Gin, The Natural Way


Warner Edwards are innovative craft distillers and creators of award winning, hand-made artisan gins.

Drawing on many years of farming experience, in just five years the husband and wife team behind Warner Edwards have created a blossoming gin business that represents the very best of British spirit making. Utilising the flavours of nature, including Rhubarb, sloe and botanicals, the company creates rich and full-bodied gins that make for the ideal Christmas treat.

The intense smoothness of the firm’s gins comes from its gorgeous bespoke copper still, ‘Curiosity’, handmade for Warner Edwards in Germany by the Arnold Holstein family. Curiosity is the heartbeat of the business and, when the firm welcomed her in October 2012, she was the first of her kind in the UK. Curiosity’s 500 litre pot produces the firm’s world-class gin, using the best possible method – London Dry one-shot distillation. Copper is extremely important in the rectification of our spirit and Arnold Holstein hold the patent for an additional part of the traditional column called the catalyser. This turbo charges the removal of impurities from the base spirit and botanical recipe so that Warner Edwards end up with a much purer and cleaner spirit.

Since inception the firm’s products have become highly popular, and, thanks to having had the most successful launch ever in Waitrose and as the best-selling brand in Marks & Spencer, they are truly championing the market.  Hand-crafted, farm-made, steeped in provenance products the packaging is colourful and well-designed.

The village of Harrington is said to be ‘built on rock and water’, with natural springs in abundance across Falls Farm. The top fields of the farm are a scheduled monument recognised by English Heritage and were once the park and gardens of a medieval manor house, complete with the remains of monastic fish ponds. The water used in the distillation of the gin is from a spring 300 metres from the distillery, ensuring purity and a refreshing, smooth taste.

Classic Harrington gin from Warner Edwards offers unique character and strong notes of cardamom and nutmeg make it intensely warm and smooth, making it a true pioneer in its class.

For a truly unique Christmas gift, you cannot beat the firm’s Elderflower gin, which is harvested just once a year, capturing the very essence of a British summer’s day, from field to bottle in just a few short hours. This floral drink will offer a taste of summer, perfect for those chilly winter nights when you need a reminder of how glorious the weather can be.

The firm’s Victoria’s Rhubarb is created using hand-pressed juice from a stem of Rhubarb that was grown in Queen Victoria’s garden at Buckingham Palace, no less.  This variant is also available in a special gift tin that makes for a beautiful gift. The rhubarb juice is extracted using a traditional fruit press and blended with Harrington Dry Gin to produce an alluring pink gin that is voluptuous on the palate with a sweet and tangy royal rhubarb explosion.

The star of the show is the firm’s new Honeybee Gin, the second in its botanical gardens range. With 28 natural botanicals, Warner Edwards’s honeybee gin is infused with luscious local honey and a dollop of golden nectar from the firm’s very own hives on falls farm. A floral and zesty gin with a long, lingering and gently sweet finish, we love it served with Mediterranean Tonic water, and garnished with a slice of lemon and a few sage leaves.

This naturally sweet gin has been released in partnership with the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), and each bottle sold helps to support their work. This is the first time the UK’s leading gardening charity has partnered with a spirit brand, and will include a series of seriously exciting sustainability initiatives.

Overall, this is an innovative range of surprising and sprightly flavoured gins, offering the perfect gift, mixer or cocktail ingredient, making them ideal for the festive season.