spring cleaning

8 Products To Help You Power Through The Spring Clean

Now is the perfect time to give your home a refresh. To get on the Spring Cleaning bandwagon, here is a list of household products that will help power through tasks, leaving your home spotless.

Smells good enough to eat

fresh fridge

Left over food can sometimes make the fridge smell, so Croc Odor is a must-have. The handy little diffusers take up next to no room and help to prevent any cross-contamination of flavours and any funny smells in the fridge.

Create a calming ambiance

It’s no secret that there’s a lot to do when embarking on a complete Spring Clean – from wiping down windows to sorting out the wardrobe to giving appliances the deep clean, it can be quite a feat. So amidst the chaos, why not create a sense of tranquility through the use of a home fragrance? Renuzit has a wide range of scents to choose from to help you keep the stress at bay.

Protect your Winter warmers

As the temperature continues to rise, it’s not uncommon to store away the winter warm jumpers until the freeze returns. But be sure to protect your garments from unwanted pests with Zen’sect. The range of products are both a safe and effective way to permanently get rid of moths, mosquitoes, flies and crawling insects.

So fresh and so clean

Let’s face it taking out the bin is not a chore anyone enjoys but it’s a necessary evil. To make the task more bearable sprinkle a bit of Jeyes Freshbin Powder in the base of the bin to eliminate any funny smells. Available in cool linen and lemon fresh, the powder not only smells great but kills germs.

Say goodbye to limescale

With limescale on rise in the winter months as heating up hard water becomes more frequent, you might notice that everyday appliances such as kettles and irons machines are not looking or working at their best. For a quick and inexpensive way to get rid of limescale to be ready to enjoy a fresh cuppa, try the Oust Smart Brush which requires no scrubbing. The targeted applicator brush eliminates hard to reach limescale in a record five minutes.

Go green in the loo

To give the toilet an overhaul, why not reconnect with Mother Nature and bring a bit of the outdoors home? For a quick and effective way to keep the loo clean, try Bloo’s new eco-friendly rim-blocks ProNature which is available in two refreshing fragrance variations, Mint Eucalyptus and Grapefruit.

Dare to mix

As the weather heats up so the need to swap out seasonal clothing can cause the washing load to pile up quickly. But by using Colour Catcher you can dare to mix things up as the handy laundry sheets prevent colour run by trapping any loose dyes to allow the freedom to wash colours, patterns, and whites together. Simply pop one sheet into the back of the drum before loading the drum and run a normal cycle with detergent.

Get creative

To give your favourites a new lease for Spring if the colour has started to fade, try DYLON Dyes easy to use machine pods. Available in a variety of colours, the dyes are perfect for revamping or upcycling garments that fit great but are on the drab side of the fab spectrum.