Luxury is often considered a quality for the few. However, it’s possible to incorporate it on a budget. Read on for our tips.

Living a life of luxury is the dream, but until we can afford a yacht or a penthouse suite, we’d be better off investing in luxury in our own home. And it’s not as difficult as you might think. Take a look at our tips to incorporate luxury into your home.


Throughout history, art has been used as a means of displaying wealth. You bought art pieces to add style to your home or commissioned your own. Either way, you’re only going to do that once the rent and utilities are handled, even as an aristocrat. It’s a luxury that comes after making sure you have enough cake on the table when you’ve run out of bread.

It’s a good thing then that today’s art is not only very affordable to a degree, but you can even make your own. Modern art is affordable if it is mass-produced, but if you don’t care about that, it’s easy to make your own gallery in your home from lots of pieces. It still implies luxury, as it implies not only money but culture, creativity, and intelligence.

Statement pieces

Maybe you can’t afford to fill your entire home with luxury furniture. Well, then it’s a good thing the statement piece is a concept. Statement pieces are furniture items that only need the one to stand out. They draw your eye and add something bold to an otherwise neutral style. They can add a pop of colour or, in this case, luxury. For example, a rich leather sofa will add expense and style to the room, even if the colour is another neutral like deep brown or black.

But they can also come in modern shapes and sizes to create something that immediately draws the eye, allowing you to fill the rest of your home with more affordable pieces.

Financial options

However, some sofa styles can put you back a pretty penny, whereas others aren’t so expensive, so your money will go further on a cheaper sofa or living room set. If you’re worried about how much you’re spending on your furniture, you might want to look into furniture finance. You can get furniture financing for bad credit and pay for your statement items later down the line. It will give you a chance to save up or simply put off paying until an easier time.

Deconstructed luxury

Nowadays, a modern take on having money when it comes to interior design is to pretend you don’t have it. Exposed brick, exposed beams, original floors, unpainted plaster walls, or the imitation of such things are all in right now. The industrial style is emulative of all of it. And yet, they rarely feature in a rented home, perhaps because the process isn’t easy to do or undo. It’s very much a “trust the process” type situation as you rip up old carpets to find solid wood, tear down wallpaper to find exposed brick or plaster, etc. And yet, there is something luxurious and even quite thrifty about the idea. You’ll feel good knowing you’ve removed layers of refurbishment rather than adding to it.