Octavian K.

Guardian and patron of all things meaningful and beautiful, Octavian K. is the fountain of drive and inspiration that will take a man on a fervid journey whose ultimate destination will be his own renaissance.

Bringing the feel of Florence to Mayfair, Octavian K. is enslaved by an irresistible vision, determined to show the way of enriching bespoke designs to the discerning gentleman.

After working for seven years as an art director for two major publishing companies, Octavian’s career took a sharp turn in 2008 when he decided to move to Florence. Upon graduating from Florence Design Academy with a Master of Arts he was offered a position as design teacher at the Academy. During his time in Florence, Octavian started delving into the thoughts of starting a menswear brand, incorporating his passion of the beauty and art of Florence, where the menswear brand would begin.

The starting point in his mind was Michelangelo’s ‘David’. Octavian describes this masterpiece as “the epitome of the renaissance man, a fearless and unequalled leader of men which is also a huge milestone of Florentine and worldwide art”. It was only a few years and meaningful encounters later that Octavian’s ideas came to fruition.

“When I first visited Florence it instantly felt like home”, Octavian says as he reminisces on the stories he read that inspired him to initially visit Florence. The iconic region of Italy serves mostly as inspiration every time Octavian K. refresh or extend their fabrics selection whilst the eclectic selection of fabrics are sourced and produced by elite mills of all sizes from all over the world. Famous Italian fabrics produced by giants like Vitale Barberis Canonico, the oldest woollen mill in the world and Loro Piana make for more than 60 percent of their collection. The suits are now all manufactured in a factory near Carrara, by coincidence the same place where Michelangelo used to extract the marble he used to create his unearthly capodoperăs.

We asked Octavian what sets his suits and bespoke tailoring apart from everybody else, Octavian replied; “We are a creative brand who doesn’t care much about rules. In an extremely competitive industry where menswear brands fail every day, we are creating our own business model. A resourceful, fluid and ground-breaking model at the centre of which one will always find the customer. We will carefully craft every garment to fit not only the body but the personality as well. Wearing Octavian K. will enable you to showcase your inner self. The one you’re not always confident enough to show. This is the true Renaissance and we will be the medium that sets it free. In every single man.”

Current Collections
Currently presenting two collections Il Magnifico and Il Principe; The ‘Il Principe’ was born as a tribute to Niccolo Machiavelli’s ominous political treatise. Like the literary work of the Florentine humanist, the collection even though traditional in appearance, is innovative in setting new frontiers. ‘Il Principe’ signals the birth of a new princedom in the menswear realm.

‘Il Magnifico’ is the latest collection by Octavian K. – it is a tribute to another legendary Florentine; Lorenzo Il Magnifico de Medici. The son of Cosimo de Medici and the first member of the Medici political dynasty that served as rulers of Florence, Lorenzo was a patron of scholars, artists and poets, among which was Michelangelo.

Mirroring the mature phase of the Italian Renaissance and the Golden Age of Florence from Il Magnifico’s time, this collection symbolises strength and certitude. To express this, Octavian K. developed a new cut, reshaping the shoulders and the lapels giving thus an elegant yet masculine touch to their suits.

The video campaign directed by Octavian K. for the ‘Il Magnifico’ collection was filmed on the grounds of Villa Medicea di Lilliano, a property that once belonged to Lorenzo Il Magnifico himself.

These two collections, ‘Il Principe’ and ‘Il Magnifico’, are in stock ready to wear in a limited selection of fabrics as well as made to measure for clients who wish to customise their suits.

Looking ahead to the next season Octavian K. have already designed and produced some overcoat models alongside working on a brand-new ceremony line. Octavian K. are constantly expanding their ready to wear collections, aiming to enable an e-commerce feature on octaviank.co.uk very shortly to support not only the suits but also a diverse range of accessories including shirts, ties, cufflinks, jewellery and other leather goods, all made in Italy.

The unique bespoke service at Octavian K. adds effortless style to a man’s wardrobe with an ultra-customised touch.

The first step is scheduling a consultation with one of Octavian K.’s Italian master tailors before you go on to explore potential new designs and options. You will have the pleasure of choosing from Octavian K.’s exclusive selection of over 100 variations of wool, light cashmere and silk fabrics, finally arriving on a specific model that will suit you best.

Measurements are taken, volumes and proportions are calculated, and the specific wishes of each client are then taken into account. The selection of fabric, cut and fit as well as a choice through a full range of options such as lapel shape, buttons and lining, can be completed in the privacy and comfort of the Octavian K. Mayfair office or at your home, hotel or office.

Octavian K. will provide you with “a unique map that is designed from a source of unprecedented level of personalisation and character, all destined to fit your own measure”.

contact information:

Octavian K.

25 Sackville Street

Telephone: 020 35421096

Website: www.octaviank.co.uk

Email: [email protected]