Brew Tea Co

Brew Tea comes in a variety of flavours from standard English Breakfast to Apple & Blackberry, each are sold individually. However, to celebrate Afternoon Tea Week – which begins next week – the right way, we would recommend Brew Tea Co’s The Whole Shebang tea set. Priced at £70, this is the ultimate bundle with enough tea to share and a great kitchen set up – giving your favourite drink pride of place.

The set includes:

  • 2 x Tea Pots for One
  • 3 x Tins filled with 150g Tea of your choice in each
  • 1 x Tea Scoop
  • 1 x Bamboo stand to keep it all together

Founded in 2012, Brew Tea Co was set up by husband and wife Phil & Aideen Kirby, felt that tea drinkers deserved as much thought and attention as wine slurpers and coffee sippers and set about creating a brand that celebrated tea. Brew Tea Co want to make tea drinkers proud, to make tea an amazing experience and believe it is never “just” a cup of tea. 

Upholding a firm commitment to the ideals of tradition and authenticity, Brew Tea blends contain 100% rolled whole leaves – the traditional method for preserving flavour and accordingly ensuring a less bitter and richer taste than your standard commoditised teabag.

True to its name, Brew Tea Co also emphasises the importance of the brewing process itself. To really get the most out of your cuppa, you’ve got to have the right kit. Like coffee, the necessary hardware is of paramount importance. For example, Brew Tea Co’s iconic teapot – sculpted from state-of-the-art borosilicate glass – is comfortably heat resistant and can conserve heat for longer than any rival teapot on the market. Elegant, refined and, most importantly, practical, it truly is an essential piece of kit for any self-respecting tea drinker.