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Common sleep myths debunked by experts

There are many sleep myths which circulate the internet which lead many people to having false knowledge of their sleep habits. From what happens to your body during sleep and how alcohol and looking at screens late at night affects you, the experts at Naturalmat have complied a list of the most common sleeping myths and the truth you really should know.

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The great outdoors: promoting healthy minds in adults

Sometimes we all need a break from everyday life. Thanks to the digital age, we spend most of our days glued to screens and stuck inside, cultivating increasing levels of stress and anxiety. Nature offers an escape. Taking time out of your busy schedule to reconnect with nature could make a world of difference to your physical and mental well-being.

An expert’s guide: How to style your sofa

A sofa is an essential part of any room, the one you choose must accentuate the size of the room but how you style it is key. Styling a sofa goes way beyond throwing a few bland cushions aimlessly and hoping for the best – any sofa will look bare without any accessories and cluttered with too many. Whether you want contemporary style or a traditional look, a little goes a long way.

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How to make an old car look new

Maybe you’ve had your beloved car for many years, or perhaps you’ve bagged yourself a bargain set of wheels second-hand. But driving an older car model doesn’t need to be anything less than a sleek experience. With a little elbow grease and a few tricks, you can get your good old motor looking as good as many newer models.

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Why does everyone love a retro revival?

Whether we’re driven by nostalgia for the ‘good old days’, a desire to stand out and rebel against fashion trends, or we’re just drawn to the retro aesthetic, many of us can’t resist a throwback. From how we listen to music, to what we wear and how we decorate our homes, the retro style is an undeniable favourite.

+ BShirt

The Bshirt is a multi-award winning breastfeeding vest top designed to improve women’s confidence breastfeeding in public

The Lift the Flap top looks just like a normal vest so can be worn on its own or layered with a mother’s favourite clothes. Made in a range of colours from wardrobe staples like black and white to something brighter, it’s designed to be worn with regular clothes to enable new mums to keep their sense of personal style and feel like themselves again.

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What’s your serve? Graham Eunson on industry change and how to try whisky in new ways

After eight years at Tomatin Distillery, Graham Eunson has been sampling both exquisite single malts and high-quality blends for years. In this time, he’s led tasting events, spoken at whisky festivals, as well as ran production for the entire distillery.

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7 luxurious ways to style your coffee table

Coffee tables have multiple functions as dining tables, footrests and games tables whilst infusing the living room space with functionality and comfort. If designed right, a coffee table has the potential to bring together a whole room and make the space appear more elegant. Speaking to the interior experts at Helen Green Design, they give us their best 7 coffee table styling tips to make your space look luxe.

+ Seetal Fatania

Marketplace Fifth & Blue brings luxury wearable tech and stylish innovations to fashion conscious consumers

Bringing you Bluetooth necklace earphones, contactless payment rings and voice enabled smart sunglasses, fashion-tech company Fifth & Blue is the go-to marketplace providing stylish innovations and luxury wearable tech, direct to consumers.

+ Ave del Paraiso Florecido, c. 1995

Cecilia Brunson Projects is pleased to announce I am Awake, the first London exhibition of the celebrated Paraguayan artist Feliciano Centurión

Centurión, who died aged 34 in 1996 from the complications of AIDS, was a central figure of the ‘Arte Light’ movement of the late 80s, linked to the Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center in Buenos Aires. These artists were known for their flamboyant, irreverent works that embodied progressive attitudes to sexuality and lifestyle, emerging in tandem with the fall of right-wing dictatorships across Latin America.

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Man’s best friend: how we can now do more with our pets

Here, with Cliverton, who provide dog grooming insurance, we take you through some of the best things you can do with your pup — that isn’t taking them to the local park.

+ Tomatin Whiskey

Tomatin Distillery Release Two New Limited-Edition Expressions

Tomatin, the award-winning Highland distillery has today announced the release of two new limited-edition expressions, a 2009 Caribbean Rum Finish and 2006 Amontillado Sherry Finish. Tomatin’s ability to experiment with creatively finished expressions comes from the distillery’s exceptional wood policy which ensures there is a wide range of casks sourced from prestigious partners within the industry.

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Are Apple Products Really the Luxury Option?

