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Gastronomy is the specific study of the relationship between food and our cultures. It is an unwavering artform that entails learning more about how food speaks to civilisations, and national gastronomy is always specific to a particular culture. Here we explore Canada’s Great Kitchen Party’s connection to national gastronomy as it wins this fantastic title from LUXlife.

National gastronomy can teach us so much about different cultures, and help us to celebrate them. Practical gastronomy is related to the practice and study of the preparation, creation, and service of a plethora of foods – and beverages – from different countries and cultures around the globe. Canada’s Great Kitchen Party utilises its experience with food in relation to Canada and its culture.

Not only does Canada’s Great Kitchen Party celebrate food that originates from Canada, but it also commemorates and honours Canadian sport and music – offering a rounded experience of Canadian culture.

“Providing young Canadians opportunities to be extraordinary through sport, music, and food.”

2006-2019 saw 5,000 guests get together on an annual basis to celebrate Canadian culture. Known as Gold Medal Plates in this time, the company boasted over 100 chefs who would compete to win the title of Canadian Culinary Champion. This annual competition’s immense number of supporters resulted in a huge amount being raised – and the love for Canadian cuisine, music, and sport was at the focal point. Don’t miss out on the next Canadian Culinary Championship, February 3rd to 4th in Ottawa!

This annual culinary competition in Canada has been awarded The Best Gastronomical Event in North America. Hosted in 12 cities, this event has been seen in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Kelowna, Calgary, and many more. This year’s event will have us on the edge of our seats as a selection of chefs compete to win the prestigious title – and we are sure to see some incredible dishes being created.

In addition to Canada’s Great Kitchen Party presenting this culinary event, it is also the largest exposition of high quality wine in Canada, making it the perfect place to go for wine experts – and individuals who simply love the beverage. Keeping the food coming, and the wine flowing, Canada’s Great Kitchen Party has created the perfect atmosphere for the list of events it hosts.

Especially proud of its musical roots, Canada’s Great Kitchen Party offers opportunities for us to enjoy live music on its grounds.

“It is not only the destination, but the journey. Experiencing new lands with Canadians from coast to coast coupled with a soundtrack by some of our country’s best musicians – it’s awesome!” – Christopher Gordon and Sherry Stafford, Ottawa

For over 16 years, guests have been given the chance to experience unique Canadian music artists – on an intimate level. With nights dedicated to food, wine, and music, these events have won the hearts of many. It is a great place for the whole family to celebrate any occasion, together.

Celebrating Canadian athletes, Canada’s Great Kitchen Party believes that sport is an integral part of the Canadian culture. Encouraging amateur, para, and pro sportspeople, Canada’s Great Kitchen Party introduces delicious food and drinks, as well as amazing musical experiences, to them so that they may truly experience Canadian greatness. This also gives everyone a moment to celebrate the sportspeople’s achievements and thank them for how they represent Canada.

As we all know, the global pandemic had its grips on the hospitality industry – and things were difficult for everyone. However, throughout 2020 and 2021, Canada’s Great Kitchen Party introduced exciting digital opportunities to entertain Canadians. Its true spirit was shining bright even in the darkest of times, and it still managed to positively influence Canadian restaurants, musicians, and other beneficiaries.

Since its launch it has raised over $17 million, with $15 million raised for Canadian athletes and $2 million for food, sport, and music beneficiaries.

Entertaining people from all over, Canada’s Great Kitchen Party brings Canadian culture right to the forefront. Uniting Canadians, Canada’s Great Kitchen Party has become an amazing place to experience the finer things. It has now won Best Annual Celebration of National Gastronomy in North America, and we’re delighted to have the opportunity to congratulate the entire team for all they do.

Canada’s Great Kitchen Party would like to thank its supporters for being there throughout the uncertain times and, now that things are back in full swing, it looks forward to bringing even more to the table.

For business enquiries, contact Stephen Leckie from Canada’s Great Kitchen Party on their website – http://greatkitchenparty.com/ca/