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Ways to Make Your Home Look More Elegant and Luxurious

People often wonder how to get a luxurious feel in their home, somewhere where they would feel, above all, comfortable. Certain materials, colors, and furnishings can contribute to getting that elegant impression in your living space. Here are some tips to have in mind when investing in new furniture, renovating or decorating.

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Instagram vs Reality: The Cost Behind the World’s Most Photographed Hotel Bathrooms

What was once a space for privacy and everyday hygiene routines has become an internet sensation in recent years. Whether it’s because of the rise of Instagram influencers and #bathroomselfie posts (of which there are currently over 1.6million on Instagram), or an explosion of the self-care trend, the bathroom has undeniably found itself on the social media stage.

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5 Cheap UK Student Holiday Gateways

After a long year of revisions, deadlines, and exams, you deserve a break. You need to find a place to unwind and enjoy yourself, whether it’s on white-sandy beaches or in beautiful towns. Find inspiration this holiday by checking out our five cheap UK student holiday destinations. There’s something for everyone on this list, whether it’s surfing, scenic beaches, historical sites, etc.

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A Taste of The ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’ Through Your Letterbox

Firetree chocolate takes you on a taste journey around the Solomon Islands, Madagascar and the Philippines

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Ten Private Islands You Can Buy for The Price of a High-End London Home

While many lenders have started to tighten their belts in recent months, the high-end market remains unimpeded and is expected to drive price growth forward, as London remains the pinnacle of home ownership for the super-wealthy.

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7 Covid-Friendly, Low-Cost, Halloween Themed Games

It is probably best to assume that Halloween in 2020 is going to be a bit different from other years. The late night, fancy dressed themed parties are going to be out this year, but that does mean you’ll be able to spend some quality spooky time with close family and socially distanced friends.

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Trick or Treating During a Covid-19 Pandemic – What You Need to Know

Here qualified Health Practitioner Sally Henderson from Last Verdict breaks down the info you need for this upcoming spooky festival, as well as some ideas to keep you and your family safe.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Fashion Store Sales This Season

As a retail business owner, selling might not be the most enchanting of your daily responsibilities, but your business’s prosperity mainly depends on it. All the talent and creativity put into designing a collection is irrelevant without sales, and for fashion entrepreneurs, the emphasis on selling can be intimidating.

+ 5 ways to keep yourself entertained this Winter

5 ways to keep yourself entertained this Winter

As winter looms and we find ourselves slipping into that cosy stay-at-home mindset, we’re no doubt going to find ourselves with a lot of free time in the evenings and on weekends.

Gone are the days of long walks in the sunshine and making the most of the garden late into the evening, Winter is all about taking time for yourself, keeping warm, comfortable and content.

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Interior Decor Tips to Improve Your Mood at Home

Everything in a room influences our mood. From colors to designs, every detail plays a significant role in how we feel. A home should be a place of tranquility and refuge from the world.

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This Is Why We Eat More In Winter

Many assume that the belief we eat more throughout the colder months is derived from mythology however, it is indeed true. ‘There are several factors that play a role in individuals consuming more calories in Autumn and Winter’, says Chris Gillett at WatchShop. Here, Gillett reveals the science behind why we alter our diet in the winter as well as why our activity levels fall.

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Best Tropical Getaways to Put on Your Bucket List

The tropics are home to some of the world’s best vacation spots, with relaxing island vibes, temperate climates, adventurous hiking or scuba diving, and romantic accommodations. And, what foodie doesn’t like the fresh fishes coupled with exotic fruits and rich spices? With such appealing prerequisites, how does one choose which tropical getaways are the most beautiful to put on your bucket list?

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How Beauty Treatments Are Changing With Technology

As consumers continue to embrace everyday technology such as virtual assistants, virtual wallets and even virtual currency such as Bitcoin, it makes sense that the beauty industry is being influenced by technology too. The way we navigate the beauty industry is changing, and beauty companies are adopting everything from virtual ‘try on’ apps to artificial intelligence.

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A Scrumptious Sourdough Recipe to Try at Home

Along with banana bread and homemade pasta, sourdough dominated lockdown, with people all around the country sharing their attempts at making the challenging bread. Although September has almost come to an end, we couldn’t leave this month (a.k.a. Sourdough September) without paying homage to the trendy treat, so here’s a scrumptious sourdough recipe to try at home.

