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How To Care For Unused Cars

With the majority of Brits staying in their homes for the foreseeable future, cars across the country may be sitting unused for a long time. Lack of use can cause lasting damage to your vehicle, and before storing it away for any significant amount of time it’s essential to ensure that the car is fully prepared, to avoid any issues when it comes out of storage. That’s why Euro Car Parts has provided five tips on how to care for your car when it’s off the road.

+ Disney

How Disney Can Add Magic to Your Days

From Disney’s conception in 1923, the love for Disney is still strong in 2020 with the company launching their much awaited streaming service Disney+ this week. This, along with revamped classics being re-released, means Disney remains a big part of our lives from childhood. For many of us, film releases aren’t enough to satisfy our cravings — and luckily, it doesn’t have to be! There are lots of Disney ranges and events that we can get involved with to add magic into our everyday lives.

+ Marilyn Monroe

Stars and Their Cars: 10 Hollywood Icons and Their Famous Motors

Throughout the golden age, classic cars were seen as a luxury item that only the most rich and famous could afford. A huge part of living a successful life was driving something that looks the part, so alongside Hollywood stars came their cars.

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Stuck Inside? 7 Ways To See The World Virtually

Amid COVID-19, many of us have now been isolated into our homes. Working from home can be hard to adapt into, especially if you have small children, and with the Easter holidays approaching you might have had a nice holiday or activity planned which has now either been cancelled or postponed. Well, did you know you can explore many places in the comfort of your own home, many virtual reality travel experiences are as good as the real thing – and free!

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8 Products To Help You Power Through The Spring Clean

Now is the perfect time to give your home a refresh. To get on the Spring Cleaning bandwagon, here are some great household products that will help you power through tasks, leaving your home spotless.

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Staying In This Mother’s Day? Then Why Not Bake A Bailey’s Treat With Mum

It’s needless to say, that most of us will be staying at home this Mother’s Day due to recent events. If you’re able to spend this Mother’s Day with your mum, baking together is a perfect opportunity to spend quality time with one another to make up for any other cancelled plans. These vegan Butterfly Pea Flower, Baileys Almande and Cardamom Loaves from The Great British Bake off star, and author of The New Way to Cake, Benjamina Ebuehi, are a fantastic treat for Mother’s Day.

+ Mother's Day Gift Guide

The LUXlife 2020 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again where we recognise our Mothers for being the absolute queens they are. Of course, we appreciate them all year round, however, mothering Sunday is a chance for us to really show our gratitude by spoiling our matriarchs with gifts and most importantly our love. From stunning bouquets to luxury jewels, here, we have compiled the ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide to help you with finding your mother the perfect gift for this Sunday 22nd March.

+ Pasta

The 10 Commandments of Italian Cooking

From soups, pastas and risottos, to delicious meat and vegetable dishes, Italian food is heralded as one of the most delectable cuisines in the world. With a respect for fresh, locally sourced ingredients and big flavours that root in a colourful heritage, cooking Italian food can be considered the ultimate craft. Whether you are a home cook or a classically trained chef, the 10 commandments of Italian cooking remain the same.

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7 Ways To Make Your Skincare Routine Sustainable

We’ve all heard of the usual suggestions to become eco-friendlier like turning off the lights, reducing food waste and rethinking your method of transportation but have you ever thought about making your skincare routine more sustainable? We spoke to lead product developer and skincare specialist at Glo Skin Beauty, Amanda Von Hagen, to discuss small changes you can make to your skincare regime to make it more eco-friendly.

+ Estate Agents

An Estate Agent That Excels in Every Way

Established in 2014, Minors & Brady is a local, independent estate agent based in Norfolk. Following their recognition in the 2019 UK Property Awards as the ‘Leading Independent Estate Agents in Norwich’, we spoke with one of the firm’s Managing Directors and Founders, Alex Brady, to find out more about their best in class services.

+ Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca: the holiday guide

Sat in the western Mediterranean on the largest Balearic island, Palma de Mallorca is a truly magical place to spend a holiday. There is no shortage of amazing sights to discover and things to do here, so you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice. If you’re not sure where to stay or what to prioritise during your trip, take a look at our top tips below.

+ App of luxury

App of Luxury: Could Mobile Gaming Be Considered More Deluxe Than Desktop?

Take a look around you, wherever you are, and you’ll see people with their phones in their hands. They’re not just tools for calls, but links to exclusive networking and caches of content depicting exotic locations and deluxe ways of life.

