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The experience of travel should not just be about reaching a destination. Instead, it should be about embarking on an epic adventure of transformation. At Rahul Travel Group, a radiant gem within the RTG Lifestyle portfolio, travellers can access luxury at affordable prices, empowering them to experience extravagance whilst discovering the world’s most wonderous locations. Here, we dive deeper into the agency’s story and explore its services in the wake of its success in the Travel and Tourism Awards 2024.

After graduating from Nova College with a degree in hospitality management, CEO Rahul Imran Ismail embarked on a successful career that would span the next decade. Having started out in sales, he went on to score managerial positions at renowned hospitality establishments across the Netherlands.

Early on in his career, Rahul was demonstrating strong leadership capabilities, having become manager at restaurant, Orbit in Bloemendaal at only 21. From there, he progressed his career by taking on leadership positions at prestigious establishments ranging from upscale restaurants to luxury hotels, including Supperclub Amsterdam and Hotel Okura Amsterdam, among others. These roles allowed him to cultivate a diverse and robust expertise in the sector, while honing a highly critical and precise approach to his work – Such a meticulous attention to detail has set a standard of excellence that clients have come to expect from Rahul and his team. Having developed such a versatile leadership style that is adaptable to various facets across hospitality, Rahul has become a truly distinguished figure within the sector.

By 2021, Rahul had become inspired to leverage the skills and experience he gained over the years to create Rahul Travel Group, an affordable luxury travel agency. Initially named Rahul2Dubai to emphasise its focus on travel to the UAE, the company’s expertise has since broadened. Today, it handcrafts a range of adventures for its clients, taking them everywhere from New York in the USA to the Amalfi Coast in Italy to Kyoto in Japan.

Offering a range of exclusive products and services at affordable prices, Rahul Travel Group aims to turn people’s travel dreams into unforgettable experiences. The agency is committed to making luxury travel accessible to everyone, immersing them in sheer opulence with a personal touch. Whether a client wishes to embark on an adventure in the vast deserts of the UAE or explore the picturesque waterways of the Netherlands, Rahul Travel Group is well-equipped to make things happen. Its reach is truly limitless, spanning the globe.

For savvy travellers who want to experience luxury without breaking the bank, Rahul Travel Group’s Economy Class is the perfect choice. The agency believes that everyone deserves royal treatment without the royal price tag. With this service, clients can expect a seamless journey with a five-star airline, an impeccable stay at a high-end hotel or fabulous apartment, and other touches that add to the luxury experience. Every detail will be meticulously curated to make their stay truly unforgettable.

For those seeking a personalised experience with Rahul Travel Group’s Economy Class, the agency’s dedicated team of travel experts will create a bespoke itinerary tailored to their preferences. Whether they want to embark on exclusive excursions, indulge in the most sumptuous fine dining experiences, or enjoy unique cultural immersions, the team will design a thorough and comprehensive schedule to make their vacation truly unforgettable.

To add an extra dose of exclusivity to their trip, travellers can choose to purchase Rahul Travel Group’s PrivilegePass. This exclusive membership opens the door to a world of luxury travel and exclusive experiences, providing members in the form of private individuals, families, and companies with access to a wealth of additional benefits that will elevate their adventures to new heights. For example, the Group’s other divisions are only available to PrivilegePass holders, including Refined Traveler’s Galleria, Renowned Trends Group, Rhythmic Tunes Global, Royal Terra Global, Revolutionary Training Getaway, and ReflectiveTales Global. Members can trust that their vacation will be truly unmatched thanks to the unique experiences on offer.

The PrivilegePass membership starts at €125 excluding VAT and can be tailored to meet the unique needs and desires of any client; whether seeking relaxation, adventure, or even to develop their skills, they will be met with luxury, life-changing moments to be cherished forever. With the PrivilegePass, Rahul Travel Group prides itself on redefining travel, providing a gateway to a whole new world of extraordinary discovery and bliss.

