Le Chateau Lambousa Hotel

LUX Hotel & Spa Awards 2016 – Cyprus

Le Chateau Lambousa Hotel is situated in a small resort town of Lapta, North Cyprus; known to be the pearl of the Mediterrean, owing to its intense beauty, . The hotel was originally built in 1990, but reopened in the summer of 2014. We have created so many dreams and have become part of a beginning chapter for those who are wishing to share their beautiful story with Le Chateau Lambousa.

Le Chateau Lambousa is truly unlike any hotel that can be found for miles around. For a start, it is the only themed hotel in North Cyprus to be designed as a medieval knight’s castle, with an atmosphere that takes its guests back in the past through a blend of local stone, marble and timber, warm muted colours and decorative features such as mosaics, arches and columns.

The hotel seems to get lost in its own medievalist fantasy at times. As soon as guests arrive, they enter under an arched stone entrance, welcoming them to the “Kingdom of Hospitality”.  The reception area beyond is adorned in marbled flooring, and guarded by suits of armour nestled in the corners; medieval oil paintings grace the pearly white walls. Even the hotel rooms are tastefully furnished in keeping with the medieval aesthetic, with their individual balconies appearing from the outside as machicolations upon towering walls.

Beneath this façade of mighty ostentatiousness, though, the reality soon sinks in that this is, first and foremost, a place of relaxation and enjoyment. Guests are enveloped in a world of constant background activity, where everything that goes on is to enhance and smoothen their time in this palatial abode – in much the same way as the Byzantine Emperors that once ruled the island, and whose presence lingers in the form of Eastern-inspired arches and smart, organised structures. In that light, the gentle medieval flavourings are but an introduction to the sort of splendid luxury that guests can expect in the Chateau Lambousa.

Ufuk Çağa, the hotel manager, is adamant in his belief that customer service is what really brings the guests to feel at home and at ease. He can attest to this through the experiences of his establishment over the last three years.

“Since the re-opening of our Hotel in 2014,” he reflects, “we have had many repeat guests who choose Le Chateau Lambousa because of the ımpression we give them and when they leave. We always believe in raising standards when it comes to service and making our guests feel at home. We recognise what our guests wants and needs; late check-outs, complimentary wine and fruit sent to the rooms.”

Having such a diverse establishment dramatically affects the guests experience, as it truly gives a chance to escape from reality, and into a world where they might call home. To Ufuk, this goes beyond being simply a receptionist for the clients – “we make sure our guests are greeted and made to feel at home. Turkish Cypriots are well known and recognized throughout the world for their hospitality and friendliness, and we are very proud of our culture and heritage; this is what we express and want our guests to feel.”

Owing to the balmy climate and the proximity to such picturesque ocean scenery, a great deal of the Cypriote tourism industry is dependent on the leisure traveller. However, Ufuk recognises that tourism is composed not only of leisure travellers, but also comprises other groups such as business travellers and adventurers; no matter the nature of their coming to Cyprus, though, these non-leisure travellers will often act and spend in the same way as leisure travellers. That means ensuring that his property is outfitted in abundance with the sort of facilities that they would expect.

This all begins from the guests’ first introductions to the hotel and to their rooms. Based on these first impressions, there is every rightful confidence of good things to come – from the 24-hour service to the weekly and daily customer satisfactory surveys, which give the staff an insight into the continuously evolving needs of each of the guests.

For Ufuk, what matter the most is what guests think of about the hotel, owing to his devoted aim of making sure that each and every one of the guests have a unique and memorable experience. Indeed, the establishment has grown into a pleasure palace, suitable equipped to offer guests a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to escape and truly delve in the Mediterranean lifestyle.

