2022 is here and the start of a new year is always a good opportunity for a bling upgrade. It’s finally time to ditch those comfy sweats and minimalist accessories, which you have been wearing for the past two years now, and take your outfits to the next level with a chic pair of dangly earrings or a chunky necklace. From vivid plastics to black gemstones, this year’s jewellery trends are the perfect blend of bold, statement pieces and retro-inspired vibes.


1. Statement Pearls

Pearls have always been a strong element in the fine jewellery space, but statement gems of the sea are currently having a moment in mainstream fashion. Whether we are talking about drop shape or oversize, designers have reinvented this classic staple and brought to life unique and creative pieces that feature non-classic pearls.  From elegant baroque pearl earrings to the dark and mesmerizing Tahitian pearls, these gems have made their way into this year’s trends – and they are here to stay.  


2. Bold Chokers

This iconic fashion trend has been reinterpreted many times throughout history, but last year we witnessed a strong comeback from the beloved choker, which has made its way into the 2022 jewellery trends as well. Chokers are now available in a wide variety of materials, colours, shapes and forms, so you can style them in your everyday life as well as for special occasions. For example, a unique and elegant pearl chocker would be perfect for elevating an otherwise minimalist outfit or, for a more edgy look, a chunky gold piece will add just the right amount of boldness to your attire.


3. Chain Necklaces

While thin gold necklaces layered at different lengths are still trending, here’s another piece you can add to your collection as a major statement-maker – a chunky chain piece. This jewellery trend has been seen on the runways of major designers, so you know it’s going to be big this year.  Whether you prefer metallic or multi-coloured link chains, this single piece of jewellery has the power to totally transform the vibe of your entire outfit.


4. Charms & Talismans

Charms are all the rage this year and designers keep adding new medallions with meaning to their jewellery collections. Pieces that represent spirituality, luck, love or strength continue to take shape in different interpretations of our beloved jewellery creators. And the more, the better. So, forget the single piece accessories and stack on a bunch of bracelets or neckpieces loaded with your favourite charms for a major jewellery moment.


5. Signet Rings

You can never have enough rings and these imperial-inspired pieces would look pretty good in your jewellery box – and on your finger. With their royal look and vintage feel, signet rings are giving us heirloom vibes. If you are looking for that authentic worn look, try finding a chunky gold piece at your local thrift store.  Or, if you want something more modern, you can always find gorgeous pieces in your favourite designers’ collections.


6. Nameplate Necklaces

Inspired by the one and only fashionista Carrie Bradshaw, nameplate necklaces are amongst the top 2022 jewellery trends. And we are not surprised, as the moment all Sex and The City fans have been waiting for is here – And Just Like That has been released in December. If you are looking for an old-school nameplate, we recommend snagging one of these personal-value pieces.


7. 70s Beads

If you are a fan of funky colours and you love to have fun with your accessories, then this one is for you.

70s nostalgia has been a big inspiration on the runways for the past few seasons now and we are not surprised, as 70s clothing trends are also in the spotlight. This year, we are adding groovy jewellery to the list. From colourful bracelets to vibrant disco-inspired earrings, 70s-enthused beaded accessories give us major retro vibes.


8. Dangle Earrings

An outfit just doesn’t feel complete without a pair of earrings, whether you prefer statement or subtle styles. From elegant crystal fringe to over-the-top Art Deco-inspired pieces, there is a pair of dangle earrings out there for every style. Instead of saving your favourite pair for special occasions, wear it whenever you need a little extra glow.  But there is one rule you need to follow when choosing a pair: this year, sparkly from every angle is always better.


9. Body Chains

It’s time to expand your jewellery collection from necklaces, earrings and rings to body chains. This statement piece is designed to embrace a woman’s body while adding just the right amount of dazzling appeal to any look.  Whether you enjoy wearing it over your favourite top, or you prefer to layer it on top of a bathing suit this upcoming summer, this creative accessory will definitely not go unnoticed.