Wedding Suit

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life, and you’ll want to look your very best. But what if wedding planning isn’t your thing? And how early should you start looking for that all-important wedding suit? 

Brides typically begin their search for the perfect wedding dress at least one year before the big day. Grooms, though, are notorious for leaving things until the last minute, by which time their ideal suit has sold out and they’re rushed into buying something they don’t really want or doesn’t actually fit. 

With May being the traditional start of the wedding season, we’ve teamed up with men’s suits and styling experts to form a definitive gentleman’s guide to wedding suit planning. So, if you’re wedding preparations have become more about ‘to-do’ than ‘I do’, we’re here to ensure you find the perfect suit in the right colour and style to match your wedding theme. 

Timing is Everything – The Countdown Begins

Whether you’re planning a formal wedding or a more casual affair, it’s best to start your preparations as early as possible. If you’re highly organised, you may purchase your groom and groomsmen’s suits up to a year before the ceremony. Getting ahead of the game not only means you’re more likely to source the exact suit colour and size you want, but it will also give you and your partner more time to focus on the other important aspects of your wedding day (there’ll be many). 

However, not all grooms are this organised, and if you are struggling to get your ducks in a row a full year in advance, there’s no reason to panic as there’s still enough time left to secure your ideal wedding suit. Here’s what you should do for a stress-free wedding: 

Six Months Before the Wedding 

The clock’s ticking, the big day’s fast approaching, and you haven’t given your wedding suit a moment’s thought (what on earth have you been doing?) Nevertheless, it’s high time you and your partner started looking at suit ideas and styles to see what’s out there and what would fit in with your wedding theme. There’s no need to include your groomsmen at this stage but do try and form a clear picture of the exact suit, colour, fabric, and design you need. 

Three Months Before the Wedding 

You’ve had three months to purchase your groom and groomsmen’s wedding suit and align them with the rest of your wedding theme. While it may be too soon to relax, you now have plenty of time before your ceremony to accommodate any styling issues or delays in delivery. 

One Month before the Wedding 

By now you and your groomsmen will have tried on your wedding suits and uncovered any alterations required. If you haven’t already, you should locate a seamstress or tailor for any adjustments that need to be made, giving them enough time to complete the work so that everyone’s suit is a perfect fit on the big day. 

Wedding Suit Trends for 2024 

If you’re tying the knot in 2024, you’ll be eager to discover which wedding suit styles are currently on-trend. Gone are the days when grooms and their party wore black, grey, or navy. Nowadays, wedding suits are contemporary, coloured, and patterned, and allow you to add a splash of personality and character to your groomswear choices.  

Beyond Black and White 

Each year sees a change in colour preferences when it comes to wedding suits. In 2024, expect to see a shift from traditional shades and move towards soft, contemporary hues. For spring weddings, dark greens and earthy browns bring a fresh, seasonal touch. By summertime, pale blue will dominate, adding a cool and breezy element to ceremonial proceedings. As the year moves into autumn, consider warm and rich colours such as plum, burnt orange, or vibrant scarlet that provide plenty of depth. Winter, perhaps the trickiest time to plan a wedding because of the weather conditions, is likely to see a return to classic styles, cuts, and colours. A simple navy blue suit or a timeless tuxedo will be popular choices, as will versatile silver and charcoal grey which are easy to switch up with brightly coloured accessories. If you’re feeling more adventurous, burgundy is a rich festive colour that’s ideal for a winter wedding suit. 

Check Mate: Choose Suit Prints and Patterns 

Patterned groom’s wedding suits will be on-trend in 2024. From herringbone designs to plaid suits and floral waistcoats in dazzling patterns, this year is all about statement pieces that beautifully contrast with the reliable, solid, colours of the wedding party. Floral designs are a great way to introduce a romantic, whimsical touch to the day, while anything plaid adds a strong element of sophistication and tradition. Whatever you prefer, don’t be afraid to express your unique sense of style with your 2024 wedding suit. Despite the emphasis on prints and patterns, grooms may also sway towards monochrome outfits in charcoal or classic navy which can be adorned with bright, vibrant ties and accessories for a modern twist. Similarly, unconventional shades are also expected to be popular as grooms opt for striking burgundy or emerald green for a contemporary and stylish finish. 

Fit to Wed: The Right Suit Cuts

We’re all for traditional weddings, but in 2024 modern suits still reign in the groomswear world. Having gained momentum in recent years, slim cuts, innovative designs, and sharp lines will dominate once again. Whatever your preference, the fit of your wedding suit is paramount. Whether you go for a classic fit, slim fit, or a bespoke suit, 2024 demands that your jacket, trousers, and shirt are tailored to your body shape, so schedule those fittings well in advance to allow for any essential adjustments. 

On-Trend Wedding Suit Fabrics

Textured fabrics will hit the wedding suit scene in 2024. Be prepared for lavish, sensual, materials such as plush velvets, classic tweeds, woollen blends, and luxurious linens to dominate the seasons. Textured suits provide a formal look and set the groom apart from the rest of the wedding party. Not only that but a wedding suit made from textured fabric is guaranteed to leave the groom feeling comfortable and stylish throughout the wedding day. 

Don’t Forget the Accessories

It’s the small details that matter, so using accessories to enhance the groom’s look will be very much en vogue in 2024. Patterned ties, pocket squares, and textured bow ties will be popular along with personalised details such as cufflinks, monogrammed handkerchiefs, and statement jewellery. Similarly, wedding shoes and buttonholes are expected to complement the wedding colour scheme to create a connected look. 

In 2024, wedding suit trends will be about individual expression and attention to detail. From contemporary suits in slim cuts to textured fabrics, patterned waistcoats, and personal accessories, grooms have rarely had so many options when choosing their perfect wedding outfit. 

Finally, if you want to be the smartest man at the end of the aisle, prioritise buying your own wedding suit over renting one. After all, who wants to throw on the same outfit that someone else wore a few days earlier?