For a long while now, Apple products have held a place of distinction in the public eye. To many, these are the systems which represent the best that mobiles, tablets, and home computers have to offer. To others, these systems are overpriced and unnecessary. So where exactly does the truth for these systems lie?

+ Prestige 590

Ancasta reveals ‘ones to watch’ at the Southampton International Boat Show 2019

The show, which annually attracts more than 120,000 sailing enthusiasts from around the world, is the largest event of its kind in the UK and provides a major boost to the local economy. Ahead of the show, Ancasta has revealed the ‘ones to watch’ amongst its 20-strong fleet of boats available to view at the show.

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How introducing luxury into your life can stop the throw-away fashion culture

Aimed at consumers who demand wardrobe change in an instant, affordable and trend driven basis, the persistent market for ‘fast fashion’ is in dire need of reform and according to a top CEO luxury retail might just be the solution.

+ Rebecca Harper

Huxley-Parlour Gallery is delighted to present the debut London solo exhibition of British artist Rebecca Harper

These new works build and expand on themes that Harper has explored throughout her career, particularly ideas of displacement and nostalgia. Harper is interested in how we interact with the world around us, specifically connected to the ideas of transience and alienation.

+ Venice

Citalia partners with Gennaro Contaldo to unveil the ultimate Italy itinerary for Autumn

Citalia, the specialist Italian tour operator, has launched Ultimate Italy, a new self-guided tour curated with Gennaro Contaldo to celebrate its 90th birthday. The comprehensive 25-day multi-centre itinerary showcases the very best of what the country has to offer and takes guests through Italy’s must-see destinations and famous landmarks, experiencing the country like a local with the help of Gennaro’s tips for lesser-known spots and of course his recommendations for restaurants and local specialities along the way.

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It’s wine education week and here is everything you need to know about the grape based beverage

Every wine –be it red or white, still or sparkling –is the unique product of an individual recipe and set of processes. Speaking to senior portfolio manager at Cult Wines, Jack Chapman, he explains how alcohol content is created, measured and may vary from wine to wine.

+ Mother of The Bride

Mother of the Bride -The Perfect Plan

The day a daughter gets engaged is surely one of the most exciting and proud moments of a mother’s life. As the mother of the bride, you’ll no doubt be thrilled at the idea of getting everything in motion to prepare the perfect day for your daughter. Preparation is key, so take a look at our mother of the bride tips below to get started.

+ Haut de Gamme

Up-and-coming multi-media artist Alexander Hall and his Haut de Gamme brand are turning heads on the global art scene

Alex’s work is getting ever more in demand as his exposure expands across the globe. His prestigious clients include; F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo, Aston Martin, and Dragon’s Den entrepreneur Peter Jones, who kick started Hall’s big break.

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This Company Want to Introduce Cheese to Your Fitness Plan!

Everybody loves cheese. It is the ideal accompaniment for so many things, whether melted on top of a hot meal, or lathered in Branston pickle for that perfect sandwich. For people who are aiming for a specific fitness or weight-oriented goal, cutting cheese out of their diet can be the hardest part. However, cheese and exercise lovers need fear no more.

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‘Purpose’ over ‘profit’: Why businesses shouldn’t fear embracing a zero-waste future

With fashion giants such as Christian Dior embracing the waste-free beauty model and Nike announcing that the brand would only use recycled plastics in all their shoes and clothing by 2024, there is a worldwide determination to solve the environmental crisis we are all in. But pledging to put ‘purpose’ before ‘profit’ could actually deter many businesses who need to act now, says Robert Lockyer, CEO and founder behind luxury packaging provider Delta Global. The company provides bespoke and sustainable solutions to top names such as Tom Ford and Estee Lauder.


Scottish knitwear brand Glenmuir celebrates their 130-year anniversary with a limited-edition heritage collection

Glenmuir are pioneers in golf clothing, and are celebrating their upcoming 130th anniversary with a limited-edition heritage collection being released at the beginning of October. From the brands beginnings, to 130-years in the making, Lux Life uncovers how Glenmuir has continued to be successful throughout the centuries, leading to the company’s celebration with the new milestone collection.


