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7 Jewellery Pieces Every Woman Needs in Her Collection

Just as there are certain articles of clothing every woman should have in her wardrobe, there are classic pieces of jewellery that add easy elegance to a woman’s office outfits, formal wear, and casual clothes. Since few among us have the space or the budget for a new bangle for every outfit, you want pieces that multitask. Slow fashion teaches us that it’s best to invest in items that will last and be enjoyed for years, and even longer. Read on to learn which jewellery pieces every woman needs to have in her collection.


1. Pearl Strand

Pearls are the little black dress of any jewellery collection. With their exquisitely feminine shape and flattering glow, pearls are iconic and look fabulous with virtually everything in your wardrobe. Pearls are ideal for special occasions like graduations and weddings, and elevate your everyday clothes to another level. If you think traditional white is too staid, keep in mind that pearls come in every colour of the rainbow and beyond, including gold. If you want something truly unique but still timeless, consider exotic Tahitian black pearls. A pearl necklace is delightful on its own, but many women prefer complete sets. Pearl strands pair perfectly with pearl bracelets, and pearl earrings especially in a business environment. When it comes to building a wardrobe worthy of a boss lady in charge, you can’t go wrong with pearls.


2. Diamond Studs

As the saying goes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Diamonds make you feel gorgeous and special, but not everyone can afford a diamond necklace — and how often do you need one anyway? This is not the case with diamond studs. They go with everything from jeans to business suits, and instantly make you look stylish and pulled together. Wear them anywhere: to a board meeting, to brunch with the fam, or out for a night on the town; diamond studs take your through your busy day with ease. They can be worn for any occasion or none at all, and look fantastic with short, sassy hair or an elegant updo. P.S.: If price is an issue, you can always go with CZ (cubic zirconia). We won’t tell — and no one else will be able to either.


3. Gold Hoops

Gold hoops are every bit as timeless as diamond stud earrings. Gold is always glamorous, and complements everything from casual to formal attire. The simple, round shape of hoops denotes wholeness and infinity. Style options are as infinite as their shape: petite, bold, sleek, double, even organic out-of-round forms are all considered classics. Hoops look great against long hair and are just as charming with short, smart styles. For everyday wear, you can’t beat red lipstick and gold hoops. Whether you prefer delicate circles or shoulder-brushing oversize, gold hoops are your go-to for all occasions.


4. Stylish Watch

Sure, everyone knows the time thanks to their mobile, but a bulky device is no replacement for a chic timepiece. A watch allows you to check the time discreetly, and will cut down on at least a few peeks at your iPhone. A woman who wears an elegant watch conveys confidence, sophistication, and organisation. She’s someone you can rely on. But the best part is getting to pick out your fave. There are so many fabulous styles to choose from: bracelet, mesh strap, leather band, cuff, and even a sexy yet still classic double-wrap. The practicality, beauty, and functionality of a handsome wristwatch can’t be denied, and will definitely garner you many compliments as well.


5. Pendant Necklace

Less is often more, and this is the case with a pendant necklace. A simple, slender chain paired with a lovely pendant completes your outfit without taking over. Another reason to love pendants: they tend to be budget-friendly while still conveying style and elegance. A pendant may be worn solo or layered with other necklaces, making them supremely versatile. Pendants can be deeply personal, such as a locket, birthstone, charm, or engraving, or they may simply be something you picked because the colour matches your outfit; the decision is yours. A unique pendant lends an air of mystery to the wearer, which is why every woman needs at least one pendant necklace in her collection.


6. Tennis Bracelet

Tennis bracelets are perfect for today’s active women who lead busy lives. A sleek, elegant diamond bracelet conveys your style in an understated way. Once known as an ‘eternity bracelet,’ the design was popular long before Chris Evert lost hers on the court during a match back in 1978. But the name stuck, and so has the bracelet’s popularity. A tennis bracelet won’t clash with your outfit, no matter whether you’re from running to a meeting or to save a break point!


7. Swank Rings

No matter if your taste leans more toward minimalism or maximising, every woman needs a few stylish rings in her collection. This is especially true if you are not much for bracelets. Simple rings are always lovely, but maybe a bold statement ring is more your style. Another classic option is a stately signet ring. For a modern approach on a timeless design, consider stackables. Worn together or singly, stackable rings make your outfit, and you, shine. Rings highlight a fresh manicure and add sparkle to any ensemble.

Owning classic pieces means you’ll always have something elegant to wear. When you invest in quality jewellery, it can last a lifetime and beyond. Properly cared for, there is no reason why your jewels can’t become cherished family heirlooms.