+ Contactless hotel

Introducing The Contactless Hotel

Now guests can check-in, operate lifts, unlock the door and control all its switches inside, without ever having to touching a thing other than their own mobile phone. There is no need for key cards or other alternatives.

+ Laurent Perrier

New ‘Pop-Up’ Brings a Taste of The Sea to The Dales

Two aspects of The Great British Isles that no one takes for granted these days, are our beautiful open spaces, including our National Parks and glorious beaches – well, why not indulge in a taste of both this summer, with the newly-launched Devonshire Arms’ Laurent Perrier Champagne & Seafood Terrace.

+ wedding uk

How to Plan an Intimate Wedding Under New Government Guidelines

The Coronavirus pandemic has left thousands of couples uncertain about whether to go through with their 2020 weddings. However, as lockdown has been eased, weddings can now take place with a maximum of 30 guests. Whilst the guest count may not be large, some couples may wish to delay the larger celebration and have an intimate wedding instead, under the new guidelines. We spoke to the experts at The Ash Barton Estate, who share their top tips on how to plan an intimate wedding under new Government guidelines.

+ Mark Surridge

Walking the Stone , a solo exhibition by renowned abstract artist Mark Surridge

Walking the Stone references and takes its inspiration from ancient sites in Cornwall, either in the form of megalithic structures or solitary monolithic stones positioned in the Cornish landscape.

+ luxury break

How to Plan a Luxury Getaway on a Budget

There’s nothing like a luxury getaway to change your mood, health, and overall outlook on life. From exotic destinations and lavish accommodations to fine dining and upscale events/activities, the level of comfort and satisfaction you’ll experience is unlike anything else. While it’s true that the cost of luxury vacations can be high, there are also plenty of ways to plan your dream getaway without breaking the bank.

+ mexico wedding

The Six Best Resorts for a Destination Wedding in Mexico

When it comes to destination weddings, Mexico has a ton to offer. You’ll enjoy breathtaking white-sand beaches and warm weather galore. Plus, you can find considerable travel savings.
If you want to say “I do” south of the border, where should you host it? The six resorts below are sure to delight you and your guests and make you feel like a princess on your special day.

+ minimalist

Minimalist Living: A Guide to Making More Out of Less

The minimalist interior trend has taken over Instagram recently, as well in interior design publications. If you’re currently living with clutter or a smaller space, you may think it’s a change that’s going to take a lot of work and sacrifice. However, with these simple updates to your home, you can be living that minimalist lifestyle in no time.

+ SKIN interior

Interior Design That Unlocks Potential and Creativity

As we come out of lockdown, having stared at the walls of our homes for what seems like an eternity, our environments have now taken on a new level of importance. This autumn will see a Chicago-based design and lifestyle brand SKIN launch in London, which creates spaces with an emotional impact. SKIN recognises that each client’s needs are different, but the end result is always a renewed sense of self in their new space.


London Entrepreneur Poised to Launch Luxurious Skincare Line for Black Women Battling Hyperpigmentation

Emeilleurq is a luxury cosmeceutical skincare and lifestyle brand that formulates cosmetic treatment products specifically for black women struggling with hyperpigmentation. After struggling with acne herself and finding that none of the affordable clinical skin products seemed to cater particularly for black skin, Emilia Makosa founded the company.

+ header

Space Saving Techniques to Incorporate in Your Home

Each home holds a different size, whilst some people view theirs as too narrow, others are tired of their low ceilings making the room look smaller in size. If you decided that it is time to renovate your house to make it look spacious you should hold off and think about these clever alternatives in space saving. There are many quirky but stylish options available which ensure you are making the most out of the space in your house, from beds which have optimum storage solutions to unique shelving ideas, there is something for every room in every home.

+ coffee featured image

How Coffee Is Served Around The World

Coffee is a beverage loved by many across the world, it brings together friends in cafes, teams in workplaces and loved ones at home. Coffee is consumed in every corner of the world, however, how you choose to drink your coffee is a different story. Coffee can be roasted for different flavours, ground to fine powder, brewed to different strengths and consumed black or milky – the choices are endless!

+ beauty salon

How To Reopen Your Beauty Clinic Post Lockdown

Clinics that have survived the initial shock of COVID-19 may be considering reopening after lockdown is eased- but how should they gain customers trust and operate in a whole new business environment? Whether your operations are already greatly affected, or the impacts are yet to be felt, a business continuity plan is essential to ensure you can be as resilient as possible in this global health crisis.


