Summer is arriving and with the struggles the world has been through due to  the Covid-19 pandemic, a getaway is on almost everybody’s wish list. If you’re one of the lucky ones who gets to go away soon, you want to make sure you’ve got the perfect gadgets to enhance your experience. We’ve curated a list of the 6 must-have gadgets for your perfect getaway. 


1.) Noise-canceling Headphones 

This is a game-changer. No more crying babies on the plane or by the pool disrupting your peace. You can just simply shut the world and relax while listening to music or watching a movie in complete peace.

These headphones reduce the stress and chatter of strangers in the airport or the sound of the engine. Many of them are also super comfortable and have great battery life.


2.) Portable Speaker 

If you’re going on a group holiday this is a must.  A portable speaker will allow you to play the music you want to listen to at the beach or even just during the evening in your hotel room or villa. This way you don’t need to be stuck with whatever is on the local radio station, instead you can bring your music taste wherever. 

These speakers are great for partying, chilling by the pool or even just singing in the shower. You may want to opt for a splashproof speaker if you plan to be around pools and beaches. 


3.) Power Bank/Adaptor 

This seems like a no-brainer, but it can easily be overlooked. A power bank ensures you can always keep your devices juiced up. Many maps these days can be used offline, which means you can check the pacific ocean map even if you’re in a country where you have no data. Your power bank will keep you from getting lost or stranded. Opting for a solar-powered power bank is great if you are traveling abroad as it makes the charging process a lot easier. It’s also great if you plan to spend long hours outside without a charging port. 

You can also opt for a power adaptor which will allow you to use it for several things at once. Also it is great for when you need to charge your phone and straighten your hair at the same time. Ensure that you purchase the right adaptor for the country you are visiting. 


4.) Mini Drone 

If you want to create some epic shots and videos for your family and friends back home, this is the gadget for you. You can capture stunning aerial shots and make epic videos of your getaway with a mini drone. Contrary to popular belief, not all drones are super expensive which is why we recommend opting for a mini drone. This can be purchased for a pretty low price which is great if you only plan to use it on your holiday. 

If you’re a bit photographer or budding videographer, you can certainly opt for a bigger drone but a holiday can easily be captured on a mini drone. 


5.) E-reader

Any tablet you own can double up as an e-reader, so you don’t necessarily need to purchase one. However, they are a fantastic purchase especially if you plan to spend a lot of time lounging by the pool and catching up on all the reads you promised yourself throughout the year. 

There’s nothing quite like feeling the heat of the sun on your body, the sound of the ocean and the joy of a page-turning book. With an e-reader, you can read to your heart’s content. And you no longer need to lug around or pack any physical books. 


6.) Water Filtering Bottle 

This is an absolute must-have. Ever experienced a nasty bug or infection because you consumed some of the local water despite the many warnings against it. Yeah, never again! Even if you only stick to bottled water on your trip, the ice in your drinks or the water on the salad is still local water. This is why you need to grab yourself a water purifying bottle and avoid these sneaky sources. 

These bottles will ensure that you always have filtered water on hand and many places will be happy to fill it up for you when you’re out and about. 

The perfect getaway is incomplete without these handy gadgets. Make sure you pack well and cover all your bases. These gadgets will help make things a lot easier for you and massively reduce the stress and overwhelm of your phone dying or picking up an infection from the water so that the only thing that you focus on, is to enjoy your getaway to the fullest and make beautiful memories.