mother's day

As much as we’d like to see our Moms on Mother’s Day, sometimes we simply can’t make the trip, or some external force prevents us from seeing her. No matter the reason, it’s still just as heartbreaking, but you can still make this special day incredible. These 8 gifts, presents, and DIY creations are perfect for sending to the Mom you can’t see on their well-deserved holiday.


1. Send Roses for Mother’s Day

Sending flowers to your Mom for Mother’s Day is a great gift that can be delivered directly to their door with same-day shipping. Bouqs.com offers a same day delivery service that should be done on the day before Sunday just in case, but Bouqs can deliver most roses quickly. If your Mom prefers other types of flowers or potted plants, they are also available for purchase immediately.

2. Put Together a Slideshow or Video

One of the ways humans connect with each other is through nostalgia, especially if those nostalgic moments involve people closest to us, not necessarily things. If you aren’t particularly artistic, but you still want to create something for your Mom, bring together a collection of pictures from social media, your emails, or old polaroids and put them together in a video.


3. Send Mom a Homemade Card or Note

Even if you can’t be with your Mom on Mother’s Day to tell her that you love her in person, you can still make her a beautiful card filled with art, poems, and photos. Get creative with this project! Your Mom will love to open her card to see that you went all out folding, gluing, and scrapbooking important memories and phrases all over something she’s sure to display.


4. Have Breakfast or Lunch Together Over Zoom

No matter if you’re countries away or right next door, both you and your Mom can enjoy a lovely breakfast or lunch together on a video conferencing platform. You can both make the same meal and eat it in front of each other, or you could order a yummy lunch for your Mom to enjoy far away. Keep your phone or laptop positioned on you to enjoy each other’s company.

5. Send Over a Gift Card for a Spa Treatment

Even though it won’t be as fun without her, you can send over a gift card for a spa treatment that she can cash in at a later date. Most of us love to pamper ourselves every now and then, so a gift card to a beauty salon or nail salon will make your Mom really happy. As an alternative, you could both have a Mother and Daughter spa night on Zoom with your own equipment.


6. Subscribe to a Subscription Service

If your Mom has an interest in something, there’s likely a subscription service that supports said interest, hobby, or activity. One popular wine subscription service from Winc provides multiple bottles of rose, red, white, or champaign each month. You can also subscribe to subscription boxes for meal kits, fitness, perfume, makeup, snacks, socks, vitamins, candy, and more.

7. Send Over an E-Reader With Books

Do you have a Mom who’s a bookworm? She’d probably enjoy receiving an e-reader full of new or her favorite books! While some people enjoy the feeling of a book in their hand, your Mom may like the convenience of multiple novels at her fingertips. Both of you can pick a book to read together so that you can discuss its plot, characters, or story structure at another time.

8. Get Your Mom a Plane Ticket to Paradise

Most of our Moms weren’t able to take vacations when we were kids due to work responsibility or money issues. You can join her in a fantastic experience she’ll never forget in a country far away or to the next state over. The destination can be anywhere, as long as it’s somewhere you both want to see. You could also meet halfway between two points if you live countries away.