Could the Luxury Driving Experience Be Transformed By Subscriptions?

The idea of being able to subscribe to or enjoy a free trial of systems within a car is certainly an intriguing one and it perhaps brings the automotive world in line with many other areas that are already doing similar things.

+ plant article

7 Ways Plants Can Relax Your Mind

By bringing your attention to caring for your plants, you can focus solely on the present moment and distract your brain from anxious thoughts. Plants are also a great way to take a much-needed technology break, focusing on your plants even if it is a few minutes a day, forces you to stop. To help you learn just how effective plants are, the experts at Forest Healthcare have described the 7 ways they can relax your mind.

+ 3 Ways to Live a More Luxurious Life

3 Ways to Live a More Luxurious Life

If you’re not rich, the idea of living a luxurious life might seem a stretch. Still, assuming you’re finally earning a decent salary and now even have a little extra at the end of the month, you can enjoy more comfort and experience greater pleasure without going broke.

+ 5 Tips to Dressing Your Best on a Budget - LUXlife magazine

How You Can Dress to Impress on a Budget

Dressing your best on a budget might seem almost impossible, especially if you have a penchant for designer threads. But dressing in designer duds doesn’t have to mean paying an arm and a leg. In fact, you don’t have to sell your soul to dress to impress. With a few shopping hacks, you can be well on your way to getting the wardrobe you deserve. Here are five tips for dressing your best on a budget.

+ bride white smile

Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatments That Are Flourishing

There are so many fun things to do before your wedding. Your loved ones will want to throw you a bridal shower and a bachelorette party to have a great time and get rid of wedding planning stress. You may go on a mini-moon with your fiance before you walk down the aisle or prep to move into the same house. It’s also smart… Read More

+ relax on holiday

Traveling for Optimal Health: Top Reasons it Pays to Get Away

Go ahead and celebrate! Scientists and mental health experts agree that getting away on occasion is good for your health. Traveling is no longer seen as just a luxury but is now thought to be more of an essential practice. It appears that taking a hiatus from your daily grind for a few days can have both physical and psychological benefits known to enhance… Read More

+ red wine

How is the sweetness of wine measured? An expert explains

Like so many elements in the fascinating world of wine, the concept of sweetness is often open to debate. For some connoisseurs, a wine may only be considered sweet if it falls among those categories boasting the highest levels of residual sugar, such as Tokaji and Passito wines. For others, wine is a decidedly ‘dry’ invention and talk of sweetness has no business here… Read More

+ lyf Funan Singapore

Ascott to future-ready lodging offerings for continued growth in a post COVID-19 landscape

CapitaLand’s wholly owned lodging business unit, The Ascott Limited (Ascott), will enhance the design of its lodging products and services to ensure they are future-ready for continued growth in a post COVID-19 landscape.  Leveraging the existing design strengths of Ascott’s serviced residences, the company will redefine its guest experience to take advantage of the fact that there is likely to be a long-term shift… Read More

+ sunglasses

Fashion tips: Ways to look more put together

Are your outfits falling flat, or maybe you just want to add something new to your everyday style? Either way, there’s never any harm in jazzing up your look. While it may be the perfect excuse for a shopping trip, you don’t have to completely overhaul your wardrobe. Instead, change up your current pieces and add in some new accessories or ways of styling… Read More

+ Asian bridal lingerie

Pure Chemistry Launches Asian Bridal Lingerie Collection

Renowned for its bold colours and beguiling designs that effortlessly combine strength, sensuality, and playfulness, Pure Chemistry has always been one of the finest lingerie brands in the world. Now, catering for the ever-growing Asian market, Pure Chemistry has released a unique range of bridal lingerie, inspired by the founder’s Indian heritage and meeting a need for bridal lingerie that isn’t simply white or… Read More

+ The Belfry

Golf Reopens at The Belfry Hotel & Resort

The Belfry Hotel & Resort in Royal Sutton Coldfield has reopened two of its golf courses as of Monday 1st June 2020. The resort opened its award-winning Brabazon and PGA National courses which are recognised as world-class, having previously hosted The Ryder Cup four times – more than any other venue in the world – and two European Tour events, producing some of the… Read More

+ Boy or Girl?