Ascott Opens Southeast Asia’s Largest Co-Living Property Lyf Funan Singapore

Ascott’s first lyf property offers a dynamic live-work-play environment with its collaborative spaces, weekly social programmes and the plethora of amenities at its doorstep


Wedding pubs are becoming an increasingly popular option for couples- so how are they catering for the industry?

A wedding in a pub might not adhere to traditions of the past, but it is certainly becoming a more popular option among couples selecting a venue for reception for their big day. Pub weddings are on the rise, and by making a free house the setting of your wedding, you can achieve that much-coveted rustic, intimate feel when you tie the knot and celebrate with the finest ale in high spirits.

+ Mardan Palace, Turkey

The top 7 most luxurious hotels in the world

If you desire an all five-star service and experience, staying in a luxury hotel is the perfect way to sample the lifestyle of the rich. Featuring stunning architecture, world class amenities and fine dining, luxury hotels offer an exceptional experience for the elite. For the most tasteful luxury travelers, the experts at Property Turkey have compiled a list of the top 7 most luxurious hotels in the world.


Rhiannon Giddens with Francesco Turrisi + HM Prison Wormwood Scrubs

Rhiannon Giddens with Francesco Turrisi + HM Prison Wormwood Scrubs Prison-arts charity Koestler Arts and music producers Serious announce their collaboration on a special one-off event, staged inside HM Prison Wormwood Scrubs. In the first concert of its kind at the EFG London Jazz Festival, members of the public will be invited into the historic and atmospheric prison chapel to enjoy a musical programme… Read More

+ 7 quirky catering ideas for corporate events

7 quirky catering ideas for corporate events

Whether it’s a creamy berry quinoa parfait or a mediterranean morning scramble washed down with an avo-shake, power breakfasts are all the rage. Long gone are the days when Del Trotter could classify as a young urban professional. The fictional Only Fools and Horses star referred to himself as a ‘yuppie’, indulging in a combination of Pina Colada, Castella cigars, and cooked full English breakfasts on a daily basis.

+ Luxlife Iguazu Gran melia pool and falls

Is this the most luxurious waterfall experience in the world?

Sitting on the border between Brazil and Argentina, Iguazu Falls is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world, Alison Brinkworth explores why a visit to these cascades is such an unforgettable holiday.


Discover the story of De Vere Tortworth Court

De Vere Tortworth Court, a Grade II listed Mansion House Hotel, is offering guests a rare opportunity to hear from the experts and delve into the history of the stunning, historic Mansion House and arboretum, throughout Heritage Open Days (13th – 22nd September 2019).


Beaux Arts London announce Four Giants of British Modernism exhibition

Beaux Arts London announce Four Giants of British Modernism, an exhibition of celebrated British modern artists: Terry Frost, William Scott, Peter Lanyon and Patrick Heron.


Hamilton Grand – The Ultimate Dream Home for Golf Enthusiasts

26 luxury residences on the world’s most famous golf course – the perfect place to watch the Alfred Dunhill Championships from this September.


Artist David Downes paints public mural to launch new ITV drama Sanditon

British artist David Downes has been commissioned by ITV to create a large-scale public mural in Bournemouth ahead of the launch of their 2019 drama Sanditon in August 2019.


Rebecca Harper, Concrete Shadows

Huxley-Parlour Gallery is delighted to present the debut London solo exhibition of British artist Rebecca Harper, showcasing five large-scale paintings all produced in 2019.

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5 tips for retaining your cars value

The value of a vehicle can drop by more than 20% after 12 months of ownership, and this worries many car owners when it comes to considering the trade of their car. However, their cars don’t lose value overnight, unless in an unfortunate accident. Naturally, your car will lose some of its original value by being a used car, but excessive wear and tear… Read More

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Tongabezi: Voted #1 Safari Lodge in Zambia by Condé Nast Traveller

Tucked away on the banks of the Zambezi River in Zambia lies Tongabezi. Established almost thirty years ago, Tongabezi has set standards so high that it has led to it being recognised by Condé Nast Traveller as the #1 Safari Lodge in Zambia, and more recently, as one of the ‘most luxurious all-inclusive resorts in the world’ by Travel & Leisure. With six private… Read More