It is not a legend that drinking tea is good for you. Tea is a part of tradition for almost all Asian cultures. Chinese and Japanese have been consuming it for centuries solely for health improvement. In Western culture, tea is promoted as a way to treat cold and flu symptoms. However, tea is more than that. Drinking tea protects your brain and brain cells and keeps them healthy, protects your heart’s health, and prevents the risk of getting cancer. Here are just some of the benefits that drinking tea brings to your life. 


1. True Teas Are the Healthiest Teas 

True teas are made by using the plant known as Camellia Sinensis. These teas are green tea, white tea, black tea, oolong tea, and Pu-Erh tea. Even though all of these teas are made out of the same plant, the difference between them is mainly in color and the production process. White and green tea are true tea family members that undergo the least processing. These teas are not oxidized. The leaves are harvested and naturally dried in order to avoid the chemical reactions that turn leaves into different colors (dark brown or black). Instead, they are keeping their natural green color and are considered to be one of the healthiest teas. Meanwhile, black tea is fully oxidized and oolong just partly. Pu-erh tea is aged and is considered to be a part of the post-oxidized teas. The benefits of these teas are numerous, primarily, they improve your immune system and metabolism. The post-effect of these teas is the toxins drop, and increased water intake. 


2. Benefits of the Herbal Teas 

Herbal teas are made of various compounds such as infusing fruits, leaves, roots, herbs, and stems. Another term for herbal teas is herbal tisanes. Dried fruits, such as berries, can affect your health in ways you cannot imagine. For instance, the amazing health benefits of black currant tea include anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting properties. Also, it has no caffeine nor any sugar added. These teas are incredibly beneficial since they consist of various compounds, which, when combined, have multiple influences on your body. Some of the most popular herbal teas are chamomile and peppermint tea, ginger, and hibiscus teas. 


3. Heart Health 

Drinking tea, regularly, may significantly lower the risk of some serious heart diseases. Teas have anti-inflammatory effects and therefore soothe tissues in arteries. This helps reduce blood clotting and restrict blood circulation. Some tea compounds may reduce high blood pressure and lower cholesterol. 


4. Energy Booster 

Tea acts as an amazing energy booster. For instance, green tea contains a small amount of caffeine that increases energy. Lower caffeine amounts of green tea make it a much healthier alternative to coffee. The reason why green tea is such a good energy booster is the amino acid known as L-theanine. This amino acid slows down the absorption of caffeine and has a longer-lasting effect and is more steady than caffeine taken from a cup of coffee. Your focus will be increased and the effect of caffeine will not wear off after a short period of time. 


5. Weight Loss 

Higher water intake will have an amazing effect on both your general health and weight loss. For example, green tea can make your weight loss a rapid thing. Due to its composition and the amino acids it contains, green tea can signal the body to burn the stored fat. Green tea boosts energy, which later on can be channeled into some effective and efficient workouts. By drinking green tea, you will have the same effect as if you are taking weight loss supplements. One of the ways it works is by making your body crave water. Green tea is a sugar and calorie-free drink, so you can drink as many cups as you want without feeling guilty. Since it contains no calories, and if you drop sodas and gym drinks, you will reach your goals sooner. 


6. Mental Health 

Intake of certain teas may reduce the risk of some neurological diseases and decrease stress levels. Teas, like green tea, prevent brain damage diseases such as Parkin’s and Alzheimer’s disease.  Most of the teas have calming compounds that will ease down your nerves and help you go through the day. Teas contain antioxidants that throw out toxins causing mental health problems. 

There are numerous benefits of having just a cup of tea during the day. It prevents heart diseases, regulates blood sugar, mental health problems, and helps you drop some extra kilograms. There is an endless list of benefits that tea brings with itself, but general health is at the very top.