Caorunn have launched their highest strength gin yet: Caorunn Highland Strength.  

Crafted at Balmenach Distillery in the Scottish Highlands, Gin Master Simon Buley has expertly handcrafted Caorunn Highland Strength at a bold 54% abv to enhance the traditional Scottish botanicals that distinguish Caorunn Gin.

This stronger version of Caorunn Gin utilises Scotland’s unique natural resources by infusing five locally foraged Celtic botanicals and six traditional gin botanicals in the world’s only working Copper Berry Chamber* to create a flavour that deserves to be savoured.
Highland Strength enhances the dry, crisp, taste of Caorunn to create a peppery, fruity and herbaceous gin with a strong juniper character and is best served with Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water, built over ice and garnished with red apple slices and orange oil twisted over the surface.

The higher abv percentage of Caorunn Highland Strength lends itself perfectly to mixed drinks and cocktails and so, just in time for Summer, Caorunn recommends cocktail lovers enjoy the new gin with Dry Vermouth and Cocchi Americano, garnished with fresh lemon zest to create a Pale Highland Negroni.

A Bottle of Caorunn Gin Highland Strength

Gin Master, Simon Buley comments:

“Consumers right across the UK have told us that they’d love to see a gin at this higher strength so, we’re very pleased to be introducing Caorunn Highland Strength to our range of gins this Summer, just ahead of our 10-year anniversary. The strength of this gin enhances the unique flavour of Caorunn to create a fragrant and herbaceous gin that tastes both peppery and fruity and leaves a luxurious and satisfying finish.”

Caorunn Highland Strength retails at £40.00 per 70cl bottle and is available to purchase from Independent & Specialist Retailers. 

At this year’s International Sprits Challenge – an event which promotes outstanding quality spirits across the world – Caorunn Highland Strength was awarded a Double Gold medal.

Caorunn Highland Strength is the latest instalment in a range which includes the original and iconic Small Batch Scottish Gin, the recently released Caorunn Scottish Raspberry and the Travel Retail Exclusive, Caorunn Gin Master’s Cut. 

Find out more information at and check out what we had to say about Caorunn Gin Scottish Raspberry.

Caorunn has done it again with adding another excellent Gin to their collection. For Gin lovers this summer this is a must have for your summer 2019 G&T!