R. Designs, LLC is the interior design firm of Kimberlie J. Rice, an interior designer located in Overland Park, Kansas, specializing in residential custom homes, remodels and designs. We profiled both the firm, and Kimberlie as we further explore the secrets behind the firm’s success.

R. Designs, LLC decorates entire homes to the style of the client’s choice. The firm beleives that a home should be a blend of the client’s values, hopes and dreams. The company aims to achieve the vision of creating better living by design. In order to create the ideal environment, it takes an interior design partner who is able to listen and interpret the client’s vision.

Approaching a new client and undertaking a new project can be important to the success of any firm. Making a good first impression is essential. R. Designs approach to clients will deliver value, as well as cutting unnecessary spending, leaving clients and their family with a living space that reflects their aspirations and lifestyle. Being engaged in every aspect of design projects, R. Designs creates a timeless result that the clients and their families will enjoy their home for years to come.

It is a Key factor in R. Design’s ongoing success that staff listen intently to the client, this is essential to good design. Providing friendly service, the company helps its clients experience something truly unique and inspiring, as well as adding a personal touch to the proceedings.

When a client approaches the company, they will get an interior which reflects their rhythm of life. The design process starts in the client’s home. There is an initial meeting when clients and the designer share their ideas and put together the vision of the project. With the client always coming first, it is vital that the design is right for them. A lot of careful planning and creativity then formulates a style concept, creating an overall look which suits the client.

Space planning means creating a furniture layout conscious of design and spacial requirements. It is where orientation meets style.
Aiding the client, Kim and the team can save them time, frustration and the expense of purchasing items for a home that simply do not fit. As interior designers, the staff learns about the client and their needs during the creative process, and that results in a functional, aesthetically pleasing space.

Furniture and accessories are key in creating the style and ambiance of a room. R. Designs can offer advice and expertise in upholstered and case-good construction, silhouette and scale, and finishes like wood, metals, tile, and glass. Skill and expertise results in coordination of colors and patterns, taking the overall theme to a new level. Bringing inspiration to the door with unique area rugs, custom designed lighting and one-of-a-kind artwork procured from craftsmen all over the world, R. Designs provides clients with the ultimate product, a lovely home.

One of the many unique things about R. Designs is that the company is located within Studio One Sixty.

An interior design studio serves as a collaborative one-stop-shop to assist clients in selecting custom quality products for their home or office. The company simplifies the design process by eliminating the need to shop at various locations. It carries samples, catalogues, and accessories from many different vendors to assist employees in creating a custom design look especially for you.

Ultimately, there are a variety of key factors which guarantee a successful project. Establish trust and building relationships to ensure excellent quality for clients is key. In addition, having developed trusted contacts with local architects, builders, and contractors can save the client time, money, and the stress of having to search for the right artisans.

Company: R. Designs, LLC

Contact: Kim Rice

Contact Email: [email protected]

Address: 16010 Metcalf Ave, Suite 200, Overland Park, KS, 66085, USA

Phone: 913-777-1514

Website: rdesignssite.com