Classic Jewellery

In the pyramids of the ancient Egyptians, the wives of pharaohs have been buried together with their most valuable possessions, among others their jewelry. Jewelry has always been an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe, therefore knowing what to own and how to wear it is more than important. Therefore, we summed up some tips you might find useful on what classic pieces you have to own and how and when to wear them.


Your first earrings 

Stud earrings are one of the essential pieces you need to have, as they are practical for every possible occasion. They generally are the first earrings for many, and their classic/round with a pink sparkle makes them perfect for pool parties and Gala night. They are often referred to as minimalistic earrings, due to their simplicity and elegance. Their uniqueness stems from the variety of shapes, colors, and designs. You see little Hello Kitty ones on girls ages 5 to 7, and 14-karat gold ones with pearls or diamonds for the sophisticated lady. 

Beach jewelry 

Another piece of jewelry that can decorate your body and give you a unique and astonishing look is anklets. Though often overlooked, as we are approaching summer, anklets are becoming more sought after and quite popular. Open ankles, with beautiful sandals and jeans, are the go-to summer combinations. With an anklet, you give it a twist, a special look, or as the French would call it, that “ je ne sais quoi”. The type depends on your personal preferences, thus, you can look some of them up at pocolocostore.com.au/collections/anklets, for there are gold chains perfect for the above casual outfit. They even go in a combo with heels for a night out with the girls. Or you can choose a shell anklet with a black or blue cord for the beach. There are several different types, the most unique have little symbolic miniature figures attached to them, such as little elephants, silver feathers, precious stones, opals, and turtles. These are more suitable for exotic locations if you happen to be on vacation. You can always make your own, customize it and choose the color and design. 

A celebs favorite 

Even now, in 2022, hoop earrings are a staple of most celebs on the red carpet and fancy Gala nights. From Megan Fox and Margo Robbie to Bella Hadid, hoop earrings are an everlasting classic and never go out of style. Their simple shape, breathless design, and elegant features give them the status of “ elegant and sophisticated accessory for special occasions”. Without a doubt, if you are having dinner with the in-laws, or attending a wedding, hoop earrings are the perfect choice for your black dress. Hoop earrings even have symbolic meaning, as they are linked with independence, empowerment, and strength and are a universal fashion staple, though most notably in Latino America. 



Bracelets have been known to be a fashion accessory since literary ancient times. Bracelets go with every possible outfit you can imagine. From a more casual look with a sweater and jeans in autumn to a more professional look. Wear a larger, more minimalistic bracelet with a T-shirt and jeans for more sophisticated situations, such as dinner and Gala evenings, and a smaller, more minimalistic one with a T-shirt and jeans for every day. They can have sentimental and symbolic value, with an embodiment and little details on them. If you like, you may even have a couple of smaller ones on the same arm in various colors.

“ I do “

Rings are often associated with proposals, however, they are an essential and classic piece every lady needs. The number does not matter, as you can have several different kinds on different fingers, left and right, from more sophisticated ones matching your necklaces and earrings for a fancy night out, to a more casual outfit. From silver to gold, rings are what you would call a “universal” piece of jewelry not restricted to a specific occasion. 



You can choose a pearl strand necklace as they are hardly ever going to be less fashionable, a classic for special occasions, dinners, and weddings. Then again, there is the gold chain necklace, always a favorite of most ladies, a bit heavy, yet stylish and feminine. Pendant necklaces are perfect for casual outfits, as they often send a straight message and have some symbolism hidden. From heart symbols to your name or the initials of loved ones, they are more intimate and private pieces of jewelry. 


It seemed unlikely to find its way on the list, however, the Brooch is a symbol of high standing and aristocracy for millennia. It has been worn by ladies and Queens, and in recent history, a valuable heirloom inherited by your mother or grandmother. Brooches are in high demand and fashionable. They are an essential piece most suitable for special occasions and are valuable items with significant meaning. 

We hope you discover the ideal fit for you; the majority of the items are appropriate for practically any event, while some are more refined. Choose your favorite and have fun.