Imagine your bed as it’s right now but decked out as the definitive snug retreat, similar to those five-star rated swanky hotel rooms you never wish to leave.

That super-cozy, dreamy bed you have seen online, in magazines and catalogs, isn’t out of reach. You only need a few touches here and there to transform your bed and bedroom into a cozy retreat each night.

Think of those luxurious bedding sets made up of the most luxurious-looking sheets, the snuggliest throws, and the fluffiest pillows. Are you ready to convert your bedroom and bed from “meh” to fabulous with Serena & Lily products? Let’s discover some expert-proven tips.

Go for the Perfect Bedding Fabric

You need to get your hands on the high-end bedding you can afford since slipping into relaxing sheets can make all the difference at the end of every night. You can start with a neutral base like white bed linen as it sets the masterpiece foundation. With this, you’ll have the opportunity to get creative with some runners, patterned flat sheets, and throw pillows.

Of course, this should not stop you from going for those colorful duvets. Your style should define what color you should go for. However, a neutral bedding color should always create a more luxurious feel and look.

You need to think long-term when it comes to what sheets are made of. Do not skip on high quality. High-quality sheets offer that unique feeling when you climb into your bed.

Puff it Up with Luxurious Pillows

Another vital part of your bedding sets should be high-end pillows. Pillows are not just for resting your head after a busy day. They are a secret to that much-needed cloud-like feeling when you climb and sink into your bed. It doesn’t matter whether you are a one-pillow sleeper type; doubling up is important for a bed that invites an excellent night’s sleep.

It’s all about the right mix when picking your pillows. Go for what perfectly suits you. Are you a flatter pillow lover? If yes, go for a pair. Place one on the bottom and another on top. The bottom one helps catch the z’s while the top one is for show.

You can start with two large pillows against the headboard and blend that with two sleeping ones for a mix of fashion and function. Allow your high-end pillows to breathe life by providing them with excellent fluff.

Create Texture with Throws

Tossing on a throw blanket is another fabulous way to elevate your bed’s luxurious look. Similar to a bed runner, throws are not just for warmth. They are also a clever styling trick that helps add an inviting texture layer that signals you to dive into your bed every day.

There is no need to be too precise with it. Throws casually draped over the corners of your bed signify a relaxed, live-in charm. For a relaxed vibe, toss them diagonally. You can also fold them for a more structured appearance or lay them straight for a sleek finish.

Other important parts of a bedding set that can work wonders in terms of creating a luxurious feel and look are the bed frame, a couple of books you love, and the walls. Do not forget to hang some decorations or art above your bed.

Also, thoughtful lighting matters. For instance, if you want a more inviting feel, go with warm light. Finally, when picking your bedding sets, pick those from top-rated brands like Serena & Lily.