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Linen. One of the world’s top textile picks for luxury bed, bath, and table coverings. A material so versatile, it’s become synonymous with high class lodgings and boutique home life alike. However, to expand upon the potential that linen holds, one must approach the creation process with an appreciation for the finer things in life. Imbued with this very quality, CASTELLO® has become the definitive provider and manufacturer of linen. Founded in 1935, CASTELLO®’s history spans almost four generations, each associated with the production, and supply, of high-quality linen for some of the most reputable hotels and establishments. Below, we venture into the past – back to 1935 – to chronicle the origin, growth, and staggering success of CASTELLO® 1935.

CASTELLO®’s story begins with a fourteen year old William Campbell. Fresh into his teenage years, William entered into the ever-growing world of the textile industry, working for a Mr. Hugh Danford. At the time, Mr. Danford was a small textile jobber who both bought and sold fabrics by the pound. Working in such an environment, William was presented with a choice: to simply carry out his tasks day by day, or to learn everything he could about the ins and outs of the business and, subsequently, the industry as a whole. As evidenced by the success of CASTELLO® in the present day, we believe it’s quite clear which path William set himself on.

And so, alongside Mr. Danford, William helped the business evolve into a small fabricating facility in Montreal, Canada. Before Mr. Danford’s passing, the budding company saw itself flourishing further each and every day; eventually primed to become something even greater when it was placed in the hands of Margaret Campell Danford, Hugh Danford’s wife and William Campbell’s sister, following Mr. Danford’s death. Now under the Campbell name, the business continued to thrive under the watch of both siblings. However, William’s time with the company was cut short when he had to leave to serve his country in World War II.

Once the war was finally over, William was able to return to his passion – the business that he and his sister had tirelessly worked to cultivate over the years. In order to do so, however, William needed to make yet another decision; he had to leave his secure employment of 25 years with the T Eaton Co. to join the family business full time. Though his wife, Mary, strongly advised against this course of action, William took the plunge and rejoined his sister’s side within the business. Under his leadership, what was once a small fabric converter bloomed into a major cut and sew facility – one that manufactured items for some of the world’s most prestigious corporations. Soon, companies such as Seagram’s, Chanel, Avon, and the Exxon Corporation became a part of the business’s regular clientele. This feat, of course, was a staggering one, and truly kickstarted what was to come.

As expressed by Richard Campbell, William’s son and CASTELLO®’s current CEO – “William was a visionary and a pioneer in the textile industry, and he always strived to deliver the best quality and service to his customers. He also cared deeply for his employees and his community, and he was involved in many charitable and social causes. He passed away on January 24, 2022, at the age of 102. He is sadly missed, but never forgotten by his family and his customers. William was the founder and inspiration for CASTELLO®.” Though William’s chapter eventually came to an end, the one that Richard began was already shaping up to capture, and expand upon, the legacy his father had left behind.

As someone who was raised by an entrepreneur and a work-driven woman, Richard Campbell was bestowed with the means to succeed from the moment he was born. However, it first manifested at only twelve years of age, when he started doing piece work for the Montreal factory – a bustling hotspot of industrial packaging, uniform, and linen production. It wasn’t until later that he joined the factory full time, placing him in a similar position to his father before him. Like William, Richard took this opportunity and began to dedicate himself to deepening his knowledge of the textile industry. This ultimately resulted in Richard accumulating invaluable experience in production, quality control, and customer service – advantages that he would carry with him into the future he envisioned for the business.

Whilst learning the company inside out, Richard came to spot hidden potential within its inner workings. This potential took the form of the business’s hospitality section. Whilst small, it held promise in abundance, and Richard was determined to explore every possibility available to him. So, he turned to his father, and convinced him to grant him the go ahead to pursue this very specific and niche market. And he was going to make it a successful venture. During his undertaking, Richard tirelessly strived to create connections with some of the most prestigious hotels and airlines in the world, hoping that they would recognise the brilliance behind the business.

Well, though it may have been a somewhat risky venture, it became ever clearer that the Campbell family had a knack for finding reward in their ambition time and time again. Where William had made the difficult decision to leave his well established job to join the family business, Richard undertook a journey that could have withheld further expansion. In both instances, however, their determination saw their plans come to fruition – Richard successfully extended the company’s product range to include high-quality table linens, napkins, placemats, and runners, the likes of which eventually began cropping up across its major clientele’s establishments. From Air Canada to Hilton Hotels, Westin Resorts, and Four Seasons Hotels, the business’s products finally had a permanent presence within the lives of refined travellers across the globe.

