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International Coffee Day Celebration: CaféPiazza

It was in 2017 that Tim Meinecke opened Café Piazza in Saint Louis, Missouri, an authentic Italian café that is now commended as a community staple. Taking inspiration from a Sicilian piazza, it is an eatery that brings together food, art, and gathering, making it the perfect destination to indulge in some traditional, mouth-watering Italian food – and not to mention, coffee!
In light of International Coffee Day, Tim is excited to celebrate the coffee bean, which he describes as “a very historic and influential crop that every culture has found a home in.” We learn more about Café Piazza and Tim’s love of coffee.

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International Coffee Day Celebration: San Agustín

International Coffee Day is upon us, a day devoted to celebrating one of the most beloved beverages in the world. So many of us couldn’t imagine starting our day without the deliciously rich flavours of a cup of coffee. Whether to get us through the working day, or to perfectly complement a catch up with someone we love, there’s no denying the joy a good old cup of joe brings to our daily lives. In light of International Coffee Day, we are delighted to be featuring León’s specialist coffee roaster, San Agustín. So, grab yourself a cup and join us as we gain an insight into the world of coffee roasting from company Director, Luis Ángel.


10 Important Tips for Shipping High-Value Items

Shipping a high-value item can be a nerve-wracking experience. On the one hand, you may want to take extra precautions to ensure that your package arrives at its destination in one piece. On the other hand, however, you may not have a huge budget to splurge on shipping. In any case, shipping a high-value item isn’t as challenging as it might seem. Whether you’re… Read More


Opulent I Dos – The Luxury Trends of Exchanging Vows in 2024

As we stand on the precipice of 2024, the world of matrimony is undergoing a renaissance, only this time it’s gilded in the shimmer of opulence. The upcoming year promises to redefine luxury weddings, with affluence being the word of the day. From exotic locales to tailored experiences that rival fairy tales, tying the knot in 2024 is set to be an exercise in… Read More

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Post-Sun Skincare: Nurturing Your Skin After a Day in the Sun

The warm embrace of the sun’s rays can be both rejuvenating and uplifting. Spending time outdoors under the sun can provide us with a healthy dose of vitamin D and that coveted sun-kissed glow.


The Ultimate Guide to Luxury Gifts: Featuring Flowers as a Symbol of Opulence

Image: pixabay As you step into the world of luxury gifting, be prepared for a journey that redefines grandeur. From epically elegant offerings to custom, heart-touching presents – luxury gifts carry an innately premium charm. In this piece, we’ll delve into the captivating universe of high-end gifting and how beautifully arranged flowers play a significant role in this realm of opulence. This is your… Read More


Bulgarian Elegance Embark on a Luxury Holiday in Bulgaria

When one thinks of luxury travel destinations, Bulgaria may not immediately come to mind. However, this charming Eastern European country has been quietly cultivating an elegant and upscale travel scene that is bound to captivate even the most discerning of travellers. Join us on a journey as we explore the allure of a luxury holiday to Bulgaria, where you’ll discover opulent accommodations, exquisite cuisine,… Read More

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Glam-oween Guide: What to Wear for Halloween this Year

All the it girls know that Halloween isn’t about looking scary… it’s about looking sexy! The key here is to master the art of achieving the perfect fusion of glam and gore.

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Fall in Love With Autumn: Seven Self-Care Tips for the Arrival of Autumn

The days of heading to the beach have passed, but there is still plenty to keep you occupied during the Autumn season.


The Art of Reproducing a Famous Painting

If you’re an art lover with a depleted budget, you can only dream of hanging an original Monet or Munch in your home. After all, the most expensive Monet painting ever sold is the gorgeous Meules, which Sotheby’s New York auctioned for $110.7 million in 2019. But for a massively reduced price, you can have a reproduced Meules painting, and your friends will never… Read More


3 Luxury Items that Enrich any Collection

Luxury items have always had a special appeal to people. They not only exude class and sophistication, but also represent a sense of achievement and success.

