Wine Industry

We often only see wine once it’s already packed in a bottle and ready to go. However, there’s a lot of work and love that’s poured into making a single bottle of wine. If you’re passionate about wine and everything about it, then here are the most popular wine-related jobs you can try out.


Vineyard Manager

As the name suggests, a vineyard manager is someone that oversees the operation in the vineyard. This includes the harvesting of grapes, managing the plot of land where the fruit is being farmed, and it also includes overseeing the entire wine-making process in most cases. It’s a job that requires a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to the entire process of making wine.


Wine Shop Owner

The wine shop owner is the person who serves as the middleman between us and that great bottle of wine. Although not necessary, it would be advisable to have great knowledge about wine if you want to be a wine shop owner. It will help you understand the tools of the trade much better.


Cellar Manager

Once the wine has been made and the process of aging begins, wineries will need to hire a cellar manager to overlook the barrels. Cellar managers are tasked with overseeing the aging process. They basically check whether or not the wine is already primed for bottling.



A fancy name for a fancy job. A sommelier is a wine professional that’s tasked with pairing certain bottles with specific food. They are usually hired by high-end restaurants that want to deliver an authentic dining experience. It’s a tough and rewarding job that requires the person to have an excellent knowledge of various wines and the food they go well with.



The vinter is one of the most important jobs in the industry. He is the person that’s tasked with making the wine itself. To cut it short, he is the winemaker. He overlooks the wine-making process and is often responsible for the overall quality of the final product. Without great vintners, the world won’t have great wine.


Wine Tour Host

If you’re a lover of wine,  then you might’ve taken a wine tour before. One of the areas where this is common in Napa Valley. A host is needed to officiate these tours and that host needs to have a ton of knowledge when it comes to wine, the vineyard it came from, and the art of making wine as well.


Tasting Room Host

A tasting room host is a person that officiates wine tasting ceremonies. However, you’ll commonly find a tasting room host at the end of wine tours as they are the ones to make the tasting experience rich with knowledge. If you have a strong love of wine, then this is a good profession for you.


There are many professions in the wine industry and some are definitely worth having as a life-long career. If you’re passionate about wine and the process behind it, then you should consider a career in the field as it will be a rewarding one for you as well.