Creating Luxurious and Distinct Interiors

Wade Allyn Hallock is a Miami based designer whose boutique firm has been creating distinguished interiors for 20 years, as well as designing homes for some of today’s top celebrities in both the movie and music industries. We invited Wade to tell us more about the success of Hallock Design Group.

Hallock Design provides full range of services from partial renovations to turn key services. With a diverse range of projects from Resorts to two-bedroom condos, the team’s imagination and creativity are limitless and certainly not confined to a particular style or period. Wade adopts a unique approach to design, combining a mix of sophistication, luxury and timeless sensibility. One of his main beliefs is that design reflects the world in which people want to live, and that it is a genuine honour to be able to create these environments for his clients.

Possessing a wealth of experience himself, Wade tells us what he believes are the best attributes contributing to excellent and unique design. He talks about going the extra mile with clients, working closely and collaboratively, helping develop innovative projects with each client.

“Firstly, I believe what makes excellence in any designer is pushing boundaries and thinking outside of the box. I enjoy taking a client’s idea or concept and building off it while retaining their own unique vision. Given today’s technology and advancement in materials, designers are able to push themselves creatively more than ever before.”

After the ideas have birthed and developed in his mind, it is then critical to explain and share these concepts to the client and ensure that it meets their requirements. An open dialogue with his clients is essential and can offer valuable insight. Wade outlines the Group’s approach to working with a new client ensuring that the outcome will meet the needs of all parties.

“When I meet with a new client to take on a project, it is vital that I understand their needs and vision. I typically ask them to provide visuals and images to express their ideas, so we can be sure we are all using the same point of reference. It is paramount for me, both personally and professionally, to capture and expand on the vision and create a unique design for my client. It is one of my strengths as a designer and something I take great pride in.”

Establishing itself as the leading interior design firm within the industry, is important to the growth and viability of Hallock’s success; Wade mentions the fact that he believes it is his versatility which marks him as the best possible option for clients.

“Essentially, I believe what sets me apart in today’s industry is my ability to be diverse in my design. I have created modern, traditional, contemporary and many other styles for both my client’s homes and commercial projects. Throughout the Group, we have designed Resorts, Spas, Hotels, Hair Salons, Arcades, Private Homes, Fitness Centres, Jets and Yachts. The versatility of what I do keeps the work challenging and exciting.”

Regarding the overall aims of Hallock Design Group, Wade outlines what strategies he and his team take in order to remain informed and current in the industry. By constantly researching the latest trends, keeping up to date with new developments in materials, and investigating cutting-edge products, the Group is able to keep its designs innovative and fresh.

Going forward, the aim of the company is to capitalize on its successes without losing the creativity and the excellent customer service it is known for globally.

“Ultimately, our industry has changed in the fact the design is everywhere from TV shows to Apps. Our clients are more informed and design savvy. This means that designers must continue to express innovation and develop the ability to be multifaceted in their work. Clients have better vision and vocabulary to express themselves and designers must have the tools to bring this vision to life.”

Company: Hallock Design Group

Contact: Wade Allyn Hallock

Email: [email protected]

Address: 9325 Park Drive, Miami, FL, USA

Phone: 001 305.756.3773