However, Richard’s exciting endeavour didn’t end there. On the contrary, during his escapade for excellence, Richard opted to further explore the global market for the finest fabrics and designs. That was when he came into contact with a small factory, settled in Italy, that enthusiastically shared the same passion for quality and craftsmanship that Richard held. Partnered with the fact that the factory had a similar family history – it was also founded in 1935 – Richard simply couldn’t say no when the opportunity for collaboration appeared. This partnership would see a new brand of luxury linens entering onto the market, catering to the most discerning customers.

In turn, CASTELLO® Group was born. Consisting of various companies, each dedicated to the manufacturing of high-end bed, bath, and table linens, in addition to accessory products that all fell under the CASTELLO® name, this group enabled a far greater expansion than the collective had ever experienced. Of course, CASTELLO® Group is owned and operated by the Campbell family, whose watchful eye still, to this day, oversees all aspects of production. From logistics and distribution to sales and marketing, the CASTELLO® line has grown exponentially as a direct result of this ambitious coalition, allowing it to supply a wide variety of products. With a quality-centric catalogue simply brimming with sheets, duvets, towels, robes, and the like, CASTELLO® rapidly became synonymous with the peak of luxury linen.

Having uplifted the company to all new heights, Richard could finally start focusing on introducing the inner workings of such a staggeringly successful collective to the next generation. It’s at this time that his son, Taylor Campbell, was appointed COO of CASTELLO® Group. Entering the company in the new millennium as its vice president, Taylor inherited his father’s vision and passion for the high-end luxury market, and quickly directed his focus towards niche segments of the industry. It’s thanks to him that some of the finest customers within the sector now rely on CASTELLO® for products – ones such as Holland America’s Seaborne Cruise Line, MGM Resorts International, Aman Resorts, Fairmont Hotels, Four Seasons Hotels, and even Ritz Carlton Hotels.

Additionally, Taylor is responsible for the exceptional growth of CASTELLO® Group’s worldwide sales team. Now, the company has account managers stationed in almost every corner of the globe, including the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Russia. Not only did he expand the sales team, however, but Taylor also successfully built upon the collective’s pre-existing warehouse and distribution points. The goal was to ensure the accessibly of CASTELLO® on a global scale, and with the business’s distribution presence now soundly settled on both the east and west coast of the United States, and within Canada, Europe, and Asia, it’s abundantly clear that this ambition has been fully realised. Quality and service come hand in hand for CASTELLO®, and every generation has played a part in ensuring that this sentiment remains the beating heart of the company.

CASTELLO® Group has, over its impressive tenure, earned itself immense amounts of international renown. However, its crowning achievements manifest through a change that occurred as recently as 2023. This change came in two forms. Firstly, the company gained an exclusive sales broker who is set to promote the CASTELLO® Hotel and CASTELLO® Home brands, allowing it to diversify its product portfolio in ways it hasn’t managed to before. In turn, it’ll be able to reach new markets and customers, all while focusing on its private label industry. The second change, however, is one of the most monumental – it was recently awarded the contract to supply all of the leading hotels in the world with bed, bath, and table linens. Truly, CASTELLO® has risen from being a humble business to becoming a prominent leader in the hospitality linen industry.

Of course, no successful collective is complete without one of its most integral players: a Director of Sales and Marketing. Within CASTELLO®, this title belongs to Candice Murphy, a highly intelligent woman who has displayed an unapologetic determination and eagerness to learn throughout her years working for the company. Taylor saw immense potential in her and her immense knowledge of the linen industry, and therefore took her on as his Executive Assistant. However, from the very beginning, he knew that she would quickly exceed this role, and eagerly promoted her when the time was right. Candice is a vital member of the CASTELLO® team, and her track record of speedy promotions stands as a testament to how truly invaluable she is to the collective.

As the future dawns on the horizon, CASTELLO® will soon be welcoming the fourth generation into its ranks. Anthony and Annabelle Campbell, Taylor’s ten year old son and six year old daughter, are fortunate enough to be blessed with the groundwork that their grandfather Richard laid all those years ago. As ‘Pending Co-CEOs’, they represent the future of the business, should they choose to take up the mantle and lead CASTELLO® into another era of excellence. Because, at its heart, CASTELLO® is a company that has flourished as a direct result of its family-centric composition. The Campbell family clearly cherishes the collective that was created all the way back in 1935, and we’re sure that it’ll continue to achieve new goals as it’s passed down through the generations to come.

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