Wedding Gift

You’ve just discovered a wedding invitation in your mailbox, and you can’t wait to RSVP, but there’s one problem — you have no idea what to get as a wedding gift. There are so many options that narrowing them down is a bit overwhelming. This guide explains the six wedding gift etiquette rules guests should always follow so you can confidently purchase a present that any couple will love.


1. Check the Registry List

It’s always wise to check a couple’s registry list before heading to the store. People spend tons of time carefully picking what they need or want for their post-wedding life. They might need household supplies if they’re moving in together or prefer fun stuff they can bring on their honeymoon. Use the list as a jumping-off point for determining what you’ll bring as a gift.


2. Browse Their Social Media

People love to post their greatest passions on their social media accounts. Browse the couple’s individual profiles to see what they enjoy. If they love to travel, you could find a unique experience and give them tickets to incredible things like sky diving or cooking classes. Their posts will reveal interests you could easily use to celebrate their upcoming wedding.


3. Celebrate with Flower Bouquets

Flowers are a classic way to show your love, so they’re an excellent gift for any newly married couple. However, one of the top wedding gift etiquette rules for guests is never to bring flowers to the ceremony. The couple will already have enough flowers on display as their centerpieces and decor.

Get a little more creative and send flowers to their hotel room. The couple will discover the lovely surprise before or after their ceremony if the hotel management team receives all the necessary information regarding who should get the bouquets and when they’ll arrive. Communicate with the florist and the hotel staff so your gift fills the couple’s room with a sweet aroma and surprises them on their big day.


4. Donate to Cash Funds

Some people prefer to skip a traditional gift registry because they want to set up a cash fund. They might use the cash to pay for their honeymoon or purchase a house. It’s always appropriate to donate to the cash funds established on their wedding website if you can’t think of a physical gift or if traditional gifts aren’t wanted.


5. Pull a Group Gift Together

People consider it rude to spend less than $50 on a wedding gift, but what if you don’t have room in your budget for more than that? You can always pull a group gift together if you know other guests. Find something on the couple’s registry and split the costs so everyone can help get the couple what they want without breaking the bank.


6. Mail the Gift Early

Unless a couple requests that everyone bring their gifts to the ceremony, you should mail your gift at least two months before the wedding. It prevents the couple from dealing with the hassle of finding gifts on their doorstep when they’re traveling to get to their venue or host last-minute parties. It’s also a great way to ensure your gift arrives on time if you can’t make it to the wedding.


Follow Wedding Gift Etiquette Rules

These are a few wedding gift etiquette rules guests should always follow, so consider them as you look for the perfect present. When you consider the couple’s registry and your budget, you’ll find something that makes their big day extra special.