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Launched in 2017, PLAITLY is an innovative jewelry brand that seamlessly integrates the use of digital technologies like 3D-printing computer models with traditional techniques like lost wax metal casting. Its stunning collections tell stories, featuring unique, personalized pieces that allow the wearer to make a statement. Here, we speak to Founder Caroline Quinio to find out more about the brand in the wake of its success in the Style and Apparel Awards 2023.

Jewelry is a powerful tool for self-expression, enabling individuals to convey their unique personality, style, and even their mood. It is important for people to select pieces that resonate with them on multiple levels, telling a meaningful story that they are excited to share with the world. More than just pretty accessories, PLAITLY’s collections have the power to evoke emotions, capture moments, tell stories, and evoke a sense of place. Its timeless adornments serve as conversation pieces that everyone will want to hear more about.

As an architect and former classical pianist, Caroline Quinio is a creative at heart. She has explored and found inspiration in a variety of artforms, from music to drawing to dance to architecture. Throughout her life, Caroline has always been fascinated by the moments when the lines between art and science blur and something new is born. She shares, “I started PLAITLY as a creative outlet to explore the ever-evolving relationship between virtual and physical processes. I wanted to redefine what it means for jewelry to be “handcrafted” in a digital age and create meaningful jewelry for people who are creative and passionate about design.”

Each of PLAITLY’s collections has a central theme and every piece tells a story, whether it’s a personalized pendant shaped by the sun or an expressive minimalist adornment that captures the movement of fabrics. Caroline’s design process involves the use of proprietary digital tools that generate complex geometries with environmental simulations, and the power of 3D-printing is leveraged to capture the finest of details. However, she prides herself on her ability to combine these modern digital strategies with traditional lost wax casting techniques, creating meaningful pieces of jewelry that stand out not only for their appearance but also the steps involved in their creation.

Caroline also enjoys exploring the different ways in which she can make PLAITLY’s beautiful pieces customizable, adding further depth to their compelling stories. For example, the Heliodon collection features a range of jewelry that can be engraved with a chosen location, date, and time. Each piece has a unique shape that represents a special moment such as a birthday, wedding day, or anniversary. With no two items being exactly alike, this collection offers a level of personalization that goes beyond custom engraving. Caroline adds, “The Heliodon jewelry packaging also comes with a sun chart that shows the exact angle of the sun captured in the shape so customers can see the connection between their location and the jewelry.”

Operating in a competitive industry, Caroline must be aware of and respond to emerging trends such as the current popularity of bows, pearls, and sculptural jewelry. She comments, “My approach is to emphasize the characteristics of my jewelry that align with the trends rather than to let trends dictate the pieces that I design next. I am often designing new pieces months to years before I release them, and each collection is very concept-driven, which gives them an element of timelessness.”

Furthermore, Caroline aims to ensure that PLAITLY stands out for its exceptional customer service. “I am very responsive whenever a customer reaches out with questions, whether it’s through an email or a text message,” she explains. “Since customers tend to purchase my jewelry as gifts, I am always willing to personalize a gift box for them with a special note to their recipient. I include a handwritten note with every order to let my customers know how much I appreciate them and hopefully brighten their day.”

As a result of Caroline’s exceptional work, PLAITLY has recently been named Best Customizable Statement Jewelry Brand, USA, in the Style and Apparel Awards 2023. In 2024, the brand will be working on several new projects, including the expansion of its existing jewelry collections. It will also be experimenting with the addition of new features to its website, aiming to allow customers to better engage with and customize the jewelry.

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