+ Tomatin Collection

Tomatin Unveils The Italian Collection: A Trio of Single Malts Finished in Italian Wine Casks

Award-winning Highland distillery, Tomatin, has unveiled an exceptional new limited-edition range, The Italian Collection.

+ BizAway the Sustainable Future of Business Trips

BizAway: the Sustainable Future of Business Trips

Business trips are an essential part of many people’s lives, but they don’t have to be dull, difficult to organise, or expensive – for us or the planet. BizAway is a multi-award winning business travel management platform with a unique stance on customer service and satisfaction. We revisit the brilliant business here as we celebrate its dedication to excellence.

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IHG Hotels & Resorts Debuts First Urban Luxury Resort and Spa in Riyadh

Experience Arabian heritage at InterContinental Durrat Al Riyadh Resort & Spa in a stunning green oasis at the gate of Riyadh


9 Ways Luxury Hotels Give Excellent Service and Security Measures

When guests check into a luxury hotel for a night or more, they expect to be safe and secure whether in their rooms or at one of the hotel’s amenities. Excellent security strategies are a part of any luxury hotel’s priorities. Beautiful aesthetics are not enough if there is a risk of theft, robbery, or violence of any kind. Dealing with Risk Whenever there… Read More


Specialist Summer Beverages for Travelling

What are your plans this summer? Any trips or adventures planned? Perhaps you’ll be off camping with friends or enjoying one outdoor event after another? Whether you’re embarking on a great railway adventure, motoring from state-to-state in a cozy camper van, living it up on a luxury superyacht, or simply heading off for a few days with friends to a fun location to spend… Read More


Introducing Lachesis London: An Exquisite Destination for Luxury Products Online

Lachesis London is proud to announce its launch as an exclusive online store offering curated selections of luxury products. With a focus on exceptional craftsmanship, timeless elegance and unparalleled quality, Lachesis London aims to provide its customers with an exciting collection of products crafted by talented designers from different parts of the world whilst enjoying a seamless shopping experience from the comfort of their… Read More

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Experts Reveal How Long We Should Keep Our Skincare Products

Skincare is an essential part of our daily routine, but it’s easy to overlook the shelf life of the products we use. Using expired skincare products can lead to skin irritation, breakouts, and other negative effects.


Tress Therapy: How Overnight Hair Masks Improve Hair Health

Glistening tresses that cascade down one’s shoulders are not just about aesthetics—it’s an indication of health, well-being, and care.


5 Incredible Destinations Perfect for Luxury LGBTQIA+ Vacations

With an alarming number of countries still criminalising homosexuality, looking for safe places for luxury LGBTQIA+ vacations can be challenging. Luckily, a growing number of incredible destinations are welcoming LGBTQIA+ travellers with open arms.

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Unveiling Europe’s Hidden Gems: The Five Best ‘Secret’ Cities

When we think of European getaways, iconic cities like Paris, Rome, and Barcelona often steal the spotlight. While these destinations are undeniably captivating, there’s something truly special about uncovering Europe’s hidden gems.


Greece is the word – Top Five Villas in Greece with Pools

The rise in villa rentals has extended to every corner of the globe, and the Greek islands are no exception. Chic hillside retreats with super-stylish interiors and unrivalled ocean views, provide the ultimate setting in which to gather friends and family for a holiday to remember. Make a splash with Red Savannah’s guide to the best Greek villas with private pools. Odysseus Estate –… Read More


Ultimate Wellness Retreat Experience: Things to Look Out For

Luxury retreats help you reset and restore amid dreamy views and healing nature. Learn how to choose the retreat that meets your unique needs.