Refined Traveler’s Galleria

Spearheaded by Rishi Autar, this exclusive online boutique is available solely for PrivilegePass members. With each purchase made, a standard 5% contribution goes towards Rahul Travel Group’s own foundation, supporting various charitable initiatives. Through its extensive network of international partners, it collaborates with unique boutique stores worldwide, offering truly exquisite, one-of-a-kind fashion pieces and curated lifestyle items.

Renowned Trends Group

The personal branding marketing agency of RTG Lifestyle, Renowned Trends Group is dedicated to helping individuals build and enhance their personal brands. Its team of experts specialising in digital marketing, social media management, and brand strategy work closely with clients to develop tailored solutions that elevate their online presence and reputation.

Rhythmic Tunes Global

Under the leadership of Aziza Karimova, Rhythmic Tunes Global is a prestigious music school located in Dubai. The school boasts a team of instructors from diverse backgrounds, all of whom have graduated from prestigious conservatories worldwide. Offering a wide range of music lessons, Rhythmic Tunes Global caters to both online and offline students, covering instruments such as piano, violin, and guitar, as well as lessons in DJing and music production.

Royal Terra Global

The real estate division of RTG Lifestyle, Royal Terra Global specialises in assisting clients in their search for new investment opportunities. In collaboration with its local partners, it provides clients with comprehensive guidance and support, handling both the business aspects and logistical arrangements.

Revolutionary Training Getaway

Led by Robby Nelson, a former EU and World Champ ISKA Kickboxing and former Dutch Champion FreeFight, Revolutionary Training Getaway offers a variety of training programmes tailored to individuals, businesses, and professionals. Its luxury all-inclusive training camps provide an immersive training experience coupled with luxurious accommodations and all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay. Additionally, its Fitcations wellness and fitness retreats are held at stunning destinations worldwide, offering participants a harmonious blend of training and relaxation. Workshops and courses are also available both onsite and internationally, focusing on enhancing physical fitness, mental resilience, and overall wellbeing. With personalised approaches and expert guidance, Revolutionary Training Getaway empowers individuals and groups to surpass their limits, improve their skills, and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

ReflectiveTales Global

Led by Surya Wolters,ReflectiveTales Global is a leading media company renowned for its photo and video services for both amateurs and professionals. It serves both domestic and international markets with a wide array of services, including wedding photography, fashion assignments, architectural photography, and more. With an unwavering commitment to capturing moments with artistic precision and craftsmanship, ReflectiveTales Global has established itself as a trusted provider of high-quality imagery that brings clients’ visions to life.

At the heart of each of these is Rahul Travel Group Lifestyle, affectionately known as RTG Lifestyle. With its diverse divisions, RTG Lifestyle offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to enriching every aspect of life.

In order to consistently deliver excellence across the board for its clients, Rahul Travel Group upholds three core values: service, exclusivity, and innovation. Focusing on these factors, the agency is driven to not only meet but exceed the highest of expectations, creating enriching and surprising experiences. Clients will indulge in the luxury of the unexpected, supported by a dedicated team of travel experts as well as a global network of partners. With these exceptional resources, Rahul Travel Group is capable of delivering the same high level of service to every client, no matter their destination.

As well as providing people with the best luxury travel services, Rahul Travel Group is committed to making a difference in the world by contributing towards good causes. For this reason, it set up its foundation to support international charity projects that provide lasting aid, from establishing power plants in remote villages to launching innovative breeding programmes for farmers. These efforts demonstrate that the agency’s commitment extends beyond luxury travel, also encompassing social responsibility.

For its remarkable work, Rahul Travel Group has recently been named Best Affordable Luxury Travel Agency, Netherlands, in the Travel and Tourism Awards 2024. In the coming year, the agency expects to enter a period of significant growth and expansion as it continues elevating its services to new heights with PrivilegePass.

With Rahul Travel Group, a new adventure is just a booking away, promising a wealth of luxury, culture, and unforgettable experiences. Those interested are invited to join the agency on a journey to a world where the wildest of dreams are within reach.

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