Street style outfit, close up, after a fashion show during Paris Fashion Week

When it comes to fashion, if you’re not first, you’re last. The convergence between streetwear and high fashion has seen high-end clothing brands taking cues from the streets when delivering new collections, placing streetwear at the cutting edge of today’s trends.

Whether via collaboration, like adidas x Gucci and Supreme x Louis Vuitton, or through homage and inspiration, the relationship between streetwear and high fashion is more symbiotic than ever. Here, the streetwear experts at East End mainstay King Apparel take a look at some of the trends you can expect to see – and wear – in 2023.


Grunge/emo styles

Grunge is back, but not in the way you might know it. Vintage, baggy styles are in, propelled by the modern emo aesthetic of stateside stars like Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti. Expect to see frayed detailing and acid washing in a nod to the ‘90s fashion choices of Nirvana and Soundgarden.

Likewise, 2023 is shaping up to be a big year for denim, with this year’s trends also harking back to the that relaxed 90s aesthetic. Look for laid-back, roomy jeans and jackets in airy mid- and stone-washes – and (whisper it) don’t be afraid of double denim this year!


Year of the Water Rabbit

With the advent of the Lunar New Year, streetwear and high fashion brands aplenty have celebrated the occasion with capsule collections dedicated to the Year of the Water Rabbit. Gucci’s new collection incorporates the rabbit into bright knits, tees and shoes, whilst Tommy Hilfiger partnered with Miffy for a more minimalist take on bunny branding.

Meanwhile, Adidas collab’d with football teams including Juventus and Manchester United to incorporate Chinese-style branding into streetwear staples such as bomber jackets, football shirts and backpacks.


Technical gear

Techwear is poised to remain extremely popular in 2023, with the sustained popularity of brands like And Wander and Arc’Teryx, and exciting new drops from heritage brands like Nike ACG and The North Face’s Black and Purple Labels.

Techy styles and light, waterproof fabrics are likely to be adopted by a growing range of brands and across all departments, from trousers to accessories. In 2023, expect to see plenty of zips, utilitarian pockets and statement straps, buckles and clasps.



Big, statement pieces are set to play a huge role in streetwear in 2023, with logos at the heart of the offering. Your favourite brands are likely to be heavily using spellout logos in untraditional places, helped in part by the success of Corteiz’s customary crotch logos.

Vintage sportswear is another subsection of streetwear that has been swept up by logomania. Classic football shirts have been growing in popularity, with various designers creating their own versions on stone-cold classics. What looks like a vintage football shirt might, at closer inspection, turn out to be a streetwear homage.


Gender-fluid styles

This is your cue to take more risks with your clothing choices this year! Attitudes are shifting, and a growing number of men are incorporating elements of traditionally female clothing into their ‘fits. Now, we’re not saying you should wear dresses (unless you’re totally comfortable with it!) – but combining traditionally masculine and feminine clothing can open your wardrobe right up!

Don’t be afraid to incorporate hints of femininity like light scarves and pastel hues alongside classic masculine designs like camo and combat boots for maximum effect.

Paul Linton, Creative Director at King Apparel comments: “With the trends above, you can get ahead of the game and make a statement with your fashion choices this year. It’s great to see so much variety and originality in streetwear at the moment, with people adding their own twist onto timeless streetwear staples.

The applications are endless – try combining some of the above trends to build your own style, like bold, brash logos with distressed, frayed denim.”