How to Plan a Safe Yet Lavish Gender Reveal Party

You’ve got a bundle of joy on the way! Congratulations! What makes this news even more exciting is that your ob-gyn has finally been able to identify the sex of your unborn child. Naturally, you want to share this news with your closest friends and family.

+ Clean Living Products

A Leading Light in the UK’s Cleaning Product Industry

Clean Living International is a leading provider of biological & refillable cleaning products.

+ enjoy life

Enjoy Life More by Increasing Your Discretionary Spending

It is easy to feel like life can become a grind. You do the same things day in and day out, with little reward or hope for change. You may work at a job you don’t love and wonder what you need to do to change that, or if it is even possible. One thing that can make life more enjoyable is creating a… Read More

+ female car owner

Netflix for Cars: The Next Transport Revolution

In recent decades buying your first car has been as much of a basic rite of passage as your first kiss and first job. But experts believe that could be about to change. Young people are now driving less (whereas once 48% of 17-20 year olds had a licence that figure has fallen in recent years to 29%) and those who are still pursuing a licence… Read More

+ Wellness

10 Health and Wellness Trends for 2020

This year is full of surprises. Health and wellness will trend towards more accessible healthcare, preventative treatments and mental wellness. Here are 10 development to follow in 2020 1. Circadian Health Wellness culture is obsessed with sleep hygiene, analyzing the quality of our rest, and if we’re getting enough of it. In 2020, however, the approach to sleep will change. Research shows that our… Read More


The top micro-trends during quarantine

With most of the world’s population confined to their homes, the result has been a number of micro-trends emerging on social media to alleviate boredom.

+ Understanding Clarity and a Diamond's Value

Guide to Understanding Clarity and a Diamond’s Value

When you’re shopping for diamond jewelry, you want to get something that’s worth the price tag. It can feel intimidating for some people who haven’t studied diamonds or know how the industry operates. One crucial factor you should learn about is clarity.

+ Anniversary at Home

5 Luxurious Ways to Celebrate an Anniversary at Home

People look forward to wedding anniversaries because they’re a great excuse to do something special with the love of your life. You may have planned to rent a boat or take a luxury vacation. Now you have to spend your anniversary at home because of social distancing orders.

+ JDID Inc

Unique and Uncomplicated Design

As more designers seek to offer a plethora of ultramodern luxuries and sophisticated amenities, one Taiwanese design firm has chosen to instead focus on the luxury of pure uncomplicatedness in its design. For that reason, LUXlife has awarded JDID Inc. the title of Taiwan’s Best in Modern Home Design 2020 in our ongoing 2020 Leading Designers series. Following this latest success for the studio, we profiled it to learn more.


Dedicated Followers of Fashion

The fashion industry is always moving forward while looking back, combining the latest trends and needs of the day with the classic successes of the past. LALLAXRR is the epitome of this approach, with its contemporary, eco-friendly, unisex brand built on the recycling and up-cycling of vintage pieces. Having been acknowledged as one of 2020’s Leaders in Sustainable Fashion Design – London, we decided it was time for LUXlife to take a closer look.

+ Quoin Rock Wine Estate

Delicious Success

South Africa is a country famous for many things, but one of its most famous exports is undoubtedly the selection of sumptuous cuisine and fine wines. The epitome of elegance and sophistication, truly discerning oenophiles and individuals craving the utmost in superior cuisine need look no further that Quoin Rock Wine Estate.

+ Baden-Baden Tourism Board

Living the Good-Good Life in Baden-Baden

Seldom is it easy to find a cosmopolitan city in the heart of the countryside that offers both tranquillity and excitement. Yet, that is exactly what BadenBaden is; an idyllic international spa city in Germany’s Black Forest. Offering a wealth of stylish things to do and place to stay, discover the luxury of living the good-good life in Baden-Baden.

+ Five Unexpected Ways Your Car Colour Affects Your Driving Experience

Five Unexpected Ways Your Car Colour Affects Your Driving Experience

When choosing to purchase a vehicle, there are a number of factors to take into consideration. You might not realise it, but the colour of the vehicle is an important one. In addition to saying a lot about your personality, the colour of your car could partially determine your overall driving experience. As well as insurance premiums, there is evidence to suggest that car colour also has an influence on driving style, the likelihood of being in an accident, and indeed the price of the car.