+ Fashionable woman in a light blue suit

Boardroom Fashion: The Evolution of the Apprentice Uniform

In business, fashion sense can make or break a deal. In The Apprentice, this mindset is taken to the extreme with the show’s boardroom style sparking fashion debates among fans.

+ Acoustic Guitar

How to Make the Right Decision When Choosing a Luxurious Acoustic Guitar

Getting a luxurious acoustic guitar is very exciting! However, your plans can quickly turn to dust if you don’t know how to make the right decision. Here are some of the best tips on how to ensure you make the right choice and end up buying an acoustic guitar that is just right for you.

+ Figure skater with a red costume

100 Years of Olympics Fashion

Today, we celebrate almost 100 years since the event that changed sports history forever. To mark the 2022 Winter Olympics, let’s take a look at how Olympic fashion has changed in the past 100 years.

+ Tie-Dye

Which Retro Crafts Are Still As Popular As Ever?

Tie-dye has also received over 5.9 billion TikTok views – that’s 5.3 billion more than macramé, which has been viewed over 600 million times on the video-sharing app.

+ Windsor Castle in England

Princess Diana’s Outfits: Where Spencer Got It Right

One of the most anticipated biopic films of the year, Spencer, hit theatres across the world earlier this month. Kristen Stewart’s performance of Diana, Princess of Wales, left viewers in awe. Yet, the main focus wasn’t only on her acting as the famous figure, but also on the iconic outfits reproduced in the film.

+ Table top view of a child creating felt christmas decorations

10 Christmas Crafts Your Children Will Love

Christmas is a magical festivity that all kids look forward to. Why not make the build up to the coveted 25th December just as exciting?

+ Woodworking

Woodworking as a Hobby: Tips for Setting Up Your Workshop

Do you have a passion for woodworking? If so, you might be looking to take up the hobby as a way to spend your free time. Maybe you want to make furniture or toys for your kids. No matter what reason has motivated you, it’s important that before beginning the process of setting up your workshop, that you do some research and plan ahead.

+ Kids and parent in fancy dress doing halloween crafts

7 Halloween Half-Term Activities, As Recommended By An Education Expert

Richard Evans, the education expert at The Profs, shares 7 Halloween-themed activity suggestions to inspire you in getting your children busy while also having fun in the Halloween spirit all week long!

+ Man Playing Guitar in Travel Van

Popular Instruments That You Might Want to Learn and Play

When you go to listen to live bands, you see how well the music there is played; all you can do is expect to play as well as they are. That’s one of the reasons most people take up learning musical instruments. The popular ones you see are the ones you’d like to learn first.

+ Van Gogh Museum

Top 4 Tips On Where to Purchase Your Next Piece of Art

If you have moved into a new home and are looking for ways to decorate it, or you’re simply trying to find a new and fun way to invest your money, then looking to purchase a piece of art is an excellent choice.

+ Girl sat infront of gaming pc with headset

A Quick How-to Guide to Help Improve Your Gaming Experience

If you’re reading this, I assume you’re either a gamer yourself or someone who knows one; if not, then maybe it’s time to consider becoming more involved in the world of gaming! As with any hobby or pastime, there are numerous ways – both within and outside the game itself – to make the experience as good as possible. Here, we’ve put together some top tips on how to enhance your gameplay:

+ Kids Birthday Party

Make Your Child’s Birthday Party Stand Out with These Planning Tips

Planning a party for your child can be both an exciting and daunting task. There are so many things to take into account, from the budget to the guest list, but you should never forget the most important element-fun! These seven tips will help you plan a birthday party that will be memorable for all of the right reasons.

+ Event industry

Event Industry Trends for 2021

Of all the industries that took a hit in 2020, the entertainment world suffered some of the worst blows. Authorities canceled concerts and live events, not only in a few isolated communities but around the globe. If it weren’t for YouTube and Tiktok, many artists might not have survived.

+ Art

Art Out of Isolation

The world’s most awarded gin brand since 2004, Martin Miller’s Gin today announces its Art out of Isolation commission, an experiential art installation supporting young artists and which is set to be a highlight of October’s Affordable Art Fair, taking place in Battersea, London and running from Thursday 21 to Sunday 24 October 2021

+ Blue vintage luxury car parked in front of a mountain range

Cars Used Across Multiple Movies

From James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 to the DeLorean DMC-12 that rose to fame from the Back to the Future trilogy, there have been some truly iconic movie cars over the years.

+ Country Music

Don’t Know What Event to Go to Next? Try Grand Ole Opry House

When you are in Tennessee or planning to head over there, then you will surely be recommended to visit the Grand Ole Opry House. Set up in 1974, it has achieved long-term success regardless of how many newer names added themselves to the similar business. This venue is known for hosting American Country Music Concerts and has staged some of the most popular musicians in this genre. Today, it continues to host popular musicians in the coming months like Sam Williams, Dusty Slay, Mark Wills, Jimmie Allen, and many more.

+ Art & Fashion

Fashion and Art: Uncovering the Relationship

Fashion is deeply personal. Not only is our attire functional, but it’s one of the best ways we can express ourselves. Through our wardrobes, we can truly be creative. That’s one of the many reasons there’s always been a deep connection between fashion and art.

+ A selection of Tarot cards on a wooden table top, with peacock feathers and a candelabra

Best Online Psychic Reading Websites and Apps in 2021

Tarot and palm readings can be both entertaining and educational, with a knowledgeable psychic to guide you through your reading. Here are our top 5 apps.

+ Writer

6 Tips for Effective Narrative Style of Writing

If you are a student or a professional, chances are, you have read a narrative book. You might have enjoyed watching Game of Thrones and decided to read the book. Perhaps you’ve watched all the episodes of BBC’s Sherlock and wanted to read more about the adventures of the eccentric detective. Whatever reason you had for reading a narrative book, one thing is certain, you had an image of the character inside your head while reading.