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8 Best Suits on TV and Film From the Last Decade

Suits in film and TV have truly run the gamut over the years, and the past decade is no exception. Movies aren’t constantly filled with men in suits smoking cigarettes and solving crimes anymore, and the industry has taken creative turns recently. Ensembles are getting artistic, fun and innovative — because who says guys can’t have some fun, too?

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Living the High Life

There’s a lodge dedicated to pure luxury, hidden in the heart of the Panorama route. Despite its small size, this retreat punches well above its weight when it comes to delivering a relaxing environment. The Blue Mountain Luxury Lodge has perfected the art of absolute comfort, which is why it won an award from LUXlife in the form of South Africa’s Most Outstanding Luxury Lodge – 2020.

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Make Your Living Room Cosy For Autumn

We saw the last of the sun yesterday and now Autumn is truly on its way. Depending on which season is your favourite, you might be excited to get wrapped up or dreading the colder nights. One thing you can do, bring the cosy autumnal vibes into your living room as there is no better feeling then being warm this season. There are many little tricks you can incorporate in your home to feel cosy, without turning up the central heating! Nothing sounds better than being cosy in front of the TV with a mug of hot chocolate! To help you, we’ve enlisted help from interior designer Vanessa Arbuthnott who shares her tips to bring autumn in.


How to Take Your Camping Experience to the Next Level

Camping in the UK is more popular than ever due to the ever-changing international restrictions caused by COVID-19. Whether you have a tent, a campervan, or choose to hire either of these, there are all kinds of ways you can improve your camping experience by bringing along a few helpful and comforting accessories. Find out how to take your camping experience to the next level with our list of hacks and camping gear.

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Overnight Beauty Treatments to Make You Feel Pampered and Relaxed

Have you been trying to think of ways you could improve your beauty routine and regimen? Are you looking for ways to get more out of your products, and really boost the results you’ve been getting? If so, it may be time to look into your nighttime routine and how you could shake things up to start getting even more noticeable benefits. Here, we’ll take a look at some key overnight beauty treatments that will help you to feel pampered and provide you with amazing results.

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French Haute Designer in Los Angeles

After working for 11 years at the most prestigious Maison de Couture in Paris, fashion designer Orelie Varnier, made her lifetime dream come true by launching her own Haute Couture fashion brand in Los Angeles. Here we take a look at her company and what led to her success in this industry.

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3 Ways to Turn Your Wanderlust into a Lucrative Business

Whether you want to be paid to actually travel, do something that will allow you to earn income while you’re travelling, or find a job that takes advantage of your love of travel, there are tons of ways that you can turn your passion into a business. The travel industry is huge, and there are plenty of careers that ask that you stay on the road. For some, this might seem like a nightmare, but not for a travel lover like you and me. Here are a few fun ways that you can turn your wanderlust into a lucrative business.

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The Boldest Urban Fashion Looks For Men From Burberry for the Fall and Winter 2020 Season

London-based fashion powerhouse Burberry is a favourite brand for many style-conscious men and women, with their styles that range from understated British chic to modernist, striking style. Their offerings for men in their fall and winter 2020 collection are no exception, and alongside classic looks like the Kensington trench coat and their beautiful range of silk ties, there are also some really bold and unique casual and streetwear pieces that demand attention.

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4 Affordable Wines for Students

It’s easy for students to get tired of drinking cheap drinks. They often want something classy, smooth, and sweet to try. That’s where a good wine comes into play. But, for a college student, it’s critical not to go over the budget. If you want to know what is a good inexpensive wine for the party, you’re in for a treat.

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Travel in Adverse Environments

British adventurer and expedition leader, Oliver France, talks taking groups to remote and hostile places, as part of the Discover Interesting campaign.

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Tantalisingly Cheesy Recipes to Enjoy on Welsh Rarebit Day 2020

Today is Welsh Rarebit Day 2020, and in celebration of the classic Welsh dish we have compiled a list of cheesy recipes to get your taste buds tingling.