Print Your Voice: Using Posters to Share Messages and Ideas

Print Your Voice: Using Posters to Share Messages and Ideas In a world dominated by digital communication, where screens and devices have become our primary means of interaction, there’s something refreshingly tangible about a well-crafted poster. Despite the allure of virtual connections, posters remain a timeless and impactful way to share messages and ideas. These humble printed art pieces have quietly influenced minds for… Read More


How To Experience Luxury In The Great Outdoors

In recent years, camping has seen a luxurious evolution. Enter “glamping,” a term coined from blending “glamorous” with “camping”. No longer is the outdoor experience restricted to pitching tents and cooking over a campfire. Now, nature enthusiasts can savor the wilderness without compromising on luxury and comfort. For those who crave the beauty of the outdoors but with the comforts of a plush hotel,… Read More


How To Reset Your Skin  

Throughout our lives, our skin goes through multiple stages. Each phase presents a different set of challenges, from puberty to old age and everything in between. And luckily, there are various solutions to tackle each phase.


Preparing for a Luxury Family Vacation

A luxury family vacation is not merely a trip; it’s a carefully choreographed symphony of opulence and joy that resonates with each family member. From thrilling adventures that cater to varied interests to moments of sheer relaxation that pamper the soul, a luxurious getaway is an opportunity to savor life’s finer things in the company of loved ones. To curate such an enchanting experience,… Read More

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In a groundbreaking stride toward the intersection of style and sustainability, LØCI, the hottest avant-garde footwear brand around, proudly presents its latest masterpiece: the Fusion FØ6.

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To Have and to Hold: Tips for Getting Your Makeup to Last Your Whole Wedding Day

When it comes to your wedding, looking your best could be costing you a lot of money. In the UK, the average couple spends £650 on wedding hair and makeup alone.


The Guide to Wearing Faux Leather This Season: 5 Brands To Buy

Faux leather has revolutionized the fashion industry and is projected to reach a value of USD 74.5 Billion by 2030. The faux leather trend isn’t new, but this year it has become one of the most fashionable looks. Leather-look clothing is a trend that women can wear, own and enjoy. Also referred to as pleather, faux leather clothing is made of synthetic material treated… Read More


Tummy Tuck vs. Liposuction: Which is the Right Choice?

When it comes to achieving that dream body, many individuals find themselves torn between two popular cosmetic procedures: tummy tuck and liposuction. While both of them are highly performed, currently, liposuction stands in the first place of most performed plastic surgeries worldwide. In this comprehensive article, we aim to provide you with a clear understanding of the distinctions between the tummy tuck and liposuction… Read More


5 Tips on Finding the Perfect Outfit to Wear on a Brunch Date

Going on a brunch date is a chance to be in a relaxed and casual setting while also making a good impression. Remember, people often make a first impression of someone within 27 seconds of meeting you. Picking the right outfit can be exciting but also difficult as you try to combine style with a laid-back vibe. We have created a blog post to… Read More


How to Enjoy Your Vacation

Vacations offer a chance to experience life’s beauty up close. Yet, many fail to fully enjoy their travels due to concerns about work, unrealistic expectations, or simply not living in the moment. To address this, we’ve compiled essential travel tips to enhance your vacation experience.


Elevating Business Excellence: The Remarkable Rewards of Winning an Award

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, where competition is fierce and innovation is a constant demand, winning an award can prove to be a game-changing achievement.


The Best Destinations for Luxury All-Inclusive Family Getaways 

Are you longing for a fun-filled holiday with your loved ones? Why don’t you splurge and book an all-inclusive family getaway? Not long ago, luxury travel with kids is not a trend.


BMW i8 Auctions: Repossessed Luxury Hybrid Sports Cars

Participating in BMW i8 auctions can potentially lead to you owning this luxury hybrid sports car at a fraction of its original cost. Repossessed luxury vehicles often allow buyers to acquire high-end vehicles at significantly discounted rates. BMW i8 auction cars are for those seeking a unique and environmentally-friendly vehicle. Explore the options available at SCA Auctions that could lead you to your dream… Read More