Travel Savvy Launches App on Apple TV

Travel Savvy, the digital video network owned by 495 Communications, is pleased to announce the launch of the network’s exclusive channels on Apple TV’s tvOS platform. The channels are part of Travel Savvy’s app, which streams the company’s two original series: We Hear, dedicated to reporting “News, Notes, and Deals from the Travel Industry,” and the eponymous Travel Savvy TV, which brings destinations to life through interviews with in-the-know locals.

“Partnering with Apple is a natural step for us,” explains Craig Pavia, Executive Producer of Travel Savvy TV. “We have a long-standing relationship with them, thanks to our iPad-friendly desktop digital magazines, which have lived on iTunes since 2010.”  The channels will be updated weekly with fresh streaming content that brings to life destinations across the globe.

Past shows include personalities such as London-based Iron Chef Judy Joo on London dining, Travel Channel star and hamburger expert George Motz talking about his favorite burgers in the U.S., and Film Director James Habacker sharing his favorite East Village New York haunts. Recently released shows feature Carly Heitlinger, founder of the popular website The College Prepster, sharing her favorite NYC coffee shops; and Alan Keery of London’s Cereal Killer Cafe giving a fun tour of his cereal-themed hotspot.

Both series are hosted by Travel Savvy Editor-in-Chief, Paula Keung, who has curated and edited content for the brand since 2010. Ms. Keung has also produced a library of digital travel magazines for the company, which have covered destinations including Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, and Ventura County West, as well as the San Francisco Dining Guide. These engaging digital magazines can be read at