Famous Drinks from Around the World You Can Make at Home

Are you itching to try something new? Perhaps you can’t jet off to Paris to enjoy a glass of genuine champagne atop the Eiffel Tower. However, you can bring international flair and flavour home. How can you recreate the travel experience minus the jet lag? All you need are some handy beverage recipes. Below, please find eight famous drinks from around the world that you can make at home.

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Everything You Need for This Bank Holiday Weekend

This August bank holiday may not be celebrated in the usual way by many, however it’s still something we can look forward too. So, whether you’ll be visiting the coast this bank holiday weekend, going out for socially distanced drinks or relaxing at home, we have some essentials to make your experience even better.

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How Can A Psychic Reading Change Your Life?

If you have attended a reading before, then you know what a wonderful experience it is. However, if this is a new concept for you, then you are in for a treat! No, they won’t be able to map out your entire life for you, but these gifted people will scoop some outlines which can benefit you in several ways.

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Top Tips for Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Do you have your heart set on getting married outdoors? Whether you’re hoping to have a festival-style wedding, something with a garden party vibe or a barefoot beach ceremony, saying “I do” surrounded by nature can be truly magical. However, there’s a lot more that needs to be considered than when planning an outdoor wedding – the weather, catering, toilets, sleeping arrangements and more.

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Top 3 Luxury Vehicles for Company Directors

As a company director, it’s up to you to set a certain standard, a vision, and carry on the branding from the business you have such a vested interest in. This can obviously be achieved through a variety of methods, but one powerful one is imaging. Sure, you can dress the part of director, but why not also drive a luxury vehicle that is built with prestige and excellence in mind? It’s the luxury class of vehicles that really stands out and calls to company directors such as you, as they offer all the bells and whistles.

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The Secrets to Designing Your Home, According to An Interior Designer

Designing your house to create a home takes a certain eye. Each room in your house must look consistent with style, a lot of consideration needs to go into choosing the furniture and accessories to create a beautiful masterpiece. Whether you’re redecorating an entire home, sprucing up your kitchen or looking for a splash of colour to freshen up your bedroom you’ve come to the right place. We’ve enlisted the help of interior designer Vanessa Arbuthnott to share her designer tips and secrets so you can gain that insider knowledge and transform your home like a professional.

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Win 3 Bottles of Wine and A Zoom Wine Tasting Experience

The global pandemic paused our usual leisurely activities and has led to us learning to enjoy the things we love in different ways. Wine is one of those pleasures which we’ve only been able to enjoy at home until recently, and now you can appreciate the vino even more from the comfort of your own home with a virtual wine tasting- and if you’re lucky you could win one for free. Read on to find out how.

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Top Ten Most Luxurious Foods in the World

Foodies love to try new dishes and visit five-star restaurants. It’s all part of the chase for the next explosion of flavor and luxury experience. Although many of the tastings you’ll find on blogs and in food-centered magazines are indulgent, there are certain things you can only order if money is no object.

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Cocktail Ideas to Make National Prosecco Day 2020 Sparkle

This year, glorious National Prosecco Day falls on 13th August and what an opportunity to celebrate the UK’s favourite fizz. Of course, a chilled glass of Prosecco is sensational drinking on its own, but here we have some wonderful Prosecco cocktail recipes provided by Prosecco DOC for you, lovingly created by some of the top bartenders and chefs across Italy and the UK.

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5 Storage Ideas for Your Home Office, According to Interior Experts

Home office storage is key to having a neat and functional workspace that we feel comfortable working in. As well as making you more organised and efficient, the right storage spaces can make your office appear clutter free and attractive. From floating shelves to filing systems, we spoke to five different interior experts who provide creative storage ideas for your home office to maximise space and your productivity.

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Redbreast’s Spectacular 27 -Year -Old Permanent Expression is a Fusion of Flavour

In early March, prior to the lockdown that many of us never imagined, we were kindly invited to Kildare, Ireland for the official launch of Redbreast Irish Whiskey’s oldest ever permanent expression, Redbreast 27 Year Old. During this trip, we were fortunate to learn about the making of the sumptuous blend and witness its impressively unique taste, as well as giving our readers an insight into how our expedition to Kildare fused Irish tradition with Portuguese flavour.