An art gallery with beautiful paintings displayed on minimalist white walls
  • In a move that will see Convelio evolve its service offering, the company will be able to deliver tiered logistics options to the global art market.
  • Convelio Essential is a cost-efficient high quality shipping service designed for transporting pieces including furniture, paintings, large pieces and antiques safely and securely.
  • Convelio Fine Art is a specialised logistics tool for the transportation of high-value or fragile art, sculpture, masterpieces and rare antiques.
  • The two new offerings will be launched on 14 September 2023.


Convelio, the tech-led fine art shipper, has announced a new suite of services to directly meet the logistical needs of art market clients, introducing Convelio Essential, the shipper’s standard service offering that is also its most cost-efficient shipping option, and Convelio Fine Art, its ‘white-glove’ service for high-value shipments. The services have been designed to meet the diverse needs of distinct sections of the art market with high-quality, technologically advanced shipping solutions. Following the recent acquisition of CIFA, longstanding logistics partner to high calibre clients across the art market, Convelio can offer direct management of the most complex projects for Convelio Fine Art clients.

Convelio’s co-founder and CEO, Edouard Gouin, commented: “We understand that each client’s shipping needs are unique. Our goal is to empower them with tailored solutions, whether it’s our standard high-quality service, Essential, or the top-tier Fine Art option. Our dedication to meeting these diverse demands is evident in our custom online and offline solutions that seamlessly blend a personal touch, ensuring each client’s individual requirements are addressed. This expansion underscores our unwavering commitment to enhancing our services through technological innovation, all while preserving the human element at the core of our approach.

Convelio Essential will deliver the shipper’s standard high-quality logistical service offering, along with maximised cost-efficiency and optionality, never compromising on Convelio’s service quality that is recognised by thousands of global art market businesses and buyers that use the company. Shipping orders will be tailored to clients’ preferences with an extensive menu of options for each to customise their shipping experience. From packaging to insurance coverage, transportation modes to delivery timelines, clients will be able to curate a shipping package that suits their artwork and budget. As with Convelio’s historic offering, customers of the Convelio Essential option will be able to track their shipments via its proprietary digital platform.

The Convelio Fine Art shipping service is tailored for clients who require the utmost precision when handling their high-value art pieces. To make this service a true industry leader, Convelio has invested in specialised teams and networks of art transportation experts who possess extensive knowledge and experience in handling delicate and priceless artworks. From climate-controlled to custom packaging solutions, the Convelio Fine Art shipping service offers the highest level of protection to ensure the safe transportation of valuable works. With the dedicated support of a personal account manager, each client will receive tailored assistance and guidance throughout the shipping journey, with forensic attention to detail at each step of a project. Convelio’s enhanced response times ensure that client inquiries and needs are promptly attended to.

The two service offerings are designed to empower Convelio’s clients with the ability to make informed decisions about their shipping needs. Whether a client chooses its cost-effective and customisable Convelio Essential service or opts for the Convelio Fine Art option, they can rest assured that their artworks will be handled with unrivalled expertise and delivered securely to their destinations.