Golf starters

Golf is a game that can be traced all the way back to ancient China. However, the 18-hole game that we know today originated in Scotland. This was around the 1400s, the first recorded information about the game was in 1457 because soldiers at the time preferred to play the game rather than do training resulting in parliament putting a ban on it. Golf is an open gender game and isn’t a gentleman-only club as myths would have you believe. It can be a bit intimidating for many beginners. Golf forces your body to move in ways that aren’t inherent.

Beginner’s Guide and Useful Tips

If you want to start playing golf the first thing you need to accept is that it’s difficult at first. Once you’ve accepted this and are willing to continue then you will find this guide very useful. You may also want to start by joining beginner clubs which can help you learn everything you need to know about the game. The best advice is that if you want to get good at it you will have to practice. Don’t put too much pressure from the start on being perfect. It takes time and getting to know your body and how to play on different courses and difficulty levels. It is definitely a game of patience.

1. Terminology

Definitely an important part of the game is knowing the terms associated. Knowing the terms helps you to understand the rules and also what you should or shouldn’t be doing. Knowing the terminology shows that you not all care about and respect the game but that you also take your learning seriously. Some of the terminology and their meaning include:

Tip: Learn these terms well 

Golf tee – this is the wooden peg that you place your ball on at the start of the hole.

Fairway – this is the part of the course that leads to the green.

The green – this is the soft area surrounding the hold, it is a softer more plush grass

The rough – this is the area on either side of the fairway, usually filled with trees and bushes and is considered “wild”.

Stroke – this is the swing you make in the attempt to hit the ball. 

Ace – this is what you call a hole in one.

Par – this is the standard number of strikes it’ll take to get the ball from the tee to the hole.

2. Clubs and Other Gear

You will of course want to get the best clubs and other gear. While you want something of good quality you don’t need to splurge to accomplish this. As a beginner your gear is going to take a lot of beating and you may find yourself giving up one the sport. Rather than investing in expensive gear in the beginning, use that time to get better at the game before you purchase your first set of higher end clubs. Don’t forget to invest in a trusty golf bag to store all your accessories and gears.

Tip: Don’t buy expensive clubs and gear until you’ve decided you like gold and want to stick with it. Otherwise you’ll waste money on something you don’t end up using in the future. 

3. Schools

Golf isn’t on the list of the intuitive games to pick up. To be a good player it’s best to go to a golf school or join a club. Having a professional guide you along the way can make the experience a lot more pleasant and you can find yourself much more quickly than if you were trying on your own.

Tip: Learn from the pros so that you can progress quickly and smoothly. 

4. Etiquette

You may be surprised to learn this but there is an etiquette to golf that you should make yourself aware of. The etiquette will change depending on where you are and who you’re with. There are some general etiquette that all who play the game should know. Here are a few to get you on your way:

  • Don’t talk during another players backswing
  • Don’t walk into a person’s line
  • Don’t get angry after your shots that aren’t perfect
  • Don’t take the game too seriously it shows bad form

Golf is a great game to get into. There is a lot of history and prestige behind it. Depending on how early you start and how good you are, you may even get to participate in tournaments that can take you around the world. It’s also great for relaxing and calming the mind which is something a lot of people start playing the game for. There is a lot to learn and practice and many people claim that having completed a course they feel a lot more at peace and focused at the same time. You don’t have to be the next champion to enjoy the game, just get out there and have fun.