There are many advantages to adding a fireplace to your home. Not only are they a source of heat and warmth, but they also elevate spaces to make them look more aesthetically appealing and luxurious. There are a variety of fireplaces to choose from, so you should consider your home’s overall style and the ambiance you wish to create before choosing to get one installed. Here is a list of the 6 different types of fireplaces that are perfect for your home.

  1. Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

A wall-mounted fireplace is the epitome of luxury. They can be hung on walls in the same way you would a flat-screen TV. They are a great centerpiece and are perfect for entertainment areas. You can play around with the material of the frame to add layers of visual complexity. Wall-mounted fireplaces are easy to install and generally come with built-in brackets for installation. They also have cool features such as colorful flame, temperature control, and a sleep timer, all controlled by a single device. For homes with modern designs, a wall-mounted fireplace will be the best addition to elevate the space.

  1. Wood Based Fireplaces

Wood-burning fireplaces add the aesthetic appeal of a real-life fire. They also add a touch of warmth and nostalgia to your space. Wood-burning fireplaces also have a distinct aroma and produce a crackling sound that completes the warm atmosphere that many are very fond of. Wood-burning fireplaces are perfect for those who wish to bring natural elements into their home. You can chop the wood yourself using store-bought ones. The quality of wood used influences the type of fire and its by-products such as smoke and aroma. While initial installation costs are high, a wood-burning fireplace is definitely worth considering.

  1. Built-in Electric Fireplace

If you don’t want all the maintenance that comes with using a wood-burning fireplace, then a built-in electric one is your best alternative. Built-in electric fireplaces are sleek, modern, and fit seamlessly into any space. They are the perfect addition to any home or workspace and are one of the best fireplaces you can get installed. The difference between a wall-mounted and built-in electric fireplace is that wall-mounted ones protrude out of the wall while built-in ones are integrated into it. Built-in electric fireplaces are easy to maintain and operate. They come with a variety of features such as temperature and color control. A high-quality one will last for a long time. They come in a wide range of designs, and you can even customize the frame. Nothing looks more luxurious and refined than a built-in fireplace.

  1. Gas Fireplace

If firewood and ashes aren’t your thing, then opt for a gas fireplace that burns more efficiently and cleanly. There are two types of gas fireplaces: vented and ventless. A vented gas fireplace is a built-in one that produces a yellow flame, resembling that of a wood-produced one. These fireplaces are vented through a pipe. Then there are ventless gas fireplaces that are easier to install since they don’t require a vent. These fireplaces produce a blue flame. You should consider your safety options before choosing to install a ventless gas fireplace since vented ones are usually safer.

  1. Open Hearth

Indoor open-hearth fireplaces are classics that are usually installed in large spaces. An open-hearth fireplace is essentially an open-faced fireproof box-like structure that is built into the walls of a home. They are usually made of bricks or stone and have a vent to release smoke. They use wood as the primary fuel. They add an aesthetic appeal to any space since the fire is visible and casts a warm glow. The accompanying aroma and crackling sounds are plus points. Open-hearth fireplaces have an exterior called a mantle. A mantle can be made of brick, wood, stone, or concrete that serves as a decorative piece and can also be used as shelving.

  1. Enclosed Zero Clearance Fireplace

Enclosed zero clearance fireplaces are wood-based fireplaces that are completely enclosed metal boxes directly installed into the walls of a home. They are similar to open-hearth fireplaces, but have a glass front or covering that is also built into the walls. The zero-clearance combustible surface is what gives the fireplace its name. They are a great option for indoor spaces and can emanate the same homely ambiance of a wood-based fireplace.

The 6 types of fireplaces we’ve listed are just a few of many. The options are endless and so is the potential for customizability. So, the next time you are out choosing a fireplace for your home, keep our top picks in mind.