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How to Choose a High-Quality Vintage Ring

There are many times in life when you’ll have to get a new ring. You might want to propose to your significant other, give a family member a commemorative piece of jewelry or splurge on a ring you’ve been eyeing for a while. Before you buy a new piece of jewelry, read about how to choose a high-quality vintage ring so you’re well informed about your options.

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Great Boots for Every Occasion

Trying to find a shoe that will carry you through the day can be difficult. Boots are a great option as they go with nearly every outfit you could choose from. No matter what you have planned for the day, boots will see you through. Here are some of the best options you could pick if you are searching for the right boot.

+ Cuba

Havana Club Pay Homage to 500 Years of the Cuban Capital

In November LUXlife was invited to attend the launch of Havana Club’s 1519 rum which coincided with the momentous 500th anniversary celebrations across the city. Read on to discover more about the 1519 special blend, and how Havana Club rum embodies Cuban culture in all aspects.

+ Sapphire Styling

Sapphire Styling : Creating that Picture-Perfect Wedding Look

Sapphire Styling specialises in bridal and occasion hair styling and makeup in Dorset and the surrounding counties. Following their success in the 2019 Ones to Watch in the Wedding Industry programme, where they were named ‘Dorset’s Most Outstanding for Wedding Hair Styling’, we spoke with Sapphire Styling’s Owner, Wendy Peart, to find out more about their work and inspirations.

+ anti aging

Top Considerations To Fix Fine Lines

There’s no way to fight ageing. One can only attempt to fight the signs of ageing. Some of the signs like grey hair can be easily taken care of. Fine lines and wrinkles are a lot harder to handle. Ageing is an irreversible process. The effects of ageing may also seem to be irreversible. There are a few techniques that help make these effects disappear. The easier thing to do is to make sure that one does everything they can to take care of their skin. This way they can keep fine lines and other issues away for as long as they can.

+ private hospital

Is Luxury Healthcare Worth It?

In the UK, the NHS has been available for more than 70 years, but it’s well known to be a little over-stretched these days. Signing up with a private medical provider or insurance could supplement the services available to you. This could give you the confidence to know you are covered should anything go wrong.

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LUXlife’s Guide To Planning An Unforgettable Yacht Party

One of the most impressive ways to create a spectacular party experience is to host a celebration onboard your own private yacht, as these magnificent vessels are feats of phenomenal engineering and crafted to perfectly navigate stunning expanses of open water.

+ Sydney

A Luxury Weekend Walkthrough of Western Sydney

Sydney is an exciting city to visit, but there’s something really special about its Western region. As with any sprawling city, different parts of town have different appeals and Western Sydney certainly has something for the luxury traveller. Even better, for a capital city, Sydney is a surprisingly affordable destination – ka ching! Here are our tips for the best places to see and be seen.

+ Luxury Bathroom

Luxury Bathrooms: 6 Ways to Give Your Bathroom Fancy Hotel Vibes

Even with a tight budget, it’s possible to transform your bathroom into a luxurious sanctuary. With the right mix of colors, furniture and accessories, you can achieve an atmosphere of extravagant leisure. Remember, simple touches can do so much to make your space look brand new. Take a look at these six tips and tricks that’ll make your next makeover a breeze.

+ Carolina Spaces

Designing Dream Spaces

Viewing a property for the first time can often mean seeing a building in its barest state. With the structure complete, and little else, it can sometimes be hard for potential buyers to connect emotionally with a space. Show homes can be the perfect way to grab a buyer’s attention, and Carolina Spaces Furniture & Design specialize in just that. As we showcase the business, find out why it was such a worthy winner of LUXlife’s 2020 Award for Excellence in Luxury Home Staging Services across South Carolina.

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Revealed: The Best And Worst Fashion Trends Of The Past Decade

2010s fashion was completely transformed by social media, influencers and, in the latter years, sustainability. The decade saw trends come and go, some more questionable than others, but for British women, it seems the favourite trend is skinny jeans, as the figure-hugging denim was voted the most popular style of the past decade. But which other styles are Brits carrying into the 20s? And which would be better left in the past?

+ gifts to avoid

Valentine’s Day: The Presents You Should Avoid

Valentine’s day is almost here, so whether you’re in relationship, treating your Galentine or buying something thoughtful for your mum, you might be planning what gifts to buy them. To ensure that you don’t purchase the wrong item this year, a holder of the Royal Warrant of Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen, high-end independent corporate gifting specialists, Veritas Gifts have rounded up the 7 things to avoid when trying to put a smile on someone’s face during this romantic holiday season.

