lux car

Our cars are sometimes our prized possessions. Taking time to ensure they’re polished and gleaming is a regular task, so it’s not surprising that you would want to keep them close at home. Do you want to put your car away for winter or like to safely store it during the evening? Either way we have some great tips for caring for and storing luxury cars below.

Before you store

Before you put your vehicle in storage there are a few house rules you need to follow to keep it happy while it sits idle. Firstly, you should fill the tank and give it an oil change. The fuller the tank is, the less chance of moisture building up inside which can cause it to rust. You also don’t want to leave old oil sitting in a car, especially a classic car, as this can also lead to rusting.

The next thing you need to do is clean and detail the vehicle. Clean any dirt and dust away from the car. While you may think this is counter-intuitive as it’s only sitting in storage, if you add a cover, it could scratch and damage the car, ruining the paintwork. Once you have cleaned it all off, you should apply a protective layer of wax. The body is the most important part to focus on when you clean your vehicle, but don’t forget about the wheels which also need to be cleaned.


Garages are great

Garages are great for storing your car, not only do they provide protection at night or while you are on vacation, but they can also protect it from the elements. Rain doesn’t cause a problem initially. However, it can leave dirt, dust, and other small particles on the vehicle, which you don’t want – this won’t be an issue if it is safely stored in your garage.

We know that not everyone has access to a garage on their property, but we have the perfect solution for you. Investing in a garage kit is the perfect way to have the ideal storage unit for your cars. Built using high-quality steel, you can rest assured knowing your prized ride is safely stored.


Invest in a cover

Covers are available in a range of fabrics, from thin ones to heavy-duty ones. If the vehicle is staying outside, a waterproof cover is essential. While it may be tempting to simply secure a plastic sheet to cover the vehicle, if it is not designed for cars, it could scratch and ruin the paintwork. Before you order your cover, have the vehicle model and measurements ready – you don’t want to order a cover that doesn’t fit.

Caring for your luxury car at home doesn’t need to be a challenge. With these simple tips, you can ensure your vehicle is well protected.