+ Film

Films You Need To Watch in the Cinemas As They Reopen

Cinemas are all set to reopen and welcome audiences back in on May 17th. Unlike in 2020, big studio films are set to be released theatrically in 2021. This time studios are confident about giving the audiences the films that they have been waiting for.


How to Get Started With DIY Crafting

Crafting is an exciting and rewarding hobby. It teaches you to make things on your own, spend your time in a purposeful way, acquire crafting skills and destress. You can express yourself through it and create valuable and useful items for everyone you love. The crafts you can make are never-ending, and the only limit is your imagination.

+ Wall art

How to Pick the Right Wall Art for Your Home

The character of your home should reflect your personality because when it does, you will most likely be more comfortable in your personal space. There are various ways on how you will be able to decorate your home to reflect your personality and one of these is by decorating your space with wall art. This article lists down some of the things that you need to consider in picking the right wall art for your home.

+ Ceiling details from the Shah Mosque, Isfahan

The Silk Road: A Living History

The Aga Khan Foundation are delighted to announce The Silk Road: A Living History, an open-air photography exhibition by travel photographer Christopher Wilton-Steer. The exhibition documents Wilton-Steer’s journey along the historic trade route undertaken in 2019.

+ Golf

A Beginner’s Guide to Learn Everything About Golf

There are different types of sports which people like. Golf is classified among the trendy games played globally. Similar to other sports, it needs practice. As a beginner, it may seem hard but with time things will be clear. All that is required is persistence and a lot of practice. These days, we have online tutorials on how to go about the game.

+ Reading

5 Books to Read During Spring Break

With spring break upon us, it is time for students around the world to plan their little vacation. Whether you decide to go to the beach, an epic hiking adventure, or just stay at home around good friends, one activity that is likely to be common in these scenarios is reading a good book. Knowing about some great books for spring break is important for students because reading opens up the mind to new ideas and arouses one’s creative side.

+ photography

Get Creative: Passion Projects You Should Consider Starting In 2021

There’s no better time to get stuck into a passion project than 2021. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to have wide-reaching effects on our daily lives, developing a passion for a hobby or activity could be just the thing to break you out of the stress and monotony of the past year.

+ artwork

Selecting Artwork That Complements Your Decor

When decorating a home, people tend to focus more on furniture and other decorative items while overlooking wall art. However, any home decor is never truly complete if it doesn’t include some beautiful artwork.

+ luxury interior

5 Smart Ways to Add Luxury to Your Home without Breaking the Bank

Whether you are simply looking for inspiration to add the ‘wow’ factor to your home or boost its value when you come to selling it, these top five tips will help you get a luxurious look and feel on a budget.

+ Mark Surridge

Walking the Stone , a solo exhibition by renowned abstract artist Mark Surridge

Walking the Stone references and takes its inspiration from ancient sites in Cornwall, either in the form of megalithic structures or solitary monolithic stones positioned in the Cornish landscape.

+ SKIN interior

Interior Design That Unlocks Potential and Creativity

As we come out of lockdown, having stared at the walls of our homes for what seems like an eternity, our environments have now taken on a new level of importance. This autumn will see a Chicago-based design and lifestyle brand SKIN launch in London, which creates spaces with an emotional impact. SKIN recognises that each client’s needs are different, but the end result is always a renewed sense of self in their new space.

+ JDID Inc

Unique and Uncomplicated Design

As more designers seek to offer a plethora of ultramodern luxuries and sophisticated amenities, one Taiwanese design firm has chosen to instead focus on the luxury of pure uncomplicatedness in its design. For that reason, LUXlife has awarded JDID Inc. the title of Taiwan’s Best in Modern Home Design 2020 in our ongoing 2020 Leading Designers series. Following this latest success for the studio, we profiled it to learn more.

+ Luxury Bathroom

Luxury Bathrooms: 6 Ways to Give Your Bathroom Fancy Hotel Vibes

Even with a tight budget, it’s possible to transform your bathroom into a luxurious sanctuary. With the right mix of colors, furniture and accessories, you can achieve an atmosphere of extravagant leisure. Remember, simple touches can do so much to make your space look brand new. Take a look at these six tips and tricks that’ll make your next makeover a breeze.

+ Perkins' pastry versions of The Weeping Woman, Bull’s Head and Creme Catalan

Rosewood London Is Hosting A Picasso Art Afternoon Tea

Executive Pastry Chef Mark Perkins creates intricate pastries inspired by one of the most influential artists of the 20th century.


(De)SIGNS of the Times

Established in 1995 by Armin Ebner, Susi Hasenauer and Stephan Ferenczy, BEHF Architects is an award-winning architectural office based in Vienna that has achieved international acclaim. Following the firm’s recognition as ‘Vienna’s Most Innovative Architectural Office’ in the 2019 Leading Designers programme, we spoke to BEHF’s Eva Jonas to find out more about their work, history and future.

+ Nikoleta Sekulovic

Nikoleta Sekulovic x Viaduct Is Now Exhibiting In London

The Hypatia Collection is an innovative collaboration between the Madrid based artist Nikoleta Sekulovic and London furniture company, Viaduct. This exhibition will consist of eleven paintings of female nudes, each depicted with a chair selected by Viaduct from their collections.

+ jemp mechanical

JEMP, an eight-day festival of Polish contemporary electronic and experimental music is returning to London

The festival presents specially commissioned works by the Polish artists Zorka Wollny, Wojtek Blecharz and Konrad Smoleński, as well as one by the London-based sound artist Ben McDonnell and the British choral group, Vocal Constructivists.