+ Valentines feature photo

The Best Places To Celebrate Valentine’s Day This Year

Knowing where to celebrate Valentine’s Day can be a struggle; especially if you’re getting tired of going to the same steakhouse every year. So why not treat your loved one to something special this year by whisking them on a weekend away, wining and dining them in a Michelin star restaurant, or taking them on a slightly more unique experience. Either way our event guide will ensure you have a Valentine’s Day to remember.

+ Calke Abbey

At the Peak of its Powers – Calke Abbey

Luxurious tourist destinations… All over the world there are some amazing backdrops, resorts and mountainous views which attract tourists from all over the world.

+ Paris

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Getaways That Won’t Break Your Heart Or Your Bank

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, there’s no better time to surprise your significant other by sweeping them off their feet on a romantic getaway. Hostelworld, the global online hostel-focussed booking platform, has handpicked private rooms in some of Europe’s most romantic cities, where you can whisk away your loved one without breaking the bank. Whether it be Paris, Venice, Budapest, Amsterdam or Copenhagen, travellers can discover the crème de la crème of hostels that are sure to pull on those heartstrings while celebrating the most romantic date in the year.

+ Perkins' pastry versions of The Weeping Woman, Bull’s Head and Creme Catalan

Rosewood London Is Hosting A Picasso Art Afternoon Tea

Executive Pastry Chef Mark Perkins creates intricate pastries inspired by one of the most influential artists of the 20th century.

+ Sicily

Why Sicily Should Be At The Top Of Your Travel Bucket List For 2020

There’s so much more to Italy than the Roman Colosseum, the leaning tower of Pisa and a gondola trip along Venice’s canals. Just off the southern coast of boot-shaped Italy is Sicily, the largest and most exotic island in the Mediterranean. It is a great holiday destination, still unspoilt by mass tourism.


(De)SIGNS of the Times

Established in 1995 by Armin Ebner, Susi Hasenauer and Stephan Ferenczy, BEHF Architects is an award-winning architectural office based in Vienna that has achieved international acclaim. Following the firm’s recognition as ‘Vienna’s Most Innovative Architectural Office’ in the 2019 Leading Designers programme, we spoke to BEHF’s Eva Jonas to find out more about their work, history and future.

+ Lux Volcano

The Top 7 Most Stunning Volcanoes In The World

Dangerous, active, powerful and beautiful- volcanoes are some of the most awesome destinations in the world. If you are an adventure seeking traveller, visiting a volcanic attraction can provide the extreme challenge you might be looking for. Combining beauty and danger, there is nothing more thrilling than standing at the edge of a smoking crater. As one of the most stunning getaways available, the experts at Property Turkey have narrowed it down to the top 7 must-see volcanoes in the world.

+ hagen

Pioneer of Live Communication

Celebrating forty years of extraordinary success, HAGEN INVENT is considered one of the strongest agencies of its type. Constantly innovating and adapting to the needs of the client, and the needs of the day, we take a closer look at what HAGEN INVENT are all about.

+ Valentines Gift Guide 2020

The LUXlife 2020 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

On February 14th, couples around the world celebrate their love, cherishing the time they’ve spent together which often involves the exchanging of gifts. To ensure you’re well prepared for Valentine’s Day this year, we have compiled the ultimate Valentine’s gift guide to give you some much needed inspiration- so there’s no excuse for you or your significant other to buy a last minute box of chocolates from the petrol station. Our gift guide has something for everyone; so whether you’re married, in a long term relationship, single or celebrating ‘Galentines’, our guide is well worth a read.

+ super car

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Supercar

Buying a supercar is a distant dream for many of us. However, if you are in a position to make that a dream a reality, then here is what you need to know going in.

+ Bora Bora

8 Best International Wedding Resorts For 2020

As a travel expert, you want travelers to have unforgettable experiences, and this rings true when it comes to destination weddings. What’s a more fitting way for couples to begin their journey together than to do it in a novel, dreamlike place? With these eight resorts, you won’t have to search any further for the best places to host a destination wedding in 2020. These locations are sure to influence lasting memories.

+ Nikoleta Sekulovic

Nikoleta Sekulovic x Viaduct Is Now Exhibiting In London

The Hypatia Collection is an innovative collaboration between the Madrid based artist Nikoleta Sekulovic and London furniture company, Viaduct. This exhibition will consist of eleven paintings of female nudes, each depicted with a chair selected by Viaduct from their collections.