able to tackle more difficult terrain than any other ride-on in its class, the powerful motor drives all four wheels – each with independent suspension – across the most challenging of surfaces. It can hit decent speeds of up to 10mph and a four-point safety harness comes as standard. Bigger kids can also take full control of the Broon T8 with the separate remote control unit – it’s the ride of their life. The perfect gift for the kid aged 12 months and over who has everything. RRP £1,499 from Harrods

Flying Gadgets T88C 
Measuring in at an impressive 1.2m in length, this three-channel gyroscopic flyer is one of the most eye-catching copters around. On-board is a built-in HD camera with USB reader, which comes complete with a 1GB memory card to capture your in-flight video footage. The high impact orange and blue hues of the hull together with the LED make night-time flying great fun – don’t be surprised if the local paper reports of mysterious flying objects in your local area! Suitable for ages 14+.