The outside area of the hotel is landscaped in true tranquillity and lush gardens, set by the turquoise hues of the Mediterranean Sea and the glorious mountains scattered along the north and south. La Cheateau Lambousa also boasts an exclusive beach just for its guests, equipped with a beach bar so that guests can enjoy an ice cold drink and a snack. Closer to the main complex are three large outdoor fresh water pools, built especially for comfort; pool bars, including a swim-up bar, allow guests to sip cocktails from the comfort of a poolside lounge or take in the sun whilst enjoying delicious snacks.

Ufuk’s aim is to make his guests feel truly at home, giving them comfort and luxury. His technıques are rather simple, harnessing a belief in constant service and being at the guests’ beck and call. One technique that he employs to ensure that our guests are given the best service is actually by empowering our staff to make decisions at any costs without having to consult management, it shows our guests that our staff are dedicated to their needs.

On top of all of this, the Seven Waves Spa is what truly sets Le Chateau Lambousa apart from other hotels in Lapta – the presence of a luxurious spa is, Ufuk believes, essential to giving guests every luxury that they could require.

“Our spa rituals truly help our clientele escape from the bustle of daily life and rediscover their inner harmony and balance,” he details. “We have highly qualified therapists providing a customized, orientated spa experience. The Spa features a Private VIP spa with a couple treatment suite, Sauna and steam room, Hydrotherapy bath, Turkish bath room, and lastly a contemporary fitness facility.” 

Of course, with its romantic, sweeping arches, abundant gastronomical pleasures, sensational spa and idyllic setting, Le Chateau Lambousa has become a hot spot for luxury weddings. There is a regular buzz around the hotel, even during the laziest of hours, as the hotel staff prepare for an incoming party of celebrating wedding guests, but this is hardly intrusive upon the rest of the clientele, if at all.

“The industry is exposed to political, health, and economic issues that are seen in the media, and these ups and downs are outside our control,” Ufuk readily states. “Having an awareness of current challenges can help us prepare for any eventual challenges that we will face.

“One of the most prevalent trends that I have noticed is that more travellers want to explore lesser-known destinations, especially those that are untouched or unique. This is very much an advantage for us, as North Cyprus is one of the only countries to be divided in such a way.

“One of the struggles in the tourism industry is trying to stand out from the competition, but we always believe in going our own path. Being in such a competitive industry we must be able to push the boundaries and stand from the rest. The tourism market has produced the same products that are available throughout the world. It is part of the reason why we follow our own trends; we don’t want customers to forget what country our hotel is located in.”

Leaving aside these potential hurdles and considerations, though, Ufuk’s intense passion for the hotel shines through, as does his determination to present his untampered vision to his clients through unperturbed service and world-class facilities at Le Chateau Lambousa.

“Travel,” Ufuk says, emphatically, “is one of the most fun, personally rewarding and exciting things that we do in our lives. Technology is having a profound effect on the travel, tourism and hospitality industry. From airline boarding on your mobile device to travel rates and reviewing websites, mobile technology and social media is changing the way we approach every aspect of the travel experience including how we research, plan, personalize and purchase travel products and services. Mobile technology and social media is even changing the way we share and show our travel experiences to our friends and families.

“These changes will lead to many opportunities for employees and entrepreneurs who can understand mobile technology and social media and how to make it work within the industry, as far as interacting with travellers before and during and even after they have taken a trip. The most significant reason why our guests come back is the warmth and friendliness that we provide, we want our guests to feel like they are family and they are part of Le Chateau Lambousa.

“Looking into the future,” he continues, “one of the most exciting developments we have in future is an extension of Le Chateau Lambousa, which is called the ‘The Celebrity’. The location of The Celebrity is located on the Mediterranean seafront, which we hope to re-open to the public in September 2017. The Celebrity Hotel is the first Turkish Cypriot Hotel to open in Northern Cyprus in the year 1975 by the Founder and Honorary President of the TRNC Hoteliers Association, John Aziz Kent.


Company: Le Chateau Lambousa

Name: Gulfer Zorlu

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Address: Lapta, Kyrenia, Mersin 10/Turkey

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