Skin Aging

From the time you’re young, you know that people change throughout life. You might not know it on a conscious level, but you probably noticed that your grandfather moved differently from your mother and your mother from you. You might have seen that your grandmother had a lot of wrinkles while your mother had not many at all. 

While we all see the changes in people’s bodies and skin over time, we might not understand why it happens. It’s important to understand why it happens so that we can all take better care of ourselves to slow down and minimize the negative effects of aging through various phases in our lives. 

Learn about three of the many reasons our body and skin change as we age. 


1. Change Happens at the Cellular Level 

Some changes happen at the cellular level. Sometimes, the same changes necessary to help your body and skin develop healthily as we get older are the same ones that cause other things to deteriorate. It’s the natural cycle of life, and it’s a tough cycle to beat. Medline Plus notes that everything from connective, muscle, and epithelial tissue systems change as we grow older, so it makes sense that our skin also changes, losing elasticity and moisture. 


2. The Sun Exposure Factor 

According to Web MD, “Exposure to sunlight is the single biggest culprit in aging skin.” The sun, in conjunction with its ultraviolet (UV) light rays, is notorious for damaging fibers in the skin known as elastin. As these elastin fibers break down, the skin noticeably begins to stretch, sag, and lose flexibility, and the more it happens, the less capable it is of snapping back. 

While you might love sunbathing or spending endless time outdoors playing sports in your youth, keep in mind that it might not show up for a while, but you will see the negative impacts on your skin as you age. 


3. The Skin’s Ability to Heal On Its Own Slows With Age 

As mentioned above, many of the body’s processes begin to slow with age due to cellular and solar reasons. However, other factors work against you, slowing your skin’s ability to refresh and rehydrate naturally. Other factors might include a less than stellar diet or exercise regimen, and the development of chronic conditions and diseases like diabetes. Fortunately, whether you start to see the effects of natural aging and developed diseases in dry, rough, and wrinkled patches of skin, there are things you can do, like adding in a hydrating serum for dry skin. 

You might wonder about hydrating face serum benefits and the science behind it all. With a high-quality product such the Active Hydration Serum from Rodan + Fields, you’ll see a slowing of the effects of age. Thanks to its science-backed ability to raise the skin’s hydration level by 200% after one use, Active Hydration Serum balances your skin’s moisture levels. It prepares skin to better receive and absorb all the other products in your regimen, leaving you with more confidence. Using a hydrating serum is a proactive and restorative approach to managing your aging skin. 


Help Your Skin Stay Healthy Throughout the Aging Process 

While there are some things you can’t change about the chronological aging process, there is a lot you can do to minimize the negative impacts. By eating right, exercising, and relying on a scientifically proven hydration regimen to quench and nourish your skin, you’ll age gracefully and naturally.