Car Shipping

Not all car shipping companies are created equal, and truer words could not be said about Amerifreight and Sherpa Auto Transport. They’re both reputable companies, but even the best ones have some significant differences. You’ll have to decide what’s important to you so you can pick which one is the best for your needs.


Best Overall for Shipping

Amerifreight repeatedly takes the cake when it comes to comparing the overall value for a car shipping company. With thousands of carriers in its networks, the company can negotiate killer rates with top-notch carriers. You’ll see lots of positive feedback if you check out Amerifreight reviews, too.

As a car shipping company, they also vet their drivers to ensure they contract only the best. Even more impressively, Amerifreight offers a money-back guarantee if you meet the right conditions. The built-in coverage provided by the company is also excellent because it covers the cost of the average car. You won’t need additional insurance coverage because they have you covered.

When it comes to pricing, Amerifreight is also the best in the industry at having discounts available. Some of their discounts can even be stacked, like the early bird and military personnel or student discounts. You’ll have to call them to ask, but getting those discounts makes shipping your car much more affordable.


Most Predictable Cost for Car Shipping

If price is a concern and you need to know precisely what you’re paying without any surprises, then Sherpa Auto Transport is the company you need to go with. They specialize in major relocations, shipping multiple cars, shipping in the winter, and shipping across the country. Some of their services are more expensive than those of other companies, but given what they offer, it’s not hard to justify those extra costs.

In some cases, you can have your car picked up and dropped off at your door. The service is called direct delivery and is one of Sherpa’s popular packages because it’s so convenient for its customers. You can’t beat not having to go somewhere to drop it off and somewhere else to pick it up. Not every car shipping company does that, so it could be worth the convenience for you.

One of Sherpa Auto Transport’s biggest selling points is how they guarantee the price they quote you. This is markedly different from the rest of the industry. Most companies will tell you to expect price fluctuations as the market changes. Sherpa’s Price Lock Promise gives you peace of mind in knowing that the quote they give you is what you’re going to pay. People love that, as you’ll see in many Sherpa Auto Transport reviews.


The Biggest Differences Between the Two Companies

Depending on what you’re looking for, knowing the differences between the two is critical. One of the most significant differences is the insurance coverage that each company provides. Amerifreight coverage is pretty high, but if you have a specialty vehicle, you might want to consider extra coverage.

On the other hand, Sherpa Auto Transport has a minimum liability policy of up to one million dollars with a standard $100,000 insurance policy. Unless your car is more expensive than that, their standard coverage should be satisfactory. That ought to make you feel pretty good about shipping a high-end vehicle or a classic that needs that kind of coverage.

Another significant difference between them has to do with the locked-in rates that Sherpa provides. Most companies, including Amerifreight, will quote you a price that is subject to change, as surcharges and shipping fees vary by truckload. Sherpa builds that fluctuation into their price, so while it can be a little higher upfront, at least it won’t change at the end.


The Bottom Line

When you’re in the middle of deciding which car shipping company to go with, consider all the pros and the cons. There’s a lot to think about. Maybe you’re going for a cross-country move, or perhaps you’re just moving within the same state. Each company is going to have something great to offer, depending on your situation. For the best overall experience, you can’t go wrong with Amerifreight. Still, if you have a luxury car or other expensive vehicle, then Sherpa is the company for you since you won’t have to worry about extra insurance coverage in case something happens.