2018 Global Luxury Restaurant & Bar awards logo

The 2018 Global Luxury Restaurant & Bar Awards have been designed to celebrate the very best restaurants and bars, and pay homage to the hardworking people behind them – all the way from chefs, producers and suppliers and more – those that are passionate about maintaining an outstanding level of excellence within the hospitality industry.

Our dedicated team of in-house researchers have handpicked each participant – ranging from the very best fine dining establishments, to cosy cafes and unique bars. This proven approach ensures that we award on merit, not popularity, and recognise the very best in the business.

We encourage businesses to be proud of their achievements, and to share exactly what it is about these establishments that keep people coming back time and time again. We want to share with our audience of 238,000+, precisely what it is about the atmosphere, the location, the food, the service or the staff that keeps the world’s best restaurants and bars fully booked all year round.

For more information regarding the 2018 Global Luxury Restaurant & Bar Awards and how to participate, please contact Danielle Grafton.

Email: [email protected]